Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 11 Review – Spoilers Episode 12 “You Are My Sunshine”


On episode 10 of SONS OF ANARCHY called, “Aon Rud Persanta,” the title translates roughly into nothing personal in Gaelic. So with a title like that you know crap is about to go down.

Tara wakes up to her little bit fussing in the crib. She picks him up and heads to check on Abel who is still asleep. Jax isn’t home but his biker is and he tells Tara Jax says the kids aren’t allowed to go to daycare at Tara’s work anymore.

Jax meets with the DA. She shows him she wrote up the immunity deals. Jax tells her when and where she can find Galen. The DA leaves. Jax and Chibs leave shortly after.

Nero is in Gemma’s kitchen pouring some coffee. Nero ask Gemma about Wendy. Gemma tells him she is asleep. Nero tells her she needs to be in rehab.Gemma says she knows and she will make the calls but she wants to help her instead of hurt her for a change. Nero ask if she is going to spread the love to Tara. Gemma is not sure she can do that. Nero,gives her the tsk tsk,speech. Gemma tells him she can forgive Tara at the moment.

Jax and Chibs are riding down the street. Two bikes join, then two more, this happens three more times so by the end of the roundup the total is twelve of them all riding down the road.

Tara pulls up at TM. She ask Unser to watch the boys for her while she goes to meet with her new lawyer. Unser tells her he is sorry for how it all went down. Tara gets in her car and leaves.

The boys pull up into a warehouse.

Tara is with her new lawyer. He tells her he is ready to execute the divorce but that should be aware that it is a case based on her credibility and if she was lying she is in trouble. Tara ask if he is saying she has to pick between her children and her freedom. Her lawyer tells her in a way that is exactly what she has to do.

Back in the warehouse they are looking at a bunch of vans all made to like different types of delivery trucks and getting told by Galen’s guy exactly how this is all going to play out. He is even nice enough to provide them with a map that shows them exactly where Clay will be. The guy tells him the routes will be clean, fast, and easy. They all suit up and get their guns ready.

Clay is being led out to a armored vehicle in handcuffs and chains.

They all split up and go in different trucks. Tig is mad he got pink. The biker riding with him tells” Tig come on you know you like pink”….lol… They all head out.

The cops are mounting up to follow and lead Clay out as well.

Meanwhile back on the docks Roosevelt and company are watching where Galen is supposed to be coming. It’s kind of funny to see because all the two guys on the other side have to do is literally look over and they will see them. Roosevelt tells the DA that it looks legit. Roosevelt tells her this can only go down one way.

Gemma finally shows up at TM she sees her grandson outside playing. She walks into the office and sees Unser with the little bit. Gemma says she might take the boys to see Wendy it might do her some good. Unser tells Gemma that all this should be about the boys and not all her bs. Unser tells her being a grandma and a mom are to different things. Gemma tells her there are no second chances. Unser tells her that the lifestyle the have is dirty and sad. He gets up to go get Abel. Gemma ask him why he still helps,her of he doesn’t want the boys there. Unser tells her its for the same reason he always has no matter the ups and downs or the good and the bad because he loves her. On second thought it’s because he is in love with her. Unser leaves. Gemma watches him go.

All the trucks are strategically placed and sitting and waiting. Juice is with Jax but seems miles away. Juice tells Jax he isn’t going to have a breakdown. Jax tells him knows. Juice tells him it feels different he feels different. Jax understands. Juice tells him he need to feel like he is doing something. Jax gets it Juice wants to feel like one of the good guys. Juice needs to find a new job then. Jax’s phone rings. It’s Conner. Jax hangs up and away they go.

Chibs and Bobby get the honor of stopping the van that Clay is in while the others just get to box it in. They get a little impatient and start shooting when the I’m going to huff and puff and blow your van in line doesn’t work. They figure out that the bullets can go through the windows and they shoot them out. They finally get Clay out who is wondering where the Irish are. Jax tells them they are in Ireland. The shocking part isn’t that Jax lied straight to his face it’s that he did it so easily. Clay being so trusting also seems out of character. Something is not quite right.

Back over at the docks the DA gets a notified about the abduction and subsequent destruction that took place all to get Clay. She is less than happy when she realizes she for played.

