Keyshawn Johnson’s Partner, Sharna Burgess, Injured During Dancing With The Stars Rehearsal

Keyshawn Johnson's Partner, Sharna Burgess, Injured During Dancing With The Stars Rehearsal

Dancing with the Stars is not the safest endeavor in the world, which is constantly proven by both the stars and their professional dance partners getting injured – both during rehearsals and the actual performances themselves.

Pro Sharna Burgess, partner of Keyshawn Johnson, has reportedly been injured during rehearsals. Just weeks away from their big television debut, the couples have all been practicing very hard for their first performance – unfortunately, it looks like there was one small slip-up, and Sharna ended up with a broken nose. Keyshawn tweeted, “Ouch! I think I just broke my partner Sharna’s nose!”

Fortunately, it wasn’t a major injury and Sharna ended up being fine. She even tweeted a while later, “We are all good :) just a little bump #accidentshappen.”

Sharna’s probably used to this mayhem, but it’s interesting to see if this small accident will throw off Keyshawn’s game. In many polls, Keyshawn and Sharna are listed as one of the early favorites, and there are many people rooting for them. But will this small injury prevent them from reaching to their full potential during rehearsals, and therefore during the actual show? Or will it just spur them on to work harder and get better?

It’s hard to guess what really happened, but the fact that he tweeted about breaking his partner’s nose means he knew it wasn’t as serious as he was making it out to be. Of course, Dancing with the Stars always has first aid and medical care on hand in case anybody requires medical attention – in any case, she is fine now.

Are you guys rooting for Keyshawn or Sharna, or do you have another favorite already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.