The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock Episode 7 RECAP 7/8/13

The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock Episode 7 RECAP 7/8/13

Tonight on THE BACHELORETTE Desiree Hartsock continues her quest to find Mr. Right. The competition is getting down to the nitty gritty with only five suitors left vying to win her heart or television fame. The one-on-one dates will be make it or break it tonight. Did you catch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it for you.

Last week’s show viewers saw sparks flew between Drew and Desiree on their one on one date. Drew spills the beans about James dirty little secret of hoping the show will change his life. Kasey when spending time alone with the lovely lady also confirms the comment.  Kasey, Chris, Michael, Juan Pablo, James, Brooks have a group date with Desiree that involves the men playing soccer against her team. Did I mention her team was a women’s professional soccer team? The women take charge in the game. Later that night Chris and Desiree spent some alone time in his room, where she reveals the poem she wrote for him. Drew, Kasey, James and Mikey have it out over James comment. Zak gets the other one on date. Desiree confronts James, they both cry during the conversation and end up in each others arms. However he is still sent packing. Kasey and Juan Pablo were also give the boot leaving Chris, Michael, Drew, Zak and Brooks in the running.

On tonight’s show Desiree has a one-on-one date with Brooks that looks interesting. She will continue to write poetry with Chris. Drew and Zak will have to share the brunette beauty on their 2 on 1 date, while Micheal finally gets some alone time with her.  Drew and Desiree have a heart to heart about his real feeling for her, this revelation may surprise you. Plus a previous suitor comes back with a ring. Who will it be and who will end up with hometown dates?

Tonight’s episode is going to have people talking and you are not going to want to miss a minute. The Bachelorette airs tonight at 8PM so don’t forget to come back for our live recap then! While you wait for our recap take some time to let us know what you think of The Bachelorette and Desiree so far this season?

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The show begins with Desiree and the guys on a boat in Maderia Island in Portugal. It is very romantic island of course. Michael talks about his need for a one on one day, especially in a romantic place. Des talks about how pivotal this week is considering next week is home visits. Chris admits he is falling in love with Des and how her meeting his family would mean the world to him. There are no dates with roses this week. The only rose will be given out at the rose ceremony. The guys love their pad in Maderia and all discuss how it is built for love.

Desire has pals Catherin, yes Sean’s fiance’, Jackie and Lesley all from The Bachelor season to get their input on her final five men. Catherine of course gives update on her and Sean to kick off the girl talk. Des gives props to all the guys and shares the lowdown on each guy with her friends. It is all basically they are all great and she admits she is falling in love with more than one guy but doesn’t say his name. Soon the guys are a paraded out to the pool so each gal can get glimpse of what they look like. The girls critique each guy and in the end Des feels very good about all five guys she has left, obviously.

Later at the guys pad Brooks gets ready for his one on one with Desiree. She arrives and the two head off on their date. After they leave Chris admits he can tell Des and Brooks have a connection. Des and Brooks head on a little road trip in the beautiful island. They stop at gorgeous cliff where they cuddle and he talks about how excited he was for the day. Brooks admits he hasn’t had a lot of alone time with her and that makes him nervous, he admits that in confessional not to her. The two of them are very comfortable with each other. After leaving the cliff they go on an amazing drive up through the cloud sound of the island, which was super cool mountains and awesome valley’s. Des admits to viewers she sees life with Brooks as exciting. The two end up on a mountain with clouds around and Brooks waxing poetically about life and love and how he wants to put his life puzzle together with someone special.

He goes on to say things are easy with them. She agrees with him on all accounts and she later shares with viewers she is falling in love with him. Oh and she can see him as her husband. The cuddle in the clouds on the mountain and have some wine. They are lost in the clouds, Brook’s words. It all ends with some kisses. The both admit they had a breakthrough in their relationship because they are viewing where it is going the same way. It was pretty freaking romantic and leads you believe he is the front-runner.

That night the guys receive a date that is for Chris with a note that says “Let’s sea if we can find love”. He is obviously thrilled it is a one on one not a two on one. He talks about how what he had Des have is a connection that is unique and their date will validate that more.

