Supernatural RECAP 10/8/13: Season 9 Premiere “I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here”

Supernatural RECAP 10/8/13: Season 9 Premiere “I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here”

Tonight on the CW the thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester Brothers continues with the ninth season of SUPERNATURAL.  On this new season begins with the fallout from the angels’ descent to Earth. Sam and Dean are faced with a world inhabited by thousands of powerful beings who immediately begin to form their own agendas.

Before they can tackle the threat of the “loose nukes” roaming the countryside, Sam and Dean must face their most personal battle yet. Meanwhile, Castiel awakes to find himself more vulnerable than he’s ever been. As the threat of the angels escalates, the boys are tasked with finding a way to reopen the gates of Heaven and send the Host packing. But a dark secret hangs over Dean’s head – has he finally crossed the line to protect his family?

At the end of last season the boys faced their most important mission yet: close the gates of Hell once and for all. With the help of the prophet Kevin Tran, Sam and Dean set forth to perform the Trials required to close the gates. While the boys worked to shut Crowley and his minions down for good, a new threat to his reign emerged: the Knight of Hell, Abaddon. As the struggle for Hell’s command began, Castiel set about his own set of Trials. With the aid of God’s scribe Metatron, Cass went on a mission to close the Gates of Heaven. However, he found out too late that the Scribe had nefarious intentions, and Cass paid the price. His Grace forcibly removed, Castiel watched as Metatron’s machinations came to fruition – and the angels of Heaven fell.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of last week’s episode?

RECAP: Sam and Dean are driving in a car talking about how they’re dead set on finishing their task, Dean says that the problem is with Sam; for dying. The news reports a meteor shower. The doctor is explaining to Dean the problems that Sam is going through, what’s caused him to go into a coma. Dean is not pleased with what the doctor tells him, the doctor says that Sam’s life is in God’s hands. Dean is completely devastated with this current situation with his brother, Dean starts to talking to the angels in a church and says that he needs his brother. Dean contacts the anges that he needs help to get his brother out of a coma, Dean is now back in the car with Sam and tells Sam to hang on in order to get through the coma. Dean mentions how this is scene going on in the car, is all in his head because of the coma. Dean then tells Sam that he’s solving the problem in his own way, the Dean in Sam’s conscious tells Sam to keep fighting even though he doesn’t know how he can. Castiel was standing on the side of the road, a car comes out of no where and it has him falling off the road. The person who knocked Castiel off the road, asks if he needs help or a ride into town, Castiel accepts his offer. Sam is now speaking to Dean and Bobby in his conscious, Dean and Bobby are fighting for what’s best for Sam at the moment. It cuts to Sam and Bobby standing in a forest alone, talking to each other. Castiel arrives at a gas station, the man lets him out of the car and gives Castiel money for the phone. Castiel arrives at a payphone where he meets a biker who’s already using it, Castiel is in a rush and threatens the man, but the biker is not pleased. Castiel tries to use his powers on the biker, but it doesn’t work. The biker lets him know that he’ll stab Castiel after talking on the phone, Castiel bumps into a woman he met in Heaven. Kim Shorts arrives in the Sam’s room to talk to Dean about how Sam’s death is inevitable. Dean then remembers he has the king of hell in his trunk, Dean goes to his trunk to talk to the king of hell. An angel comes out of nowhere and grabs Dean from behind and puts a knife towards his neck.

The angel threatens Dean, asking him for where Castiel is at the moment. Another angel appears behind and holds the knife in this threatening angels hand to stop him from stabbing Dean, but that didn’t help because now the angels are fighting each other. Dean comes out of no where and stabs the angel who was an asshole, he had it coming. The other angel lets Dean know that he’s here to help and isn’t planning to kill him. Castiel is talking to the woman he met in Heaven, about how she fell to Earth. Castiel admits that he can still hear the angel radio, the woman admits to being afraid at the moment; because Heaven had order and there was purpose being there. Castiel explains how down on Earth isn’t that bad, because they have the freedom to do what they want. Castiel asks the woman what’s one thing she wants to do, the woman speaks about how she built a Grand Canyon the last time she was on Earth. She then says she wants to see it, Castiel decides to take her there. Dean has a ring of fire around the angel, to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. The angel admits that there are angels who believe in Dean and Castiel, that the other angel he killed didn’t help with showing how he’s not threatening. Sam is now talking to Bobby, Bobby tells Sam that there’s no need to fight; that he should die instead. Bobby says it’s the best way to go out, die while knowing you saved the world. The angel checks on Sam, saying that he’s so weak. Dean receives a call by Castiel. Castiel tells Dean how he was tricked, Dean tells how Sam is currently on his deathbed. Dean tells Castiel that there’s angels who are currently looking for him, that they want him gone. Dean is called into the room by the angel, the angel needs to find a vessel quick and that they need to move Sam or else they will all die. Dean goes to the wall with a marker and starts drawing a design of some sort, the woman who Castiel met wants to go with Castiel to help Dean. Castiel doesn’t want her to because it’s his own problem to deal with, the women turns out to not be so nice and hits Castiel on the back of the head with a 2×4.

