Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 2 REVIEW “One One Six”

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 2 REVIEW "One One Six"

Last night was the season 6 episode 2 of SONS OF ANARCHY and we have review of what went down for you. Jax is on his motorcycle looking every bit the biker till we see his sneaks. Then we head on over to Gemma’s where she is oh so cozy in bed with Nero. There is a knock at the door and Gemma is not pleased (how dare anyone interrupt playtime). Her and Nero head out and who do they spy with their little eye, why its Dave Navarro (he gets sexier and sexier). Primo tells Nero they need to talk. Gemma makes some coffee. Primo tells Gemma and Nero that it was his girlfriends son that shot up the school and got killed by the police, and he did it with Primo’s gun (Thank God I got my Dave Navarro fix because he is going to be dead by the end of this episode I just know it). Nero starts talking to him in Spanish, they throw back a few sentences (something along the lines of Primo being a f**king idiot no doubt ), before Gemma loses it and demands they speak English. Nero walks Primo out, (probably beat his ass), while Gemma just stands there shaking her head(probably figuring out the best way to break the news to Jax that one of SAMCROS guns is responsible for the murder of children).

Touric is back at the prison with Clay. Touric has a statement for him to sign. Clay wants to play the Spanish Inquisition first. Touric ask Clay if he knows why he was such a good cop ( has to be the drugs). Nope I was wrong. Touric tells Clay to sign the agreement and it will give him immunity, get him off for any of his misdeeds, and gives him protection no matter where he is in the world. Clay tells Touric that he wants to see his wife and his son. Touric ask why. Clay tells him he wants to hurt people too and that he isn’t signing sh*t till he sees both of them. Toric picks up the papers, knocks on the door for the guard and then leaves. Clay just sits there looking every bit the broken man he has become.

Back over at Gemma’s she is applying her lipstick. Nero and her discuss how Primo is always needing help out of something. Gemma tells Nero the girlfriend should be out of town before the shock wears off and that the club can help (I bet they can). Gemma tells Nero shes headed over at Jax’s, Tara comes home today.

Tara is being walked out by her lawyer when she notices Jax waiting for her outside. Tara hands the lawyer a bunch of pads and tells her she wrote down everything she could remember. Tara also ask her if she got started on the paperwork. Tara tells her thanks walks out the door and gets on the back of Jax motorcycle and they take off.

When Tara and Jax get home Gemma is their with the boys. Tara wants her little one and Gemma only hesitates for a second before handing him over. Gemma motions with her head that she needs to talk with Jax and they head into the kitchen. Gemma tells him Nero is coming by (needs to talk about the school incident with the gun that has SAMCRO written all over it). Jax looks shocked.

Touric is at the school, he apparently knew the gun would provide a link to Jax and company.

Jax is watching Tara play with the boys. Jax looks like he might fall apart. Jax walks over to them. He runs his hands through his sons hair and then kisses him on the head. Jax takes Tara into their bedroom he hugs Tara and tells her he missed her (before or after he helped the Madame with her laundry?) Jax tells her he is going to stop selling guns and earn money the old fashioned way ( legitimately). Gemma comes in and tells Tara welcome home and Jax that Nero finally showed up. Nero explains to Jax that it was his cousins girlfriends son that did the shooting at the school and that it was one of their guns that he used. Jax is more disgusted and upset than mad. Jax walks away. Nero tells him that she didn’t give them up and that she isn’t exactly all together in the head in the first place. Nero ask Jax if he can help get her somewhere else. Jax tells him he has a cabin in pine grove and that he will make a few calls. Jax warns Nero not to call the house because its most likely tapped and they need the Feds a step behind them. Gemma walks in with a cell phone telling Jax he needs to take the call its the jail and they want to set up visitation for her and Jax with Clay.

Jax is heading out, but stops and makes sure it is okay with Tara first. Tara says its fine she will just hang out with the boys. Gemma’s loading the dishwasher. Gemma tells her she isn’t the one that turned her in. Tara knows. Tara thanks her for taking care of the boys. Gemma says she is welcome. Gemma notices something is off with Tara but Tara lays it on being tired.

Back at the school Touric is watching a bunch of parents and teachers in a room arguing. The D.A wants them to push the mom harder. Touric rats out the Sons to the D.A.. Touric hands her his card and walks away.

