See Robert Pattinson’s Bare Butt (Photo)

See Robert Pattinson's Bare Butt (Photo)

Fans of Robert Pattinson will be happy with this photo taken of his butt from behind. Woohoo! Ladies, are you with me?!?

Jeremy Harris tweeted the above photo earlier, saying, “Making music at @ Rpatz house. Nbd.”

Interestingly enough, the picture shows Rob bent over the piano, smoking a cigarette while hunkering over Isabella Summers from Florence + The Machine. It might be a sign that Rob is planning on making his return to the world of music.

He has already done a couple of really good tracks and he’s a pretty good singer. So it is entirely possible that he may actually come out with a record sometime, right?

What we don’t get is why all of these guys never think it’s a good idea to pull up their pants?!? Why is it the style to go around everywhere when everyone can see your underwear? They’re called “under” wear for a reason! Thoughts? Are you digging this back end shot of RPattz? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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2 responses to “See Robert Pattinson’s Bare Butt (Photo)”

  1. Seth Aicklen says:

    It seemed like the practice of wearing pants very low, then lower and so on began among African American high school age kids, and maybe even gang members. Like many of our customs, expressions and music, this practice was adopted by the other kids and eventually older people of all nationalities and races. At least, that’s my perception. It’s another in a long line of things kids do that older people hate.

    Personally, I don’t care for the practice. It not only looks unappealing, but very low pants limit leg movement and are impractical for that reason. It may be popular, but it’s also dumb.

    • baros62 says:

      The first time I ever saw this done was done by a famous couple of kids way back named Kris Kross. I believe THEY started this atrocious, unflattering style. The only part of the way they were dressed that WASN’T picked up on was that they also did it with their pants on backwards.