Melissa Gorga’s “Love Italian Style” Bombing in Sales because it Promotes Sexist Behaviors?

Melissa Gorga's "Love Italian Style" Bombing in Sales because it Promotes Sexist Behaviors?

Melissa Gorga’s book Love Italian Style is not selling many copies. The negative press and book reviews are brutal. The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member is trying to build an empire to rival her sister in law, Teresa Giudice. Melissa is failing miserably.

Love Italian Style is ranked #3,136 on Readers gave the book a rating of 2 stars or less. The consensus is that the book is poorly written and full of grammatical errors. Melissa doesn’t even know the name of her father-in-law! She named her first son Gino after Joe’s father Giancarlo. Her father in law’s name is Giancinto.

The introduction is Melissa explaining how she came to her insights for a hot, happy marriage. Joe Gorga expected certain things from her to feel respected. She wasn’t going to give in to his every demand. The couple fought a lot and the beginning of Melissa’s marriage to Joe was very rocky. Later Melissa realized if she treated Joe like a king he would treat her like a queen.

In her season 3 introduction Melissa tells us what Joe expects from her. She has to be home when he gets home from work. A hot, home cooked meal is on the table when he walks in the door. Their children are cleaned up and ready for dinner. Their house is spotless. Joe let his wife know he has a high sex drive. Every episode Joe is lusting for his wife. It’s disgusting to hear him talk about releasing the poison in his body by having sex with Melissa. If he isn’t talking about his poison he is talking about his penis, which is named Tarzan.

Chapter one is titled “The First Man in My Life.” It is about Melissa’s dad Anthony Marco. Melissa talks about being a daddy’s girl and the youngest daughter. Her sisters are much older so she was raised pretty much as an only child. Melissa was beat up in school when the family moved to Florida. When her dad would eventually follow the family to their new home Melissa felt all would be right in the world. Tragically, Melissa’s dad died in a car accident. Melissa’s dating history was one loser after another.

Fame Whorgas suggest Melissa wrote this book as a cry for help. Melissa’s former friend, Jan DeDolce, told the website Joe slapped her face. Melissa danced with one of his friends and Joe went into a jealous rage. Jezebel’s review of Love Italian Style is absolutely scathing. The reviewer said Melissa’s book advocated marital rape due to Joe’s interjections in the book. An example is if a woman says no that a man should dominate her anyway. The book also advocates sexist behavior. Joe does not feed babies or change diapers. Melissa says when gender roles are confused it causes a problem in the marriage. Joe instructed her at the beginning of their marriage how he wanted it to be. Melissa is probably allowed to pursue her music career because she caters to Joe. It’s her reward for being a good wife.

Did Melissa write this book because she is finally happy in her life or does she want someone to share her misery? This book is worse than The Rules. It’s the 21st century. Women have fought long and hard to independent and successful. It would be hard to find anyone beside Melissa who would buy into this crap.

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