Dean and the angel manage to find a  room where they can save Sam, the hospital is under attack; Dean make his way and pulls the fire alarm hoping to get everyone to leave. Castiel wakes up in a car with woman he met, the woman is seriously one crazy bitch; she’s driving Castiel and brings up the topic of it being Castiel’s fault for making the angels fall. The woman wants to know more about humans and wants Castiel to be her vessel. Castiel has that look on his face that says boy did I mess up. Dean is attacked by two angels, then it cuts to Sam and Bobby talking in the forest, all of a sudden Bobby is stabbed through the chest from behind by Dean. Dean says that Bobby was the part of Sam that wanted him to die, Sam starts saying there’s nothing to fight for and wants to know what Dean is up to. Dean starts pushing and punching Sam, saying that his plan is to fight and do something about the current situation, that there is hope of him surviving. Dean tells Sam that he knows what’s in the house, he mentions how he can’t help Sam if he doesn’t want to help himself. Sam says it’s okay to Dean and admits that going to the house is what he wants, Dean in Sam’s conscious disappears. The two angels want to know where Castiel is, they start threatening Dean; Dean plays the cool guy act and tells them to bite him. Dean is one stubborn person and is taking several beatings from the angels. Sam now enters the house, within it is a man who’s been apparently waiting for him. Dean is getting his ass kicked hard, he gives in and says that he’ll talk; but it was a diversion and he sends them away. Dean gets back into the room, Sam is beginning to flat line; the angel admits to being weaker than he expected. The angel can’t save his life, Dean wants to now about the bad options of helping Sam. The angel says that the only way to help Sam is to possess him, Dean is conflicted with this turn of events. The angelis about to leave the room, but Dean asks him to wait.

Dean asks if he considers the option, he wants to know how bad of a situation Sam is in. The angel puts his hand on Sam’s head and the places his other on Dean’s to probably show Dean what’s going on in Sam’s head. Sam is talking to a old man with a long face, somewhat similar to Snoop Dogg. Sam wants to know one thing, if he goes with this man can he promise that if this time it’ll be fine; that if he dies this time there’s no coming back anymore. Dean can see that there’s not much time left, Castiel is currently in the crazy woman’s car and is eying the knife in her hand; Castiel puts on his seat belt because he knows safety is a must and leads the car in a collision. The angel mentions that it’s best to let Dean to go on his own terms. Castiel wakes up from after the crash, he looks around and the woman is nowhere to be found. He gets out of the car, and starts walking towards the crazy woman. They’re both injured, Castiel grabs the knife and tells her that he doesn’t want to harm her; Castiel tells them that he wants to help them all, but the woman is pissed off and threatens to tell all the other angels where Castiel is if he doesn’t let her possess her. Castiel had enough of her shit and decided to stab her instead, good call in his part I must admit. Dean shows up in Sam’s conscious, that he’s found a plan to bring back Sam. Dean wants to help and fix the situation, Dean doesn’t believe that it’s Sam’s time to die. Dean wants to help, he keeps on pressuring Sam that if there’s no Sam there’s no Dean. Sam replys with “what do we do”. Dean puts his hand on Sam’s shoulder, he then morphs into the angel with eyes glowing and somethings about to go down.

It cuts to the hospital room where Sam was lying down in, it seems that the Angel possessed Sam and now Sam is in the angel’s body. Dean is talking to the angel who’s currently in Sam’s body, the angel wants to know if Sam would accept being possessed by an angel; because if Sam rejects the body it will end up killing him. Dean is conflicted once again and has no idea what to do, Castiel arrives at a washer with his clothes covered in blood; he wants to wash off the blood and not look suspicious. Castiel is casually just washing his clothes at the local laundry mat, before he puts his change in the to get it working he looks at the vending machine. He ends up taking someone else’s clothes and buys himself a bottle of water. Dean is driving in the car along with Sam, Sam wakes up in the car beside Dean. Sam is confused about what’s going on, Dean explains that he was sleeping for about a day. Sam questions how Dean drove around with him in the passenger seat, though Dean plays it smooth and bluffs his way through it. It seems that Dean didn’t let the angel make him forget about what happened.

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