Survivor: Blood vs. Water Season 27 Episode 11 “Gloves Come Off”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Season 27 Episode 11 “Gloves Come Off”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR continues with another new episode called, “Big Bad Wolf.” On tonight’s show immunity means much more than a sumptuous feast. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and if you want to catch up we have a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last week’s show an emotional loss on Redemption Island produced this season’s first jury member. Also, castaways found out if blood really was thicker than water at a tearful tribal council, and a castaway’s generous offer proves immunity meant much more than a sumptuous feast.  At the end of the show at tribal council Jeff read the votes – Laura, Katie, Laura, Laura, Laura and Laura. Ciera teared up. She hugged her mom. Laura told her she loved her and that it was okay. Jeff snuffed her torch and sent her off to Redemption Island.

On tonight’s show a castaway’s bold move could either smoke out the hidden immunity idol or extinguish their own flame. Also, one castaway is in hot water after playing both sides of the tribe, and two moms pull a less-than-maternal move at the Redemption arena.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Blood vs Water at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor?  Who are you rooting for?

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Back at Kasama, the others tells Ciera they’re sorry for voting out her mom and she says she knew it had to happen. Katie says she thinks Ciera has a plan and that her mom wasn’t a part of it. Ciera thinks that her voting for her mom should show her loyalty. Tyson agrees that she’s loyal but thinks she’s been underestimated and is so committed that she’s dangerous…

Laura arrives at Redemption but Tina was expecting Katie. Laura says she’s not sure how she feels about Ciera helping vote her out. She knows her daughter had to do it but still is upset that she was voted out. Tina, Vytas and Laura discuss that Tyson is running things and is totally flying under the radar. They don’t understand why no one has figured that out yet.

At the Redemption Duel, Jeff calls in the Survivors and then the competitors Laura, Vytas and Tina. He asks Laura about how she feels about Ciera voting her out. Ciera and Laura both tear up but Laura says she’s proud of her daughter. She says they knew it would happen at one point that one of them would have to vote the other out, she just didn’t think it would happen so soon.

The duelists have to move cubes through a long tunnel and then stack them such that there are no repeated colors on any side. The two winners will survive and the first done will get to decide who gets the clue. They start moving their blocks. They have to stick their hands through the rope tunnel to push the blocks along, but the rope is rough and can hurt your hands.

Vytas takes an early lead and Laura is close behind. Tina is lagging. Tina is one full box behind. Katie yells encouragement to her mom. Tina is in trouble and lagging. Vytas is the first to have all four blocks and Laura is close behind. They begin on their puzzle while Tina just gets her third block. Tina finally gets her fourth. Laura reviews her colors and spins and finds a mistake. She continues tweaking it. Laura thinks she has it and she does – she wins and will move on.

Tina and Vytas are now working on their’s. Laura spins hers to keep Vytas from seeing it and she coaches Tina on how to arrange her blocks. Jeff asks Vytas if he feels ganged up on by the moms. Laura has helped Tina catch up with Vytas. Tina and Vytas are both on their last block. Tina thinks she has it and Vytas says he does right after her. Tina takes the second spot. Laura knocked Vytas out! Smart move for Laura because Tina should be easier to beat in a physical challenge than Vytas.

Jeff asks Vytas if he got the recognition from his brother that he wanted. He asks how he feels to be taken out by two moms. He says the ladies didn’t want him to stay because he was strong. Vytas says going home with the shared Survivor experience will bring him closer to brother Aras. He tosses his buff in the urn, says “Namaste bitches” and heads out to be part of the jury.

Laura gives the idol clue to Ciera. Her daughter decides to burn it. She thanks her mother. Jeff sends the moms back to Redemption. Tina hugs Laura and says “thank you, thank you, thank you.” The other Survivors head back to camp!

Back at camp, the Survivors discuss how Laura took Vytas out. Tyson says he has to get past the next vote so he needs to keep everyone against Katie. He says Katie is the most dangerous because she has three jury votes – Aras, Vytas and Tina. Hayden worries that he could be blindsided if he doesn’t make a move. He goes to talk to Caleb about taking Tyson out. They worry that Tyson will have too good of a shot with the jury if he makes it to the finals.

Caleb goes to talk to Katie and tells her she can trust him 100% if she’ll vote with them against Tyson. She says that going back to her original Tadhana roots and voting against Tyson will server her best. Then the guys go to talk to Ciera. They tell her they need to vote Tyson and promise her final three. They discuss the three going to the end outsmarting the veterans.

But in secret Ciera says she doesn’t like their sketchy behavior and flip-flopping. She goes to Tyson and tells him she’ll stick with him until the end and they agree to have each other’s backs 100% and they can vote with Gervase or Monica as a solid four. They agree to blindside Caleb or Hayden. Tyson isn’t sure he can believe her but since he needs to unload either Caleb or Hayden anyway, the plan works.

Tyson goes to Gervase and tells him what Ciera says. He says Ciera told him she’d vote whoever he says all the way to the end. Gervase thinks they should go after Caleb. Gervase calls them sneaky bastards and says he and Tyson were willing to go to the final four. Gervase says the gloves need to come off!

The Survivors wake and wish each other good morning. Ciera asks Tyson to get tree mail with her. Caleb and Hayden realize Ciera won’t look either of them in the eye and know she’s broken trust. She asks Tyson if they’re still good because she felt a bad vibe. He tells her that they’re good and they swap a high five. She says she trusts Tyson and thinks she’s in a good spot for next tribal.

