Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review – CDL Exclusive

Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review - CDL Exclusive

In the second installment of the newly invigorated Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Into Darkness, portrays a much darker side of Star Fleet than the 2009 reboot.  At last nights screening, generously hosted by MYX Fusions with Miss Drama from “Gossip Game” acting as hostess, the theater was packed with excited moviegoers. While the critics may not have been too enthused with the movie itself; the crowds surely sung it praises on Social Media long before they left the theater.

The movie itself was a visual masterpiece. Seen in IMax 3D, the screen literally came alive especially with several people ducking when spears became too realistic. I, the Trekkie, have to say that I was beyond pleased with the movie. J.J. Abrams actually stuck closer to the original series although he did put his own twist.  So sorry critics it’s not recycling. It was actually homage. Do try to learn Star Trek’s history. You don’t have to know it to enjoy the movie but you will miss some of the innuendos.

The plot was strong and the overall ending message could easily resonate with the crowd. Also in typical fashion it wasn’t completely serious. The movie did throw punches but it also drew laughs. In the end, the return of the original Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy, was simply the cherry on top.

The film’s shocker is the villain. Our newest villain, which has been previously shrouded in mystery, could in my opinion honestly destroy the entire Star Fleet given half the chance. Captain Kirk and Spock have to destroy him but can they do so without paying the ultimate price? I won’t give the game away but I will say that an untimely death does lead to one character to losing all sense of control.

Death, Betrayal, and


Whatever will J.J. Abrams do next? Oh that’s right, he’s doing episode VII of Star Wars. Though I am a fan of both, will he be able to continue with Star Trek while attempting to reboot Star Wars? Who knows! However I truly hope he does. No one else would have torn chunks of the Enterprise.