Teen Mom 3 Star Briana DeJesus is Peddling Photos of her Daughter on Etsy — While Supplies Last! (PHOTO)


Last night, Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus announced to her Twitter followers that she had exciting news. Her followers were quite eager and began to speculate whether or not she might be pregnant again. When the time came for the BIG reveal, needless to say her followers’ predictions were a little off. Briana DeJesus and her mother announced that they had opened a shop on the popular website Etsy.

Etsy sellers are encouraged to use the website to sell handmade goods, like candles, quilts, cookies, etc. but the DeJesus family isn’t selling any homemade crafts. They’re actually peddling calendars, keychains, and t-shirts with their family’s photographs plastered on them.

The Etsy store, titled “Team DeJesus” offers its buyers custom made key chains with Briana, her daughter Nova, and her sister and mothers’ photographs for a mere $7.00 (plus $3.00 shipping and handling). If you’re not in the market for a keychain you could always purchase a plain white t-shirt with their photo for $20.00 or a calendar with the family’s photo on it for $10.00.

Hopefully the DeJesus isn’t relying on their Etsy business to pay the bills this month. Because, despite being opened for nearly 24 hours, the family has only made one sale (a t-shirt).

Briana DeJesus isn’t the first Teen Mom to try to start her own business. Last year, Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry caught a lot of backlash when she used her Teen Mom “fame” to peddle Scentsy products (candles and air fresheners).

Image credit to Etsy

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  1. thebutcher says:

    Ewwwwww, who in their right mind would buy a shirt with their nasty faces on it? She’s nothing special, just a kid who didn’t learn to close her legs

    • Guest says:

      Wow i mean i would buy the t shirt but dayum thats a bit harsh to say somethin like that

      • thebutcher says:

        It’s the truth, all fugly and all slutty. That family needs to learn to close their legs

        • GucciNigga says:

          Maybe you should stfu & keep your mouth closed instead haten ass

          • thebutcher says:

            Nope, I’ll NEVER listen to anyone who can’t spell (YOU), That whole family is nothing but SLUTS who are nothing but the dregs of society that will be sucking of the governments tit for many years to come