Supernatural RECAP 10/22/13: Season 9 Episode 3 “I’m No Angel”

Supernatural RECAP 10/22/13: Season 9 Episode 3 “I’m No Angel”

SUPERNATURAL continues on the CW tonight with a new episode called, “I’m No Angel.”  On tonight’s episode Castiel is hunted by angels.  Did you watch last week’s season 9 premiere?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s show Dean (Jensen Ackles) shocked Sam (Jared Padalecki) by popping open the trunk of the Impala and showing him that he had kidnapped Crowley (Mark Sheppard). Kevin (guest star Osric Chau) freaked out when he saw the King of Hell, but Sam and Dean convinced him that they needed Crowley to find the demons on Earth. Meanwhile, Abaddon (guest star Alaina Huffman) re-emerged and planned to take over Hell.

On tonight’s show Ezekiel tells Dean (Jensen Ackles) a group of angels is hunting Castiel (Misha Collins). Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) race to find their friend before the angels do. Meanwhile, a homeless Castiel is trying to make his way through the city and comes across some unexpected surprises.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of last week’s episode?

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In a cemetery, two priests are talking about an upcoming dinner. A woman walks up and asks them if they know where Castiel is. We next see Castiel in a bathroom eating toothpaste. Another guy calls him Clarence and asks how long he’ll be there. He asks the man if he ever gets tired of urinating. He’s outside picking up trash from the lawn of the church when he spots some blood on a rock. He follows the trail of drips past a gate and into the cemetery. He sees the older and younger priests impaled and with their eyeballs missing!

Dean pours coffee and calls for Sam. He appears upstairs and says good morning. He says he has already been for a run, had breakfast and even brought food back for Dean. He’s stunned that his brother went running. He tells him he feels great but Dean says he needs to take it easy since he’s been through the trials. His eyes glow blue and Ezekial pushes his way forward to talk to Dean and reassures him that Sam is okay and is slowly healing.

Ezekiel tells him he has news and that there is a faction of fallen angels looking for human vessels to contain then. Dean asks if a woman is in charge of it and he says he hasn’t heard that name. He tells Dean he can be useful and he says that Sam can as well and tells him to leave and let him have Sam back. He goes and Sam is back speaking mid-sentence. Dean whispers that this causes him mental whiplash.

Dean mentions that the angels are organizing and Sam asks how he knows this. Dean says it just makes sense and they need to find Cass before the other angels do. A pharmacist is watching a televangelist – Buddy Boyle – who is talking about if an angel comes to you then you should give them permission to come on in. Uh-oh…

Bart (aka Bartholomew) tells him it was his best sermon yet. Buddy says that’s high praise coming from an emissary of the Lord. Bart tells him God has told him personally that he’s pleased with Buddy. (What a liar!) A young girl walks up and says she’s ready to be a vessel for the divine and that she gives herself over to them. Buddy says Hallelujah and Bart says if she’s certain. He raises his hands and a smoke and a blue light fly in the room and into her mouth. Buddy watches fascinated. The girl twitches and then starts puring blood out of every orifice before exploding in a bloody batch of goo!

Buddy says what the hell! Bart tells him that not all who are willing can hold heaven’s grace and that casualties must be expected. He says it’s a small price to pay and Buddy says like the sacrificial lamb and Bart says whatever.

Sam and Dean are tracing Cass and a string of murders. They find the story about the priests that were tortured and murdered and assume it was angels looking for info. Cass is hiding among the homeless and says he finds that people with the least to give are the most generous. He says he needs to plan better because he ran out of food too quickly. He says that food, sleep and passing gas are all new to him and it just occurred to him also that one day he’s going to die. He says he’s going to try falling asleep but it’s quite a process. His homeless brother recommends he tries counting sheep. He climbs onto an abandoned bus and tries to sleep then asks himself what sheep? He finally dozes off and then wakes to see the pharmacist that was watching Buddy’s show stalking him.

Whatever angel that’s in the pharmacist is shocked that Cass is human – but only for a moment before Cass stabs him with the special angel killing knife and the guys lights up and the angel is dead and gone.

