Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 15 “Ecce Mono” Sneak Peek Video Spoilers

Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 15 “Ecce Mono” Sneak Peek Video Spoilers

Tonight’s surprising ending may just affect the remaining season. John Kennish was seen on the floor and remained unresponsive despite Regina’s attempts. The most likely scenario is a heart attack. So where do go from there? Apparently nowhere fast because what happens to John remain up in the air for a full two weeks. Instead of a continuation of the last night story next week is actually going to explore “what ifs?”. The fight leading up to the heart attack centered around the fact John was angry Regina didn’t tell anyone about the switch 13 years ago. So congratulations fans and of course me ! We finally get to see what would have happened if everyone knew the truth sooner.

Last night John was extremely angry to find out that Bae was telling Regina what was going on in her life and not him or Kathryn. On top of that he  just found out that his boss is nothing but a sleaze who came onto his wife. To say he was stressed would be an understatement. In a moment of anger John had admitted he would have taken both girls away from Regina. Now let’s not forget Regina is an alcoholic and she had previously admitted to being on a binge when Daphne was younger. Also John today would probably ecstatic to never having to deal with Angelo. Who, if we’re honest, is probably work a secret con on the country club set. Rewind to 13 years ago and John and Kathryn would have justified taking both girls at least to themselves. Catch up on the latest episode in our recap but look to the future when you keep reading below.

Warning———————–If you’re not into spoilers, please turn away. I’m warning you for your own good. ———————-Warning

There now I’m guilt free. The on the record synopsis for next week is ” What if Regina had told the hospital about the switch when she discovered it years ago? And what if both girls had been raised in the privileged Kennish household from age three? In “Ecce Mono,” this alternate reality is revealed: Daphne has a cochlear implant, and doesn’t know American Sign Language. Having been spoiled by her parents to make up for the switch, she’s manipulative and not the best student. Bay, on the other hand, is a straight-A student, often trying to compensate for being the Kennishes’ non-biological daughter. In addition, Kathryn is a successful author of bodice-ripping novels and, while still married to State Senator John Kennish, their marriage is far from perfect.”

Oh no no no. First off under no circumstances do mess up the Kennish marriage. Do I see Kathryn trying over compensate with Daphne, yes. She creates the same problem with Daphne now. Also it isn’t even remotely shocking Toby isn’t mentioned. He’s always forgotten. But if they’re going to open the door on what ifs then that includes Toby’s gambling problem. Throughout the two seasons Toby has been through various problems of being sidelined. With Daphne and Bae both looking they wouldn’t be close to their parents in next week’s episode; then will Toby finally get the parental love/ attention he’s been craving. After trying to bury himself in gambling and then music until finally with his judgmental fiancee,Toby may just be the only one to prosper in a “what if”.

However Daphne being spoiled and Bae feeling like outcast does goes to show the Kennishes that, no, they actually couldn’t have done it better regardless of all the castles they were building before Regina returned from rehab. Both girls look unhappy. Emmett looks unhappy. Then instead of one good what if they make John and Kathryn unhappy with each other. They have been through periods. Nothing epic or TMZ but the one constant in this show is that John and Kathryn always make it through.

That’s why I figure the entire what ifs is actually an after death experience John must have had. He’s not going to die. But after being a beast, he’ll get to look at the life he thought he should have had in a whole play on “Scrooge” thing. Scrooge learned his lesson and in two weeks we’ll get to see John learn his.

You see I was right. It is going to affect the remaining season.