Scott Disick Ignores Pouting Kourtney Kardashian During Las Vegas Birthday Party (PHOTOS)

Scott Disick Ignores Pouting Kourtney Kardashian During Las Vegas Birthday Party (PHOTOS) 0527

I’d ignore her too if she acted like that during my birthday celebrations! But man, Kourtney Kardashian gives great bitch face, doesn’t she? No one in her family does it better. You just know she doesn’t want to be messed with and it’s better to stay away. That’s why I like her so much. You can gather that Kim’s all smoke and mirrors. There isn’t much that’s authentic about her but Kourtney actually has a real personality that she’s not afraid to show. Sadly it might have come out during baby daddy, Scott Disick’s 30th birthday party this weekend.

The Daily Mail has the pics. Technically I suppose it’s not the official birthday party in Las Vegas. Scott Disick celebrated the night before by hosting a party at the Bellagio with extended family members Rob Kardashian and Kris Jenner. This little pool party looks like recuperation. But, clearly, Scott is in usual Scott style and entertaining his court. Kourtney’s obviously over it. Either she’s pissed about something or just hung over. Perhaps she’s done with the whole Last Vegas thing. She’s got two kids and is in her early 30s. I could see the parties getting pretty old – especially with how often that family hosts them in Vegas.

But is there trouble brewing? Oh, wouldn’t Kris like us to think so! I doubt it. That’s probably just Kourtney’s morning face/attitude.  She doesn’t feel like playing along so she won’t. I respect that. Of all the Kardashians I get the feeling that Kourtney could really do without the reality TV nonsense. Kim talks a good game about scaling back but Kourtney could pull the plug at any time. I’m not sure she wanted all the celebrity in the first place. She just wanted to expand the empire. I’d say she’s accomplished that and she’s ready to move on. Scott on the other hand…. He’s pretty much the male Kim.


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  • lilgrandma

    What she should do is get her family out of the fu*king show!And if she cares more for her family than the money then she should do the right thing get out!!! Plus she does take care of her 2 babies and no nannys that i do give her alot of credit for that!!And Scott should have some fun but he goes too far by acting like a single man! Come on girl start your own lil family and let go of mommy and family to raise your own lil family!!And if you don’t then you ask for it too!!!

    • Victoria McGuire

      Lil grandma, I totally agree and was about to write a similar message before reading yours.
      Why does Kris J, the whoremomager have to attend every party? She likes the attention and it’s PR. for the show. Where’s Bruce and the teenage girls. Can’t party and get drunk with them around.

  • mb

    Kourtney is a total bore!! Scott doesn’t have real job, both he and Kourtney need reality tv. At least Kanye West is a self made multi-millionaire. Kanye doesn’t need to do reality tv to make a living!