Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 10 Review – Spoilers Episode 11 “Aon Rud Persanta”


On episode 10 of SONS OF ANARCHY called, “Huang Wu,” Tara wakes up and panics when she can’t find her sons. No worries Jax has them with him and tells her she needs to keep her distance or somebody just might get hurt. I can’t decide of that a fact or a thinly veiled threat. Speaking of threats he tells Tara somebody will be watching her so she better not try to take his kids anywhere.

The club is opening for business. Chibs blows a kiss to Gemma. Unser watches some guys put up a sign from his trailer. Nero is having Colette sign some papers. Jax is riding his motorcycle. Tara is dropping off the little one and one of Jax’s guys is watching her. Clay is in a padded cell in a straight jacket his face is still all bloody. Two guards pick him up and walk him out. Wendy wakes up from her high and immediately runs to the kitchen and throws up in the sink. Galen is entering a warehouse. Jax is watching two little boys running outside a church. Tara sits down in her office and looks at the bloodstain on the carpet and starts to cry. Jax sits down in the church.

Clay is back in his jail cell straight jacket and blood free. His cell mate is talking to him when some guy comes by with books and hands him one. The guy with the books has a little convo with Clay that involves him letting the guy know his trial has been moved up to tomorrow. The guy tells him that’s a problem and Clay gives him his no shit look and tells him to have Galen give Jax a message. He also tells him that Galen needs to make his move by tomorrow. The guy hands Clay a book and tells,him he will pass the message along. When he walks away you see the all to familiar plot and scheme look come across Clay’s face.

Tara is in her office pretending to read some paperwork when there is a knock. It’s Margaret. Tara tells her that Jax knows everything. Margaret looks like she is going to need to use Wendy’s sink. Instead however Margaret tells her that Gemma paid her a friendly visit and she has decided she needs to get the hell out of dodge and since she has three weeks of vacation time that is exactly what she is going to do. Tara offers her a apology. Margaret tells her she better watch her ass.

Jax takes a trip down to Nero’s best little horror house in charming under the pretense of seeing how business is going but really all he wants is to shack up with Colette and help her with her laundry. Co letter is more than grateful for the help and tells Jax to put his stuff in her office.

Gemma and all the other boys show up. She tells Jax that Clay has asked for her to grace him with her presence. Jax immediately wants to know what is going on with Galen. Chibs tells him that Galen is town and would like Jax to grace him with his presence. That’s all fine and dandy but first Jax would like to air out his business and informs everyone of the fact that he got played by the lying liar who lies also known as Tara. Jax eventually gets to the part where he apologizes for calling his mom a bitch who was and would be dead to him till she actually did die and even beyond that. He also apologizes to Nero for pitching him in the face when he was defending his backstabbing bitch of a wife. It’s hugs and no worries all around. Jax tells them he is having Tara watched. Bobby thinks he should use someone that is familiar to Tara. Juice is up for the challenge, whatever keeps him from suffocating mourning mothers I suppose. Jax tells Gemma to be careful around Clay. Gemma tells him to be careful around Galen. Gemma notices Colette getting her flirt on with Jax and is beyond not thrilled.

Jax hot foots it over to Galen and tells him he could use some assistance with the whole Clay situation. Galen seems game, lord only knows how many quarters this is going to cost Jax.

Tara heads over to Wendy’s to giver her a proper bitching out when she h
Appends to notice juice watching her every move ever so closely. Tara tells Wendy she knows she is the one that crumbled and told Gemma everything. Tara stops in mid-sentence when she notices all the drugs and needles and what not lying around Wendy’s apartment. Just when you think Tara might just shut the fuck up with her poor me bullshit she starts in on her again. She tells her how Jax knows everything and how if she does in fact go to jail Gemma will get the boys. I still fail to see how this is Wendy’s fault. Tara knew she was unstable at best and what could and most likely would happen. Tara ask Wendy what she was thinking. Wendy is like how much time have you got. Wendy tells her to just stop already, woman up and admit why she did it and quit lying for Pete’s sake. You know Tara has gone off the rails when the resident drug addict has to tell her the right thing to do. Tara then decides to tell Wendy she is pathetic and a sorry excuse for a mother…people in glass houses. Tara comes out of Wendy’s and is so pissed she almost runs Juice over. She opts to run his bike over instead.