Jax is moving Clay to one of their trucks. Clay is taking his sweet time which ends up getting Bobby filled with led which ends up getting a cop ran the fuck over by Juice which ends up requiring the explanation from Juice that the cop wasn’t going to stop shooting.

So with the cop dead in the middle of the road, Jax and company are checking out Bobby in the back of the truck. Jax ask how bad it is. Guess he can’t see. Chibs tells him it isn’t good and it’s beyond him. Imthinkmthatnismprpbablymchibsntalk for he needs a doctor. Hmmmmmm…wonder who they are going to call. No not ghostbusters, I know Im disappointed also. Jax ask Clay if he is ok. Like he cares. Tig hands Clay his wardrobe upgrade. Bobby is bleeding a lot even though Chibs is applying his whole body weight to stop it. Jax hops in the front and get this he puts on a freaking seatbelt. Safety first kiddies. He tells Juice to head towards the airstrip.

Gemma is cooking mac and cheese at the house for Wendy and the boys. Gemma leaves to take a call. Nero and Tara are talking when Gemma comes flying back in. Gemma tells her Bobby got shot and they need her. Tara seems to be confused how she all of a sudden became mob doctor again. Gemma tells her if she doesn’t play along Bobby will die. Tara relents and tells her they have to go by the house and get her bag. She hands the little one to Unser and leaves with Gemma and Nero.

Back at the crime scene aka the middle of the road Roosevelt tells the DA the trucks weren’t registered. Roosevelt wants to know if she wants him to conduct a round up of the usual suspects. She says not now she needs time to reevaluate her options.

Clay has a heartfelt moment with Juice where he thanks him for everything Clay hugs him and gives him a little kiss on the cheek. Why does this make me so uneasy? Probably has a lot to do with the look on Juice’s face. Jax, Tig, Chibs, and Clay head in to meet with the Irish. By the Irish I mean Galen and two other guys. Clay walks over hugs him and thanks him for getting him out of the slammer. Galen tells Jax he did a good job. Then in the blink of a eye Tig and Chibs whip out their guns and shoot Galen and the other two. Clay covers his face to stop the blood splatter I would imagine. Chibs looks way to pleased with his work of art slowly spreading all over the floor. Clay just says Jesus Christ. Jax tells him they took a vote and this is the only way it could go down.

The come out a back door. Juice tells them that Gemma and Tara have arrived. Jax tells Juice to let them in and then tells Clay rather harshly to shut the door of the room containing the dead Irish. Clay does so looking sad. Tig ask Jax how it is going to go down with Nero, Gemma, and Tara present and accounted for. Jax tells him the same way. Jax tells Chibs to get a NTA on Connor. They open the hangar door and let them in. Tara runs into the back of the truck and tells Jax she needs some help. Jax sends in Juice. I’m assuming it’s so he can feel like a good guy. Jax thanks Nero. Nero notices Clay walking towards Gemma. Jax gets her attention. Jax doesn’t even call her mom. Gemma walks over and Clay tells her he isn’t going to Ireland that there is another plan. Gemma looks confused. Clay kisses her on the cheek and walks away. Meanwhile Nero is telling Jax he can’t take much more of this Son’s drama. Jax ask Tara about Bobby. Tara tells him she needs to do surgery but needs lots of things first. Jax says they will take her to the cabin. Chibs lets him know that Connor is fifteen minutes away. Clay offers up a idea. Jax shoots it down because they took a vote and he has a much better plan.

I think it’s at this point that Clay gets the big picture. Tig tells Clay to move it. Jax and Chibs follow. They four on them are in a room and the moment I have been waiting for since season one of this show finally arrives. Jax shoots Clay in the throat. It’s brutal to be sure. It’s done I think more for a sense of retribution on Jax’s part for Clay killing his father. Then he shoots him another four times because after all this is Sons of Anarchy. I will have to say that this moment is way more bitter than sweet for me. I’m not sure if its because I wanted it sooner or if I just got tired of waiting for it. Gemma happens to see the whole thing go down by the way. She is affected by it but manages to keep it together. Jax comes out of the room without a drop of blood on his white kicks and ask her if she is ok, Gemma lies and says yes and then gives him a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the head.