Des and Brooks date continues with them walking through the city to a romantic dinner. She makes a toast to what she calls one of the best dates she has ever had. They cheers he says to new experiences and always reconnecting. Brooks talks about his family in a way to see if the two are on the same page. He admits his family gets very invested in his relationships. Brooks gets emotional as he discusses how close he is with his family and how his wife will be absorbed into the family. He asks where they are at she says on a run to the finish line, which is love. After their conversation he feels more comfortable but admits in confessional he might be a little bit behind her emotionally. He still has questions especially about introducing her to his family, who he guards. In the end he tells her that he does want her to meet his family. Cue the fireworks, which literally go off after the moment, nice editing ABC. Des basks in the glow of the day in confessional and admits she is looking forward to meeting his family. She even says she sees him as the one, guess he is getting a rose.

The next day Desiree picks up Chris for their special day. Chris shares in confessional that he wants to take her home very badly to meet his family and those close to him. The two leave and head to a boat, well Yacht is more like it. They are headed out to sea just the two of them on a gorgeous boat. He holds her at the tip of the boat in a very Titanic-esque style as they make their way to a private island. Des waxes in confessional about Chris, his looks and how fun it is to be affectionate with him. The two do a lot of kissing which confirms more their physical attraction.

Back at the guys pad another date card arrives are Micheal talks about how he needs the one on one time again. He is clearly pleased when his name is read and hopes this will bring him closer to Des. That means that Drew and Zak will be going on a two on one with a twist. There is a rose but if you don’t get it you don’t necessarily go home. If you get it then you are headed to a hometown date.

Desiree and Chris walk around their private island, which is beautiful. The hold hands and chat as she asks him if he is the same Chris with her as his friends. He says yes minus the kissing and hand holding. He turns the question back on her. She says she used to be reserved and her friends still think of her like that but also independent and free spirit. They talk about how independent she is but also how she wants to now be so independent and wants someone in her life. Chris talks to viewers about what a perfect moment the two are sharing. He pulls out a piece of paper so they can write a poem and put in as a message in a bottle. The poem goes

“Experiences we share together, keep the memories close to heart. So that with time our love never parts. No matter the distance or hours away each know that I am out there somewhere thinking of you. Just as the waves crash into the shore, I long for the day that I will be with you forever more.”

They throw the bottle over the cliff as they do that Chris confess to viewers he was a skeptic going in but that he does love her. He is hoping that going into their date night he can tell her that. Later that night the two also walk through the city to a very romantic dinner at a winery. Chris shares with viewers he is going to tell Des he loves her and how much saying that means to him. Des toasts to Chris about how supportive and wonderful he is and their wonderful date. After the toast they talk about size of family they want. She wants three to four he wants four. He says she would meet his whole family if he is chosen. HE admits it weights on his mind what his family thinks but that he thinks they will like her. She reveals the only guy her family has met is her high-school boyfriend. Chris gets nervous as he tries to tell her he loves her, he gets very sweaty. Finally the moment comes and he shares a poem he wrote for her that recaps their journey and his feelings. At the end he tells her that he loves her. She melts and they kiss. Des shares with viewers how blown away she was by his words but that it was perfect.It made her know she is falling for him too. She admits to Chris that he melted her heart.

The next day Michael finally gets his one on one as they explore the town. Des shares with viewers she would love him in her life because of all his great qualities like loyalty and trust worthy. He for his part confesses it is a dream come true. The two literally explore all of the town trying food, jewelry and each other. They end up and a beautiful lake with a great waterfall to have a chat. Micheal admits he knows he is suppose to be there and that he was meant to go on the journey. He opens up about how it has been awhile since he has these feelings for anyone. They kiss a little but she doesn’t seem as into him as her other two dates. Two go on a tobbogan ride down a steep hill through the city. They have a blast. Michael waxes in confessional about love being a wild ride and how he trusts her with his heart.

Des and Micheal’s date heads into the night with a romantic dinner where she share in confessional she hasn’t seen him be vulnerable. At the time he says in confessional he is going to open up to her that night. He expresses how he feels to her making her feel better. The talk turns to the home town dates. Micheal talks of his family, especially his mother who was a single mother, who he says would love Des. They end up in deep discussion about his biological father who was not there for him. His positive out look lets her know that being a father and husband are important to her.

The guys at the house get the date two on one date card, Zak and Drew as we know. The note reveals there will be some sort of competition. Each guys wants the rose so they can by pass the rose ceremony and move on to the hometown dates.

