Simon Cowell Wears Makeup While He Vacations Without Lauren Silverman – Vain or Insane?

Simon Cowell Wears Makeup While He Vacations Without Lauren Silverman - Vain or Insane?

While the rest of you prepare for a bitter winter, Hollywood is just heating up. The Kardashian empire is crumbling, Johnny Depp is in love with young bisexual unembarrassed Amber Heard, and senior citizens, Simon Cowell and Halle Berry are expecting new babies. If you’re willing to pay the state tax, $4.50 a gallon for gas, wash up and sleep at the beach, you too, can breathe the same air as ritzy celebrities like Simon Cowell.

The X-Factor gazillionaire, Simon Cowell, defecates on our overdue bills, and financial inferiority by inviting a makeup artist to join him and his bevy of thin beautiful beauties aboard his yacht. Helen Hand job has joined the music mogul on his blissful vacation.

Sources told Mirror

“Helen has known Simon for some time now and the pair have become genuine friends. She has worked on some very well-known celebrities.

“While she is not being paid to be on the yacht, and officially she is on holiday, obviously she has her brushes and kit with her.

“She has already been working her magic on all the girls, helping them get ready in the evenings.

“The ladies are perfectly aware they are in the public eye now and being photographed so understandably they want to look at their best.”

The dad-to-be, and American Idol icon, is a true baller. Charlie Sheen is rich too, but never hired a makeup artist for his ‘Goddesses’. Sheen’s goddesses stayed looking ratchet and unkempt. Simon Cowell cares about his Hollywood persona, no horrid Hoes allowed. Now that his pregnant girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, has officially reached a divorce settlement (from another rich trick, Andrew Silverman), can life get any sweeter? Did the manicured millionaire really hire Helen Hand for his own makeup touch-ups?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

  • EmilyTrainham

    Oh, Simon. At least learn how to blend.

  • allie

    He needs a bit more blush

  • Pamela

    Simon is totally weird.