Jax tells Nero that he was glad he was there because today he is burying a very broken piece of the past. Jax is totally talking about his dad….right? Jax then tells Tara thanks for the solid she is doing him. Tara reaches out and grabs his hand and squeezes it. Because sometimes there are no words. Chibs informs Jax that Connor will be there in a minute. After what Jax did to Clay I bet they are all going to be working over time to keep Jax happy.

Meanwhile back in the van Nero is explaining his shock in the fact that Jax killed Clay and that the club was ok with it. Gemma claims she didn’t know it. Tara for one is glad he is gone and as far she is concerned he should have been gone way before now. Gemma finally can’t take it and breaks down. Gemma states how much she hated him. Who is she trying to convince them,us, or herself? Tara’s cell decides now would be a good time for her to get a call. It’s their friendly neighborhood DA and she wants to speak with Tara. Tara agrees and the DA tell her she will meet her at Tara’s office. Tara explains to Gemma it’s her new lawyer.

Jax, Tig, and Chibs are creating the best crime scene ever with the dead Irish guys and Galen, Clay is there as well. Connor arrives exactly a minute after this little scene starts. Tig and Chibs offer to help two of the guys to unload the guns. Jax takes Connor into the office. Connor sees the dead bodies and before he can do anything Jax has a gun to his head and his hands in the air. Jax spins his tale to Connor about what happened. It involved a side deal that Clay and Galen had. It went bad and Clay decided to shoot Galen. Jax says that left him with no choice but to kill Clay. Jax tells Connor that he has just put him in the number one spot and if he hadn’t done it then it would be their dead bodies lying on the floor. Connor tells him he will call Belfast in the morning. Jax tells him that sounds like a plan. Jax also informs Connor that he will be keeping the guns, he needs them to fix another problem he is dealing with but that he will pay Connor for them.

The DA is up to her old tricks and is trying to get Tara to go rogue again and tell her who broke Clay out. If Tara does so she will get immunity and be able to disappear into witness protection with her sons. Tara wants to know if a bullet from one of the shooters will do. The DA tells her it will be. Tara tells her she needs to go and do it quickly because Gemma is outside waiting for her. The DA doesn’t even question it. Roosevelt wants to follow Tara. The DA tells him no. Good thing she has been being followed enough as it is. Knock knock says the person about to rain on the DA’s parade just a little more, they have found some dead bodies and Clay and Galen happen to be two of them. Roosevelt looks tires just thinking about it and the DA looks pissed.

While Tara is inside with the DA Gemma tries to talk Nero into marrying her. He decides to take a pass he doesn’t want to end up like Clay.

Tara is at the cabin and she takes a bullet out of Bobby with Chibs looking on in fascination. Jax is there, not really sure why.

Gemma and Nero are laying in bed reading a book to Abel. Unser brings little bit in to hear the story. He tells Gemma he is going to check on Wendy one last time and then he is going to go. Gemma thanks him. Unser tells her goodnight. Nero hands her the little bit.

Connor is drinking and playing with a gun. That won’t end well.

Bobby wakes up. Jax, Chibs, Juice, and Tig are all smiles.

The DA is taking in the crime scene. Roosevelt hoping for a quick ending to all this points out that Jax kept his promise he gave her Galen and the guns. The DA is like I disagree my deal didn’t include dead bodies. You gotta a least give Roosevelt a A for effort.

Tara is washing up and Jax is just sitting there. Tara sits down next to him. Jax thanks her for her help. Jax tells her he understands why she did what she did. He is also sorry that being with him caused her to take those actions. Jax leaves. Tara looks dumbfounded. She shuts the bedroom door and she pulls the bullet from Bobby out of her pocket. What to do Tara…what to do…….


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of the next episode, “You Are My Sunshine” check out the preview of episode 12 below!

Bad news if you are anxious to see what happens you are going have have to wait 2 weeks, the next episode will be aired December 3, 2013.

“As the dust beings to settle Jax’s world is suddenly turned upside down.  Written by Kem Nunn & Mike Daniels & Kurt Sutter; directed by Paris Barclay.”

With this being the penultimate episode before the finale things are really heating up.  Creator Kurt Sutter claimed this would be the most violent season yet and from the preview below it looks like there is more gun firing next week.