As Micheal and Desiree continue their date he opens up about his last relationship. He shares she had been with another guy, cheated on him. He was broken and admits it was difficult to handle. He wonder if he would be able to love again. When she asks how long it took to get over he says a year but in positive outlook he feels blessed cause he met Des who he has feelings for. His openness showed her how sincere he was about her. She does not say though that she has feelings for him or expresses how she feels. The two watch a band and kiss.

The two on one date begins with both guys vying for the rose that will make a serious statement about how she feels. Both guys talk about how fun it is going to be and seem to have a good attitude going it, after all they have been waiting a week to go on a date with her. Both want to take her home to meet their families. Zak admits in confessional he is 100% in love with Des. The guys leave and find themselves at a go cart track. Desiree is all about having fun before they get down to serious talk. Drew she wants to loosen up and Zak she wants to not shy away of fighting for her attention. They all have a blast and Des steps it up when she has the guys race against each other for a little surprise. It is a close race but in the end but Zak manages to get the lead and never looks back for Drew he just goes for it. Zak wins, Drew loses and is not happy but handles it with class. Once the race is done they head to a little picnic in the infield of the go-cart track.

While they are sitting in the infield the threesome seems very relaxed. Since Zak was the winner he gets to go away fro a little alone time with Des first. The two head off to spot of their own with a great view. Zak decides to recap their journey too but with paintings instead of a poem. He begins with the first night getting out of the limo to all their dates and time together. She is very pleased and he is very happy with her. He however refrains from saying that he loves her because of his respect for Drew. They head back to the infield and she drops off Zak and picks up Drew. They walk off to a different alone space and Drew doesn’t waste any time putting it all on the line. He says his family will fall in love with her. Drew admits he doesn’t let everyone in and that he does let go after awhile, once he is comfortable. He goes on to talk about being afraid of being hurt and letting someone in when it is right. Subject goes back to meeting his family and his desire for her to do that, especially his sister who is mentally handicapped. He get emotional as he talks about her and asks Des to come with him to pick up his sister. Drew reveals he has never had feelings like this before and says he has falling in love with her. They kiss and kiss and kiss.

After both Zak and Drew each have some alone time with Desiree the time comes for her to give out her rose. She tells them she knows they are both ready for her to meet their respective families. Then she thanks Drew for opening up and Zak for sharing her artistic passion. In the end though she gives the rose to Drew after saying she is confident that she wants to meet his family. He accepts as Zak is very disappointed and shocked that he was not given the rose.

The rose ceremony is held the same night as Zak and Drew’s date. The guys house is very panicked as they all pack. Nerves and tensions are on high alert. The guys all do their confessional plea about how they are falling in love with her. Before she guys come in for the ceremony Chris Harrison and Des have a little chat. She reveals the relationships are formed and growing but that it is five is hard. It is a burden she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Chris changes the topic to her traveling through Europe as she talks about the hometown dates. When asked if Drew is husband material for her she says she is finding out. When he says the name Brooks, she smiles, blushes and then says she can be herself with him. He gets her and she thinks she has hit the finish line of love with him. Things get emotional as Chris talks to her about how it is hard for her to say she is in love. It goes back to Brooks who has not said he loved her but she relates to him because she was in the same situation with Sean. That does not mean that the show is over she is still keeping and open heart to all the guys, especially Chris who she is also falling in love with.

Des takes some time to be alone with her thoughts and the pictures of the guys. Chris H. prepares the five for he Rose ceremony. Zak, Brooks, Michael and Chris listen patiently as Desiree gives a speech about their time together and each relationship growing, blah blah get on with it. After your typical long and drawn out Rose ceremony Michael is left without a Rose, who didn’t see that coming. That means that Des will meet the families of Zak, Brooks, Chris and Drew next week. Des walks Michael as she tries to describe why she didn’t choose him. She says the relationship was just growing different. He admits he is heartbroken. She admits she has feelings for him but that the two of them are more friends. Basically she didn’t see herself with him. He wishes her nothing but the best after kind of laying on a little guilt trip, chalk it up to hurt feelings. In the end he gets in he SUV and calls his mom to tell her that he got sent home. It is clear he is not OK and you feel bad for the guy. He gets a little pep talk from home.

What do you think of the final four guys? Did she make the right choice sending Michael home?