Supernatural RECAP 12/3/13: Season 9 Episode 9 “Holy Terror”

Supernatural RECAP 12/3/13: Season 9 Episode 9 “Holy Terror”

SUPERNATURAL continues on the CW tonight with a new episode called, “Holy Terror.”  On tonight’s episode an angel war begins.  Did you watch last week’s season 9 episode 6?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s show Sheriff Mills (guest star Kim Rhodes) called Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help investigating multiple murders in her small town. Discovering all four victims belonged to the same church chastity group, Sam and Dean decided to infiltrate by joining the group themselves. When Dean disappeared, Sam and Sheriff Mills realized whatever they are hunting has taken Dean too and team up to rescue him.

On tonight’s show after a massive angel slaughter occurs, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) arrive at the scene to investigate and are surprised to run into Castiel (Misha Collins). While investigating, Castiel is captured and tortured. Meanwhile, Dean questions Ezekiel’s demands and wonders if it might be time to tell Sam the truth.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of last week’s episode?

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In Caribou, Wyoming a bus travels with a church glee club. They pull up at a biker bar. The church ladies head in and surprise the bikers who all stand. They line up across from the ladies and tell them they shouldn’t be there. One of the women says they have as much right to be there as they do and she pulls a sword and so does he. There is a fight, lots of blue light and bodies flying out the windows. The ladies walk back out blood spattered and hop on the bus. They start singing “this little light of mine” as they drive off.

Dean talks to Zeke who tells him Sam is much improved and that it shouldn’t be much longer. Dean says he told him the same thing last week. Zeke says it takes time and Dean tells him to go and heal. Zeke says any investigation involving angels puts him at risk and Sam as well. Zeke says to be discreet. Dean asks if he can hear everything that he and Sam say to each other. He says he has more important things to do and then is gone and Sam pops back talking. Sam says that he just lost 50 miles of the trip. Dean says it’s the fault of Vesta’s attack and Sam says it’s more than that and that sometimes he’s just not there.

Dean blames the trials but Sam isn’t quite believing it. Dean asks his brother if he would lie. They pull up at the biker bar and flash their FBI badges. The uni tells him one of their other agents is there already. They head in and look at the array of death spread across the floor. Their “colleague” is Kas who has also decided to masquerade as an FBI agent. Dean asks why he’s there and he reminds Dean that he gave him a badge. Sam says that he shouldn’t be there because he said he wanted to avoid angel trouble. Kas says he has to help if angels are slaughtering each other.

Kas tells them they were butchered with much more violence than was required to simply kill them. They wonder if it’s one of Bartholomew’s hit squads. Kas claps them on the shoulder and says we’ll find them. Dean heads out after Kas and it looks like Zeke may be peeking out to look around…

Two cars meet behind a dark warehouse. Bartholomew’s reps meet with Malachi and his people and Malachi demands to know why Bart isn’t there. He says it’s a sign of disrespect. He says that Bart’s naked grab for power is nothing but disrespect and says they want the same thing – to take heaven back from Metatron. He says they can only do that together. Bart’s rep says he told her to tell Malachi that he doesn’t associate with street thugs. She asks if they’re done and he says they are and then he rushes and kills Bart’s three reps and says – and so it begins.

Sam, Dean and Kas have beer at a pool hall and Kas says it’s his first beer as a human. Dean asks if it’s okay that he’s doing this and Kas reminds him he told him once before that you don’t choose what you do, it chooses you. Dean says they need to figure out what’s going on and who they’re up against. Kas says obviously Bartholomew wants to reverse the spell and take back heaven and will make a move once his following is large enough. He says April told him that – the hot reaper he scored with.

Kas goes to buy them another round and then Zeke is there and tells Dean that he needs to get rid of Kas. He says he’s a beacon and that every angel for miles will be down on their heads. Dean asks what Zeke is afraid of and he says he’s not in a good position with other angels because he answered Dean’s prayer and saved Sam. Dean reminds him that Kas isn’t on good terms with any angel. Zeke says he has to get something out of the car.

Sam heads out and it’s hard to tell if it’s Sam or Zeke driving the body. Either way, Metatron is waiting in the parking lot and says he knows who he really is. Sam/Zeke looks freaked out.

