The Blacklist Recap 11/11/13: Season 1 Episode 8 “General Ludd”

The Blacklist Recap 11/11/13: Season 1 Episode 8 “General Ludd”

Tonight on NBC their new criminal drama, THE BLACKLIST starring James Spader continues with a new episode called, “General Ludd.” On tonight’s show Tom (Ryan Eggold) supports Liz when a family member falls ill.  Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On last week’s episode after a chemical attack on a subway, Liz (Megan Boone) and the FBI searched for the man responsible. Liz reluctantly called on Red (James Spader) for his help after she found her search for the next person on the blacklist, brilliant scientist Frederick Barnes (guest star Robert Sean Leonard), heading to a dead end. Meanwhile, Liz wanted nothing to do with Red after he implicated Tom (Ryan Eggold). Diego Klattenhoff, Parminder Nagra, Harry Lennix also star.

On tonight’s show Liz (Megan Boone) uncovers an elaborate plot to destroy the country’s financial system when a new name on the Blacklist is revealed by Red (James Spader). Meanwhile Tom (Ryan Eggold) supports Liz when a family member falls ill. Diego Klattenhoff, Parminder Nagra and Harry Lennix also star.

Tonight’s episode of The Blacklist is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So pop some popcorn, grab a snuggle buddy, and definitely tune into this hot new series! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you are excited about this new series.

RECAP: It begins with Harold playing catch with his son, they hear a loud boom in the distance which was probably the house Red blew up last episode; never mind with plane debris falling from the sky, we find out it’s in fact a plane that blew up. Several parts are falling, Harold runs in and saves his son from being crushed. It cuts to a man in a mask, who says a wave of death and destruction is coming, his face is hidden; and his voice is tampered with so we can’t hear him. Liz walks into the washroom to talk to her husband Tom, turns out she gets into the shower with Tom, damn lucky guy. It then shows a man watching Tom and Liz in the shower together from a monitor, there are several cameras in the room with this individual. Liz and Tom are eating breakfast, Liz gets a call from her dad who’s now in the hospital; Liz says she wants to go and see him, but he’s a trooper and says that it’s nothing serious; that he’s just being tested. Liz tells her to call if it gets serious, he says okay; but you can tell that he was lying its probably something bad. Harold is talking to Red about having his help with this case, though Red wants to make a deal with it that he gets something in return. Red knows that the cargo plane that blew up was the beginning of a movement that’s going to only get bigger, it cuts to Malik, Ressler, Liz and Harold talking about this terrorist group; Red can identify the leader of this group, they even have an image of him to work with. Ressler is out at the scene of where the cargo plane’s debris landed, he talks to a police officer there about the witnesses who saw what happened. It then cuts to a man with curly hair and a pretty Asian women looking very nervous dealing with a laptop. Ressler walks in and shows security footage of the man they’re looking for Kurt Dennin, though it seems a man named Rodger is also the same guy; turns out that this guy isn’t Nathaniel Wolf. It then cuts to the man who’s behind this whole movement and it shows both curly hair and pretty Asian woman showing him the laptop that they were working on before. It seems that Nathaniel has got something big planned, he tells them that it’s been an honor.

Liz leaves a message to her father about the tests he’s going through, she wants him to call her. Ressler appears and tells Liz it’s time to roll, they enter someone’s home looking around for clues or something that’ll give them a lead with the investigation; while Liz was looking around she found a bag that fell from the top of the closet. In the bag they find lots of evidence about Wolf, turns out his father had quite a drinking problem and ended up killing himself later on. Red is talking to Mary and another women, he says that she would absolutely love it in Malaysia; Liz appears into the room which is filled with tons of money, Liz is surprised with seeing a suburban house wife counting his money. Red wants to know what she came to him for, she tells him about finding the finger prints of Nathaniel Wolf. Red mentions Liz’s fathers cancer coming back,then  Red tells her that Abraham Malts is the best for changing a face for Wolf  and would have been able to pull off the surgery. Red tells Liz that he needs to talk to Dr. Malts quick, he’s got a lot of things to do. Red walks in with Liz and greets Abraham casually, Abraham compliments Red on how he’s looking. Liz wants Abraham to tell her the new name that Wolf is using now, he tells her that Wolf is currently going around the name of Bradley Holland; Red is surprised how easy it was for Abraham to break down and tell her, Red isn’t pleased with this and walks out mentioning how he’ll find another doctor. Liz gets back to HQ and tell Ressler and Malik about Wolf’s new name, bearded awesome man who works there tells them that he’s found Bradley Holland.

Wolf enters the airport dressed up in a uniform as a pilot, he goes to a woman who works there and introduces himself as Bradley and then sits down, when he’s seated he opens his laptop and starts getting to work. The women he spoke to e bit before appears and tells him that a seat opened in first class, he says it’s his lucky day and puts the laptop away. Malik calls the airport and tells them that there’s a big problem, a man sits down in front of Wolf and talks about the cargo plane explosion how ironic. The old man says that the movement group is a bunch of losers, Wolf didn’t seem to pleased about that. Wolf gets up from his seat and asks Sophie the woman who he talked to before to put his bag into the plane for him because he forgot his log book somewhere, Wolf is planning to blow up another plane with his laptop being the bomb. Tom calls Liz and tells her that the cancer has spread to her father’s liver, that she needs to go and see him quick; Liz doesn’t look good after hearing the news, Ressler asks her if she’s alright but she doesn’t answer and they continue with going to the airport. They arrive and Ressler and Liz tells everyone that they need to get people out and that a bomb squad is on stand by, but too late the plane exploded with out even getting in the air. Red pays a visit to Sam, Liz’s dad; he mentions that it’s been far too long.