Jax and Nero show up to get Primo’s girlfriend (Tig is also present and accounted for). The girlfriend freaks out. Primo comes running in when she starts screaming. Jax holds him back. She takes off running into the bathroom. Jax explains to Primo that they have to get him and her out of town. The girlfriend is in the bathroom high as a kite. Jax is unhappy about it. Jax heads off to meet the Irish.

Gemma meets with Clay. Gemma ask him what he wants. Clay tells her that he knows why she did what she did, and no matter what happens not of it will land on her. Touric is watching it all, a fact that does not go unnoticed by Gemma. Clay tells her he still loves her. Clay also tells her not to feel bad because she did the right thing. Gemma tells him thank you and that she will go,home and untie the noose (lol). Touric is still watching and reciting some poem about a man and his doom (I’m assuming Clay is the man and that its his doom that is imminent). Gemma runs to the bathroom and has a many breakdown.

Gemma meets Touric for the first time on the way out. When she finds out who his sister is she puts two and two together and gets four. Gemma calls him a dick and leaves. Touric chuckles.
Jax meets with the Irish and tries to back out, but its a no go. The Irish inform Jax that they in fact want more guns due to yesterday’s incident and it is in fact going to be business as usual.

Chibbs thinks they need to keep selling and making the deliveries. Jax thinks they should not. It’s gets heated and believe it or not Tig is the one who intervenes and tries calms everyone down (I know, shocking right?) Jax walks off, Chibbs smokes a cigarette.

Touric visits Clay again, its about him signing those pesky papers. Clay says no. First Jax then Touric can have his John Hancock. Touric leaves.

Tara is at her office packing some files. Tara wants a pregnancy test done on the hush hush.

Tara is back at home talking with her lawyer. Tara wants Wendy as guardian of the boys if anything happens. She also is planning on divorcing Jax. (?). The pads are a confession of pretty much everything that has happened with her, Jax, and the club.

Up at the cabin Primo’s girlfriend is going crazy. Primo ask Nero how long they will be there. Nero doesn’t know. The girlfriend is convinced they are going to kill her. Next she grabs a gun and a chase starts, she looks around and starts shooting. Primo gets hit and dies (even in death Dave Navarro is hot). Jax chases her down and is about to shoot her but Nero stops him.

Touric is sitting at a table in his hotel room. His hands start shaking. Touric starts banging them on the table. He picks up a pin once his hand is steady and forges Clay’s name onto the papers.

Back at the cabin they carry Primo’s dead body in a room and lay it in the floor. Chibbs and Tig have the girlfriend bound and gagged on a bed. They close the door and walk out. Jax tells Nero to let him know what he wants to do. Jax gets some pills from some guy. Jax tells Chibbs and Tig to fix Gemma’s car. Jax takes Juice, a kit, and the pills back to the room the girlfriend is in.

Touric takes the D.A. the papers with Clay’s forged signature. She tells them they need something more concrete if they want to go after them.

Juice is in the room with the girlfriend, he shoots her up. Juice then takes a pillow and suffocates her. The look on Juice’s face is more disturbing then want he is doing. When he tells Jax it’s done and that she is good and then goes to wash his hands you see that Juice has tears in his eyes. Jax leaves the room. Gemma has that knowing look on her face.

Touric stops by a escort service.

Nero is freaking because the girlfriend is dead. Jax denies any involvement. Gemma knows he is lying through his teeth. Tig looks disturbed by the whole situation. Nero goes off. Jax talks him down. Gemma hears it all. Juice is beside himself.

Jax gets home. He grabs Tara and holds her. Tara ask what happened with Nero, Jax says nothing. Jax ask her what she did all day. Tara says nothing. (Lie for a lie). Jax kisses her.

Touric leaves one of the escorts his hotel name and the room number. He tells the girl on the way out to tell her boss he has a nice place and he leaves his card (guess where that is going).

Bobby who hasn’t really done anything of note this episode is siting in a bar and he writes the name Quinn Harper in red on a Nevada map.

Nero,Gemma, Juice, Tig, and Chibbs are outside while the bodies are getting buried.

For the second week in a row Jax is having sex only this time its with his wife and she is crying.