Back in the bar, Kas asks Dean if Sam knows that Dean told him to leave. Dean says the trials almost killed Sam. Kas says that he told him Ezekiel healed Sam and Dean says he has to do what he has to do to save his brother and if that means keeping him at arm’s length for now, he’ll do it.

Metatron tells Sam/Zeke that he’s not there to out him. He says he’s curious why Ezekiel and he says he heard he was a good and honorable angel and he calls him Gadriel. He says that what was said about him wasn’t true. Metatron says he sent millennia locked in heaven’s dungeon. He asks why he’s hiding in a human posing as Ezekiel. He says it’s tragic. He tells him it broke God’s heart to lock him away. He reminds him that his one task was to guard the garden (of Eden I suppose).

Gadriel asks what he wants and Meta says he just wants to be friends. He tells him he freed him by causing all the angels to fall – even the imprisoned ones. He says – you’re welcome. Gadriel is shocked to learn there are no angels in heaven and Meta says his solitude in heaven is getting tedious and he wants to rebuild heaven with a select few – none stupid and none thickheaded like Bartholomew. Meta invites him to join him there in the new and improved heaven.

Back in the bunker Sam asks if Dean has heard from Kas and Dean says he’s been like that since his wings got clipped. Sam is reading the obituaries of the bikers. All of the bikers were upstanding church-going baptized born again biker gang. They agree that’s odd and see their symbol has Boyle’s name on it. Dean says the gang was all meat suits for angels. Sam says they were all Bartholomew people that got killed and they agree that whoever did it is even worse. Dean reminds him he said that all angels are dicks.

The glee club leader has a group of people in the woods and she tells them to welcome the angels into their hearts with love in the name of Malachi. Before the angels can enter them, some other comes out of the woods and kill them all. The angels are thwarted from entering the human bodies!

Metatron meets with Sam/Gadriel again and tells him that he could never adjust to living with humans. Gadriel agrees they are chaotic and Meta says they waste so much energy on emotion. Gadriel says Sam is a mess on the inside. Meta says he can free him from Sam and all of them. Gadriel asks if Meta intends to be the leader in new heaven and if so doesn’t that make him the new God. Meta says that’s semantics and he doesn’t want that name. He says they can call him X. Meta says the two of them could have paradise again.

Kas drops to his knees to pray. He says no one may be listening but that he needs assistance. He says he has questions and needs help. He prays for hours all over the room but gets no answer. He says he doesn’t know how humans do it. He tries to turn on the TV and hears a voice that says try plugging it in. He opens the door and there’s a lady Sheriff there who says that probably wasn’t the answer he was looking for.

Kas says you’re an angel and she says – I’m Muriel but didn’t pick the outfit. She recognizes Kastiel and starts to walk away. She says it can’t be known that she spoke to him and he begs her for a moment and a little information.

Kevin is still searching for information on the spell and Dean says not to trust what Crowley says. Kevin says part of it looks like Metatron was specifically trying to obscure the meaning from a prophet of the lord.

Sam comes in and Dean says there is a new angel attack. He says it was a church group that was led by a lady from the glee club that was also at the biker bar. He says everyone had their eyes burned out except for her. They realize that Bartholomew struck back. Dean tells Kevin that the clock is ticking.

Kas tells Muriel that Metatron tricked him. She asks how he knew when he prayed that he wouldn’t get a fanatic. He says he’s warded and hoped he would look desperate and normal. He tells her about Bart’s blood feud and asks who’s leading the other faction and she says Malachi. He says the anarchist. Muriel tells him they are all being forced to choose sides or be tortured. Just then someone bursts into the hotel room – one of Malachi’s guys.

Malachi comes in and tells him it’s a bonus that he got Kas as well as Muriel. Malachi says Muriel led them to him and she says not knowingly but Malachi adds – stupidly. Kas tells him he doesn’t know how Meta’s spell worked and so can’t help reverse it. Malachi mocks him for being a dupe. He says whether he was a dupe or a mastermind he knows where Metatron’s weakness lies and he says he doesn’t. Malachi orders Theo to go to work on Kas and he starts to cut his human body up.

