The Bachelor Season 17 Episode 9 Sneak Peek & Spoiler: Romantic Thailand Adventures Await!

The Bachelor Season 17 Episode 9 Sneak Peek & Spoiler: Romantic Thailand Adventures Await!

The Bachelor is filled with a whole bunch of craziness this season, and I honestly have no idea who Sean Lowe will choose for his potential bride (though I have my guesses). On this coming episode, Sean will be taking the last three lucky ladies (AshLee, Catherine, Lindsay) to Thailand for a super-sexy-romantic private date session where the love will abound and he’ll get to know his potential brides in new and interesting ways. If you hate spoilers and previews, and find yourself repulsed by people who feel the need to spoil your TV watching, then divert your attention now.

According to ABC, Sean’s date night will be full of fun, drama, and tons of excitement:

“Sean’s Southeast Asian adventure begins with his whisking Lindsay away to an authentic Thai market – featuring all kinds of strange food, fish and bugs. The couple even share a meal of crickets, but then head to a romantic beach where they can let their feelings show. That night Thai dancers perform especially for them. But will Lindsay finally proclaim her love for the Bachelor? The fantasy suite would be the perfect opportunity for her to open up to Sean — but will she?

“AshLee’s dream date will end on a private beach encircled by a rainforest, but to get there, the couple will need to swim through a pitch-black cave. Sean knows this bachelorette has trouble letting go and waits to see how she will react to this type of adventure. However, when he offers up the fantasy suite card, the situation is even more tense. AshLee draws a moral line in the sand. How will Sean receive her declaration?”

Romantic beaches are always good, and they are also a spot where tons of things can happen. Do you think the gentle crashing of waves will release tons of emotions for Lindsay and open up to Sean? Who knows? Make sure to watch the upcoming episode of The Bachelor to find out how the rest of the dates pan out as well as who will get ahead in this ultimate game of love!

Image credit to ABC