She reads the tree mail out loud to everyone. It’s a poem about “holding on.” Hayden wonders if Ciera gave them up to Tyson. Hayden goes to Katie and tells her his worries. She asks why Ciera is being so chummy with Tyson. Katie says that one of them will be blindsided if Ciera has gone rogue. She wants a plan B to protect her. She says if Ciera doesn’t win individual immunity, she could be in trouble!

Jeff welcomes them to today’s immunity challenge. He takes the necklace back from Monica and says it’s back up for grabs. Today they have to hold a rope handle attached to a bucket that holds 25% of their body weight. Once they lose their grip and let the bucket drop, they’ll be out. But then Jeff offers the evil food twist that always comes at this stage.

He offers barbecue for those who feel so confident that they don’t need immunity. He hands out black and white rocks. A black rock means you’re eating. Tyson, Gervase and Ciera opt to eat. Interesting – Ciera must feel pretty good about her double dealing. He tells the eaters they can eat from the start of the challenge until it’s over.

The four challengers take their grip and the other three start to eat. Caleb, Hayden, Katie and Monica are duking it out in the challenge. Katie’s bucket wiggles a little. The others talk up their food. Monica says she’s determined to show her kids that their dad isn’t the only bad ass that lives in their house. After 10 minutes, the challengers say it hurts and the eaters are slowing up on their food a little.

Hayden says if he loses he’ll be upset and Tyson asks, “at us?” Everyone’s buckets except Monica’s dropped a bit but when Jeff mentions it, they pull them back up. Ciera taunts Caleb and asks if she should drink Coke or sweet tea and he tells her to shut up. Katie loses control of her bucket, it falls and she’s out of the challenge.

Tyson and Gervase are eating like Lady and the Tramp taunting the others. Hayden and Caleb aren’t happy with them. After 20 minutes, Hayden’s bucket is almost halfway down and Monica is finally losing a little of her grip. Hayden says his skin is coming loose on his hands. Caleb’s bucket is slipping again. He’s really struggling and lets his fall. He can’t take the pain anymore.

Tyson asks Ciera if they’re good and she nods. Jeff reminds them that Monica has won the last two individual immunities and Hayden wrenches his bucket up to the top. She does as well. Hayden is really struggling and Monica is hanging tough. Hayden’s slips more. He loses his grip and Monica takes her third individual immunity. He tells the eaters to finish what’s in their mouth and then stop.

Jeff gives Monica the necklace and tells the others that one of them will be voted out that night at tribal. He sends them off back to camp!

On the way back to camp the others congratulate Monica for her third immunity win. Tyson describes how good the steak was. Hayden asks him questions to elicit more answers. I think he’s setting the three eaters up for failure by getting them to talk about how delicious it is.

Katie and Hayden decide they really can’t trust Ciera. But with Caleb that only makes three votes so they need another plan. Hayden suggests they just ask Tyson if he’s planning on blind siding one of them so they can gauge his reaction and accuse Ciera of playing both sides. They think this will get Tyson to go after her instead of one of them.

Hayden and Caleb pull Tyson into the jungle and tell him they think he’s going to blind side one of them. Tyson says Ciera told them they were after her. Tyson says it doesn’t make sense to him because he thought they had a four way plan to take it to the end. Tyson totally buys that Ciera was plotting to stick around longer. They’ve got Tyson hooked!

They all promise each other that they’re going after Ciera. Tyson also says he doesn’t trust the two guys so he says he may have to play his hidden immunity idol just in case. Hayden and Caleb go off alone and Caleb isn’t sure if Tyson is still playing them but Hayden is a little surer. During all this Ciera naps unawares. Caleb says Ciera should have picked a side and stuck with it.

Tyson finds Gervase and tells him that the guys came to him with the story about Ciera playing both of them. Gervase agrees that Ciera could be lying. Tyson says they came to him to throw votes off of them or they’re telling the truth. Gervase says you just have to go with your gut but that can send you home. He’s not sure what to do.

At Tribal Council, the Survivors come in and then the jury – Aras and Vytas. Jeff asks Hayden about the immunity challenge and says the three that decided to eat shows that there’s not harmony. He asks to see Hayden’s hands and he shows them – they’re all blistered and weepy with sores. Hayden says he is a little jealous that they felt so comfortable that they could sit out.

Jeff asks Caleb if he was surprised that Ciera set out. He says she must be comfortable and she likes to eat. Ciera says she knew she couldn’t win and would rather eat than play and lose. Tyson says he was surprised that more people didn’t sit it out and eat.

Jeff brings up trust and asks Gervase who he trusts. Gervase says he trusts his alliance and hopes he keeps their word. Hayden says they trust each other even though he’s been a little paranoid. Ciera says that hearing that Gervase and Hayden are close right before a vote makes her paranoid.

Jeff asks Tyson if he would be shocked if he got voted out and Tyson says that’s Survivor. Jeff asks Caleb if there is a blindside coming and he says there is. Jeff asks Ciera if she thinks it could be her and she says she would be surprised since she’s been 100% honest with her alliance.

They go to vote! Jeff goes to count the votes and then comes back to read them. Jeff asks for the hidden immunity idol and Tyson digs in his bag – he says he has it somewhere. He dumps a bunch of stuff out of his bag and finally turns it up and hands it to Jeff. So votes against Tyson won’t count.

Votes are: Ciera, Caleb, Ciera, Ciera, Caleb, Caleb and it’s tied. The last vote is for Caleb! Ciera’s deception paid off. Hayden looks devastated. Katie looks back at Hayden – she’s worried too. Ciera smiles satisfied. Jeff says the idol and the blindside made this a very interesting council. He sends them back to camp. Caleb says he was shocked that his name was written down but the ladies at Redemption are happy to see him. Laura isn’t surprised that her daughter pulled it off!