At the cemetery, Dean is asking about Cass and he tells him he knows “Clarence.” He confirms that Clarence left the same day the bodies appeared. The guy says that at least the dead priests are with the angels now and Dean says he hopes not. He says Clarence told him he has to keep moving.

Dean comes back to the car and tells Sam that Cass was there but has moved on and is at least being cagey and smart. He tells him that he chose the name Clarence and Sam laughs and says it’s the name of a famous angel. Dean doesn’t get it and even after Sam mentions It’s a Wonderful Life, he still doesn’t and Sam mocks him.

He asks what Sam came up with and he says he’s found another angel kill in Indiana at a homeless camp and that it was a pharmacist from Dayton.

Cass walks down a busy city street and sees a hot dog cart. He says some money and looks at the cart and then at a tattoo shop nearby and goes in. He hands the artists a slip of paper and then points to his stomach and she gestures for him to take a seat.

A woman reports to Bart that the fallen angels are finding bodies even faster than they hoped. He says that’s good because they need more people to track down the missing Cass. Another guy comes in to report that their operative did find Cass but that he killed him. He orders the guy to find Cass and kill him. He tells him that they can’t track Cass anymore and that he must have found a way to ward himself.

Cass is back on the streets and is looking at food carts cooking meat and busty girls with jiggly parts and it seems to be just too much input for him. He stops and stares to take it all in. He goes into a church and stares at angels on the stained glass windows before taking a seat in a pew. He hears a woman a few pews forward praying for a man named Mike and she asks for angels to be sent to heal him. She says he’s a good man. She says amen and crosses herself. Cass watches this and then asks if Mike is her husband. She nods and says he’s very sick. He says humans are so fragile and he never realized how fragile until recently. She says that’s why we pray because we need someone stronger than ourselves.

Cass says it’s a nice idea but then asks her what if she found out that God wasn’t listening and heaven went out of business. She says it’s not possible because she has her faith. He says it’s the truth and she says that’s his truth not hers and this his lack of belief doesn’t cancel out her faith. She says he might feel better if he tried it her way and she tells him someone is listening.

Bart and Naomi discuss how he could have warded himself against them. He’s called in a Reaper to consult on the case and says he’s heard they’ll freelance for a price. He asks how to get started and Bart tells him “Winchester.”

The boys are posing as FBI and are in Indiana talking to the local police about the pharmacists. He tells them it was like his insides liquefied and burned up. He hands him the guys personal effects and they check out the podcasts he’s been watching of Reverend Buddy Boyle. They fast forward to the part about letting angels come on in. Sam says they can’t possess without permission and they figure out that the reverend is helping the angels take over people.

They Google Buddy Boyle and found out he’s reaching people across the entire planet. What they don’t notice is the Reaper who’s watching them from across the police station!

Cass is dumpster diving for food and finds a pickle. A woman comes out and he says he’s not stealing and she says she’s not a cop. He says it’s a shame that so much food is wasted when so many people are hungry and that he never knew. She offers him a PB&J and he says he can’t take her food. She says he’s not – she’s giving it to him. She puts it in his hand and says she’s had hard times herself. He thanks her and she walks away.

Dead and Sam are in the homeless ghetto trying to get info on Cass and they insist they are not cops. They describe him and says he may be going by Clarence and may be a bit out of it. The guy says he thinks Clarence was on the run and went off somewhere else to sleep. He says he saw him running from under the bridge out to the highway and flagged a truck that was likely going North based on the business name. The Reaper follows them.

It’s pouring rain and Clarence sits on a stoop trying to stay dry. The same girl who gave him the PB&J comes out and sees him and brings him home with her. She says she doesn’t bring people home with her but he looks like he’s been to hell and back and he says a few times. She says her name is April and he says his name is Castiel. She tells him his shirt is soaked in blood.

They are outside a convenient store talking about where to look next and the Reaper is lurking. They turn the corner and the Reaper follows but doesn’t see them. They jump him and demand to know who he is and why they’re following him.

April asks why he’s bloody and he explains that he was jumped by a guy who tried to kill him but he says he stabbed the guy and he exploded. She says he doesn’t look like the knife fight or homeless type of guy. He says he trusted the wrong person and now he has to keep running. She patches him up and tells him that he needs to relax because his muscles are in knots. He tells her that hunger, cold and the feeling of being all alone are new to him. She says he doesn’t need to be alone tonight and kisses him. He returns the kiss.