Liz tells Harold that she’s having a family emergency and that she wants to go see her father, but it turns out that she can’t go because of Wolfe and his movement; it’s caused planes to become something dangerous due to the group wanting to bring down planes. Bearded awesome man, find Bradley Holland once again and has Liz and Ressler on the run to go catch Wolf. Red is talking to Sam in his bed about the old times, Red holds Sam’s hand and tells him that he looks like hell; Red tells Sam that he’s finally got to see her who I assume is Liz. Red goes on talking about her and how she is, that she’s stronger than she thinks she is. Red tells Sam that he gave Liz and incredible gift, for taking her in and loving her as his own. Sam says that he’s got six more weeks to live and he wishes that they said six hours, because he doesn’t want to live in pain. Sam says that he needs to tell Liz, though Red says that he can’t let Sam do that; Sam believes that Liz deserves the truth. It cuts to Liz and Ressler finding Wolf’s hideout where he created all his aliases. Malik mentions that his plan was all on one identity that involved him being a truck driver. It cuts to a man who’s getting into a truck, next to him is Wolf who starts the truck up and drives off. Liz and Ressler are driving after him, during it Liz receives a call from Sam. Sam says that he’s sorry for bringing her into the party late, the cancer came back to him three months ago; he mentions how he should of been honest, but he couldn’t because he wanted to protect her. Liz says that he’s going to be alright, Sam reassures her by saying of course he will. They hangup and it leaves Liz a little upset. Red sits down on the side of the bed and looks at Sam and tells him that he’ll always be her father. Red only hopes that he can love her and protect her the same way Sam has, Red grabs a pillow and suffocates Sam with it; which ends up killing him. During the suffocation, Red is crying at the same time, he gets up and looks at Sam, puts his head onto the pillow properly and strokes his hair a bit, kisses his forehead and stays there for a while. Red then leaves.

Tom arrives into the hospital saying that he’s here to see Sam, the nurse says she’s so sorry and Tom’s face shows that he knows what she means by that response. Harold tells Liz and Ressler to go into a tunnel, Red calls Liz and tells her that he was thinking about her and asks if she wants him to do anything for her. Liz says that she can’t talk right now and hangs up, Red walks up to Tom and asks if he can sit with him. Tom asks if Red is visiting someone, Red says a friend who died today and asks Tom the same; Tom says that he came to meet someone’s father, but he didn’t make it in time. Red says it’s hard to not say goodbye, though with so many people it only gets easier. Tom says that he doesn’t know what to say to his wife, because he took her in when she was four and raised her as his own. Red says that it’ll take sometime, but that she’ll be fine because her father will always be there in the shadows to keep her safe. Tom smiles a bit and says that he hopes Red is right, Red mentions that he knows he’s right and then walks away; Sam watches Red walk away. Ressler and Liz are getting closer to Wolf, it cuts to Wolf driving and being cut off by the police in front of him; no worries for Wolf though he backs up and starts working on a bomb I believe in the back, his movement followers all have masks on protesting and shooting at Ressler and Liz. Then the money in the middle of the protesters explode, among the protesters Wolf is there hooded and masked to hide his identity and make the perfect get away.

Liz believes that they were after the truck for a reason, Ressler says that in the safe within the truck contained some software he needed; Liz calls Red and asks her if he can fly, he says yes and then says. Liz asks Red where he wold go if he was escaping by plane, Red says to Liz to not worry he’ll deal with it. Wolf arrives at a plane, there with him is Red and Dembe. Red talks about how he smuggled things by plane once, Dembe pulls a gun to Wolfe; Red does understand what Wolf’s doing, though he knows that Wolf gave the feds a fake. Red decides to rob Wolf instead of turning him in, Red doesn’t care about what happens to Wolf when he gets on the plane; though that the real way to go out is to burn the plane not fly it. Before Wolf was about to leave he gets arrested by Liz and Ressler. Ressler tells Liz to leave to see his father, Wolf asks if the job is worth doing. Liz gets a call, which is probably Tom giving her the bad news; it cuts to Sam’s funeral everyone there is upset; Liz is crying and holding Tom’s hand. Liz gets up and places a bouquet of flowers on Sam’s coffin, Tom gets up to put his hand on her back and to comfort her; he then embraces her as she cries. Liz then hugs everyone at the funeral, she then walks away with Tom. Red is in an office, he pulls out an envelope and begins entering a code into the ViCAP, it then shows a head shot of a woman. It cuts to Red reading a book, while the two women sort his money; Liz appears and they go out to talk. Liz found out that Wolf swapped the original drive with a counterfeit, Red then says sorry that he’s sorry for her father and asks how was the funeral. Red then says the best way to honor the memories of her father is to talk about him, Liz tells Red stories of her father while they’re sitting on swings.