Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga Officially Hate Each Other: The Claws Come Out Again!

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga Officially Hate Each Other: The Claws Come Out Again!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga are two woman that simply cannot get along. While the two frienemies seemed to be tolerating each other for a little while, New Jersey’s favorite sister in laws are bringing out the manicured acrylic claws once again. Honestly, I don’t think these two will ever just hug and get over it.

Melissa attended the birthday party for Teresa’s oldest daughter Gia on January 11. Teresa and Melissa were in a good place since December. Teresa tweeted support for Melissa’s new book and that helped mend the rift a bit. But, as usual, the peace in the family was short lived and quickly disintegrated.

InTouch is reporting that everything seemed to be going fine until Melissa was verbally attacked by Teresa’s friends. Kim D was the drunken instigator, not Teresa. Teresa’s other friends joined in the verbal assault as well. Kim has had it in for Melissa for a long time and will not let go of her anger. She admitted on camera during last season’s reunion that she set up Melissa for Stripper Gate 2012. Kim got her revenge so why keep stirring the pot?

It’s no secret Teresa expects 100% loyalty from her friends. Perhaps Kim and Teresa’s friends thought they were showing their loyalty to Teresa but were going about it all wrong. If these women love Teresa they should be helping her find peace with her family. I’m wondering now how much of this family feud was brought on by outside parties (such as this situation) and not the sisters in law themselves. At baby Joey’s christening Teresa gave Melissa and her husband Joe Gorga (Teresa’s brother) her congratulations. Joe was really mean to Teresa but Melissa’s sisters also joined in. The issues between Teresa and the Gorgas did not concern them, but they wanted it known how much they didn’t like Teresa and had their sister’s back. The result of the extra verbal assault on Teresa was a horrible brawl at what should have been a joyous occasion.

Both women continue to say they want peace in the family but then don’t follow up their words with actions. The color theme for Gia’s party was white, but Melissa wore what ever she wanted to the party.

Do these women realize they keep the feud going even when they don’t open their mouths? Perhaps subconsciously they really don’t want to make up. Couple this with the busy bodies in their lives and this war will never end. I’m wondering what Teresa and Joe’s parents are thinking about their once extremely close children now hating each other. What has been reported is that the parents are on Teresa’s side and don’t like Melissa. Regardless, wouldn’t any parent want to keep their family in tact?

For more on the Teresa Giudice/Melissa Gorga fight pick up the new issue of InTouch on newsstands now.

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5 responses to “Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga Officially Hate Each Other: The Claws Come Out Again!”

  1. Brittany says:

    Melissa is the root of the problem.Melissa and her family don’t like Teresa,and Joe Gorga is in to deep with Melissa to see it!

  2. OldNJGirl says:

    Ms Lookers mother and sisters had no problem tweeting nasty things about Teresa all through December. The Marco’s never stop with the Teresa attacks on Twitter but Teresa’s and Juicy’s family never say anything about them. Ms Lookers mom was laughing on twitter that Teresa wouldn’t even get one of the Christmas cards. How is that helping to mend the family? Until Ms Lookers and Fredo tell her sisters and mom to shut up there is no mending this family

  3. Mariska says:

    Melissa is crazy,Bryan(melissa playmate)said there is alot he can say about him and Melissa.Bryan even tweeted and said that melissa lying to us gave him a good laugh!
    Melissa even showing up with wearing red,is just another way for her to try and show up everyone.

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