They have the Reaper tied up and are torturing him. His name is Maurice BTWs. He asks why he was hired to chase Cass. He asks if it was Naomi and the guy says they’re out of the loop. He says she’s dead and Bartholomew is running things. The Reaper tells him it doesn’t matter if they kill him because Bart will just send someone else after Castiel. Dean stabs him with an angel killing knife.

April and Cass lay in bed and she asks him how it was. He says it was amazing and asks her if what he did was correct and she says it was – very much. She tells him that all of his talk about blame and guilt seems like a heavy load for such a sweet guy. He tells her he’s done a lot of foolish and unwise things and that he’s no angel. She laughs softly. She asks if the person he trusted can undo what’s been done to him and he says they’re not in contact anymore. She asks what‘s next and he says more of this and kisses her.

The next morning April is cutting up fruit when Cass comes in. She tells him she washed his clothes and asks if he found everything okay. He tells her there is one thing missing. She turns and asks if this is it and holds his angel killing knife to his throat and smiles.

Sam and Dean pull over and they are frustrated that they’ve been chasing Cass all night with no results. Dean says it’s time for Plan B. Sam says he doesn’t follow and Dean says “I’m letting you know” – he repeats it again and then Ezekiel is there and says he can’t be making public appearances. Dean says he needs help finding Cass and he says he can’t see him because he’s warded. Dean asks him to try something different and to look for a Reaper for hire that might be stalking him.

April is now host to an angel and says she decided to gain his trust by sleeping with him. She says it was easy since she found him attractive. He asks her who hired her and says he knows Naomi is gone. She says there is a new sheriff in town. She tells him she wants to know about Metatron and his spell. She slices him with the knife. He insists he had no idea that he was going to cast the angels out of heaven.

She continues to slice at him, torturing him while she asks questions. He reminds her he was cast out too and she cuts him more deeply. She says the angel killing blades really hurt humans too. He tells her he told her the truth when he said he trusted the wrong person. She said he was the one who let him into heaven and he says they were working together to restore heaven and get rid of the factions. He tells her that Metatron took his grace for the spell and that’s why he’s fully human.

She holds the knife to his throat and he tells her that it would be unwise to kill him since he may be key to reversing the spell. She stabs him again just as Sam and Dean burst in. They fight with her and she’s jacking some butt until Dean can get her with the angel killing blade. Dean checks on Cass and tells Sam he’s dead. But then Ezekiel comes out and does some angelic stuff and heals him. Sam collapses to the floor from the stress of it. Cass calls Dean’s name and then Sam’s. Sam is amazed that he’s okay because of course he doesn’t remember what happens when Ezekiel takes over.

Dean tells Cass to never do that again. Cass is confused and says he knows April stabbed him but isn’t clear on how he’s still alive. Dean looks at Sam and then tells Cass that Sam got dinged and that he made a deal with April that he wouldn’t kill her if she brought him back. Cass says – you lied – and Dean says he does that sometimes. Neither Sam nor Cass are any the wiser about Ezekiel’s miracle working.

Sam asks Dean how he found Cass and he says he went through Maurice’s pockets and found the address. Cass tells them he likes the bunker – says it has good water pressure – something he never thought about before and says there’s a lot to being human. Dean says there’s more to it than burritos and strippers and Cass says he gets it. He says he understands you need a higher purpose. He reveals he got busy with April and they tease him about it. They ask if he used protection and he says he had the angel blade. They snicker. Cass says he gets how difficult life can be and how well they are leading their lives and he think they can be good teachers for him. He asks if there are any more burritos.

The brothers laugh about Cass getting busy with a Reaper. Then Ezekiel is there and says that Cass can’t stay there because he will bring all the angels down on them. He reminds him April found him even though he was warded. Ezekiel tells him that if Cass stays he must go and Dean knows that means that Sam will die.

Dean finds Cass and asks if they can talk alone. He tells him that he can’t stay with them. Cass is crestfallen and confused.