Malachi asks him if Metatron worth his life or Muriel’s and Kas says Muriel is innocent and Malachi should leave him alone. He says he won’t touch her and nods at Theo who stabs her with an angel killing knife. Kas asks Malachi if this is what they’ve become and Malachi asks how many he killed in heaven and in the fall. Malachi names off angels that dies when they fell. He said their wings were shredded and they did in agony. Malachi says he should want to help considering the damage he’s done.

Kas doesn’t answer and Malachi leaves him in Theo’s hands – saying he doesn’t care what‘s left. The other angel tells him not to ask for mercy because there is none. He says he will give him one last chance. He stops and tells Kas that he needs to speak to Metatron and ask him to raise him to heaven. He says to tell Meta he’ll be a soldier for him. Kas says he works for Malachi and he says he thought he was the answer but says he’s crazy. He says that he won’t win against Bartholomew and want to be in heaven. Kas says he does have a working relationship with Meta and that he could use a skilled soldier like him. Theo says he’s a team player. He unlocks Kas who tells him he has something that he needs. Theo says anything and Kas cuts his throat and sucks down his grace!

Kas’s eyes glow blue and he’s back! He’s an angel again. He puts his hand on Theo and burns him down to a shell. Malachi comes back and finds dead angels everywhere. He sees Theo’s burned out shell and is horrified. He says – oh no.

Dean asks Kevin where Sam is and he says he’s gone out. Kevin asks if he’s noticed how often Sam seems to be wandering off. Before Dean can consider it, he gets a call from Kas. He tells Dean the leader of the other faction is Malachi. He says they tortured him but that he was able to get away. Dean asks how and he says he did what he had to and became what they have become – a barbarian.

Dean asks where he is and Kas says he has to stay away because the angels will be after him even more now. Kas says he got his grace back but then amends that to say he got grace back and that it will do even though it’s not his per se. He says he’ll be all right. Dean asks if he has his mojo and he says he’s not sure but at least he’s an angel which they need in case of a war. Kas tells him that Theo told him Ezekiel is dead – that he died when the angels fell!

Dean tells Kevin he needs a spell ASAP. He says that an angel can only be expelled by a host. He asks if there’s a way to power down the angel so he can speak with the vessel so the angel can’t listen in. Kevin asks why and Dean says there are a ton of possessed humans. He says if he can clue the humans in they can spit the angel out. He tells him to get to work on it yesterday.

Gadriel tells Meta he’ll join him as second in command in the new heaven. Meta tells him bravo and that it will erase the mark against him and will restore his reputation as one of heaven’s greatest heroes. Meta tells him he needs to be sure of his fidelity. Gadriel says he has it but Meta says he must neutralize their enemies and Gad asks if he wants them slain. He tells Meta that‘s not in his nature. Meta hands him a card and says here’s the first name on your to-do list. Gadriel looks freaked out and Meta tells him to decide.

Kevin tells Dean he has a spell ready. Kevin says he had to pull it from a couple of sources. As soon as Dean’s blood touches the sigil he can activate the spell. Kevin asks why they painted sigils in the store room. He asks what it’s about and Dean says he can trust him. Kevin says trusting him always ends up with him being screwed.

Dean finds Sam who told him he went on a beer run. Dean asks if they can talk and takes him to the store room. Dean activates the sigil and tells Sam that he has to talk quick. He tells him he died in the trials – he says he was dying in a coma and that he let an angel into his body to save him. Sam’s horrified to know the angel is still in him. Dean says he tricked him into inviting the angel in. Sam gets angry and Dean says he did what he had to do. Dean says the angel lied and isn’t who he said he was. He says that he doesn’t know who is in him and so he’s got to expel him now. Dean tells him to do it. Sam punches Dean and storms out.

Sam finds Kevin and walks toward him. He asks if there is something off about Dean lately Sam tells Kevin that Dean will be fine. Sam kills Kevin and pushes Dean up against the wall. He calls for his brother and Gadriel says there is no more Sam but that he played him well. He says he overheard them and altered the sigil to alter the spell. He says he’s sorry about Kevin but ultimately it’s for the best. He says he did what he had to. He sets the card Meta gave him down on Kevin’s body. Dean cries and struggles.

Sam walks out and Dean is released and falls to the floor. Sam takes his backpack and the tablets and goes. Dean stares at Kevin’s burned out eyes and calls his name. He lowers his head to cry.