Jax and Galen along with their respective band of misfits meet with Conner. Galen shows Jax some new guns in shoots them off. Then a couple of Chinese guys show up. Galen decides it would be fun to shoot them so naturally he does. Galen explains that it will send a message to everyone that they are the only ones to buy guns from in Northern California. Connor strikes a deal with them. Jax is. It happy about the dead Chinese guy. Galen is however and leaves. Jax explains that this is why he wants out of the gun business. Really? That’s why?

Wendy half high half sober, and completely beside herself calls Unser and informs him that Tara came by to see her and is completely off the rails. Unser tells Gemma the situation when he gets off the phone. Gemma tells him to go check on her. Nero offers to go with. Man is that going to be one fun car trip.

Gemma stops by the house of broken dreams to pick up something’s for the boys in case they need to stay at grandmas. Tara is like that is never going to happen. Gemma would like to know what she thinks is going to happen. Tara tells Gemma that she thought she would be proud of her because she pulled a Gemma move. Gemma is like no way honey I would never fake killing a baby to get my way. Tara tells her she guess she misjudged her in assuming there wasn’t a line Gemma wouldn’t cross. Gemma tells,her she misjudged everyone. Tara tells her to get out. Gemma wants to know if she is going to run her over if she doesn’t. Gemma reminds she burned all her bridges, and she might want a few friends. Tara tells,her she has her family. Gemma can’t believe she believes that. Gemma ask her how she thought it was going to play out? Did she think she was just going to go to Oregon and live happily ever after? Gemma tells her that would never happen on Jax’s watch. Gemma wants to know if Tara knows who her husband is and what he is capable of. Gemma tells her what she decides to do next dictates how they explain to Thomas and Able where mommy is. Her choices are she moved away or she passed away, Gemma tells her the choice is hers. Gemma leaves. Tara sits down looking terrified.

Chibs informs Jax who is sitting on a bench thinking about who knows what that they couldn’t make contact with the Chinese. Jax comes out of his own thoughts long enough to get up and make a call. Chibs is concerned about how it is going to play out. Jax is talking to the DA he thanks her for giving him the license for the escort service. She says no problem now how about your end of the deal. Jax promises she will have Galen in the next 24 hours. When he gets off the phone Chibs ask where they are headed. Colette’s of course.

Before they can get there the Chinese have some business to take up with Jax.

Unser and Nero are on the way to Wendy’s. Nero is talking, Unser is not. Told you that was going to be a fun car ride.

Over on the highway the Chinese start firing at Jax and company. Jax heads towards a place full,of containers put gets thrown off his bike when he tries to go through the gate. The Chinese stop and tell Jax since he is getting out of the gun trade business they would like his piece of pie. Jax tells them the same thing he told the DA he will hand Galen over tomorrow. The Chinese keep one of Jax’s guys as collateral, and since he is not a major player I’m guessing he can probably kiss his ass goodbye.

Tara is still being followed by Juice. Tara wants to know where Jax is. Juice is more than happy to oblige and give her the address of his new place of residence.

Nero and Unser find Wendy passed out with something burning on the stove, her next shot to the arm no doubt. They turn that odd and then take her outside. She is going to be just fine. Well fine for Wendy anyway.

Gemma finally managed to work Clay into her busy schedule and heads over to the prison. All he wanted was to tell her he is giving her everything. Because one he disappears a divorce is going to be out of the question.

Jax and company are at Colette’s.

Gemma goes and gets Wendy.

Thanks to Juice Tara shows up to see Colette. Tara heads up stairs and as luck would have it the first door she opens is where she finds her….Jax is helping with the laundry again. Tara smacks the hell out of Colette. Then she smacks the shitmout of Jax.Tara books. The laundry is ruined. Tig comes in to help Colette his exact words upon seeing her face are and I quote ouch….lol. Jax runs after her. Tara wants to know what is happening to her she gets in her car and takes off.

Jax has his sons. Tara is siting in her car with her trusty friend lap gun.

Wendy is being taken care of by Gemma. Who is running her hands through her hair. Nero and Unser are having tea together in Gemma’s kitchen.

Jax tucks his kids in for the night then sits down to think. Colette has a nice mark on her face. Something to remember Tara by. Jax is working on his bike.

Tara goes to the DA hoping she can still deal. DA tells her sorry but she has another deal in play at the moment she should have taken it when she had the chance. The DA does offer to help her if she is afraid for herself and her kids. Tara gets up and informs the DA that no one can help her.


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“Aon Rud Persanta, Tension mounts as the club makes a bold move to finally get out of guns.”