Sarah Jessica Parker’s Too Old For Sex And The City Movie, Slams Author

Sarah Jessica Parker's Too Old For Sex And The City Movie, Slams Author 0326

Sorry all you Carrie Bradshaw lovers out there. If you’re waiting for Sex and the City 3 anytime soon you might be a tad disappointed. It’s never going to happen. The creator, Candace Bushnell, summed it up nice and easy while speaking to The Daily Beast. It has to do with numbers and Sarah Jessica Parker’s are too high.

“Look, Sarah Jessica Parker is 47. I think with the second movie, Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t be an ingenue anymore. But I think they were stuck doing what the audience wanted. Realistically, a middle-aged woman who was married without children would be much more focused on her career and less focused on this Mr. Big: ‘Does he love me?’ … ‘Does he still not love me?’ I mean, I think it was coming to the end of what they could do with the character,” she said. 

Shitty comment or is Bushnell just telling it like it is?

I appreciate her candor and I’m sure SJP does as well. SJP just seems like she’d be way above that anyway. Have you ever heard her in an interview? She is nothing if not gracious and down-to-earth. I just don’t get the narcissistic, self conscious, Hollywood diva vibe  in her. Am I wrong? And biotch is too old! The last movie was awkward as all hell. Let’s let these characters rest so we can remember and appreciate them for what they were which was amazing.

Besides, SJP’s busy. Check her out hauling those little twins off to school below. I’m dying because they are so damn adorable. Look at the one on the right. I have no idea if it’s Tabitha or Marion but doesn’t she look exactly like Matthew Broderick? It’s a little Ferris Bueller! Adorable.

So, is Sarah Jessica Parker too old to revive Carrie? Does it matter to you? Are you starved for a new Sex and the City movie? Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t look like she is. I’m sensing she’s happy to put the heels behind her.


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