The Originals Season 1 Episode 8 Review – Spoiler Episode 9 “Reigning Pain in New Orleans”

The Originals Season 1 Episode 8 Review - Spoiler Episode 9 “Reigning Pain in New Orlean

On episode 8 of THE ORIGINALS called, “The River in Reverse” Rebekah is in the Church confessional. Rebekah is confessing to Father Kieran who is a little more than unwilling to listen. He even ask her is she is Catholic. Rebekah tells him she has been on earth for a thousand years and she can’t say for certain that she believes in anything like a God. Rebekah tells him she needs absolution from someone, anyone and will he hear her confession or not. Father Kieran stays quiet. Rebekah tells him she is a liar and a betrayer and she has sinned against her own family and that she doubts that his God can save her.

24 hours before Rebekah’s confession is where the story begins. Her and Klaus are having breakfast, well she is, he is biting into a girls wrist and then filling a glass with her blood. Klaus is talking to Rebekah about how angry he is at Marcel and he inquires to whether or not Rebekah has seen him. Rebekah tells him no but assures him if she does she will be sure to tell Marcel that Klaus is still sore at him. Klaus seems to think that Rebekah is more concerned with the fact that he bit Elijah and he is now ill somewhere in the bayou. Rebekah tells him that actually she is enjoying her breakfast while waiting for Elijah’s healthy return. Klaus wants to know why Rebekah isn’t being truthful. Rebekah tells him it’s because she doesn’t want to get bit by him for voicing her opinion. Klaus says he would never bite her. He probably wouldn’t but a dagger through the heart on the other hand……. And just like that Klaus agrees with me 100%. Rebekah informs Klaus he is eight kinds of crazy and walks out.

Elijah is on a bed looking pretty miserable. Haley gives him a drink which he promptly throws up. Haley is reading a bible that has her family tree in it. Outside the cabin a blonde woman is watching.

Marcel is in his little bar and he has Tyler with him. Tyler is apparently going to give all of Marcel’s creatures the 411 on Klaus. Marcel gives them the option to leave and those who don’t have clearly signed up for battle. None of them leave. Marcel nods his head in pleasure.

Tyler is explaining Klaus’s hybrid theory……sorry couldn’t resist. Klaus broke a curse that makes him capable of keeping his ware wolf side under control while taking advantage of his vampire side. Tyler tells them all how Haley is pregnant with Klaus’s baby and sadly for them it carries the werewolf gene. Tyler goes on and on about how Klaus figured out how to turn ware wolves into vampires and he is one of them. Before he can spill the big secrets Rebekah comes in. Tyler is on the edge of his seat literally. Rebekah tells Tyler she knows her brother is a crap individual and doesn’t need to breed any offspring. Marcel tells them Rebekah is here to help them. Rebekah agrees and says but first and zooms over to Tyler and snaps his neck. Rebekah sits down and tells them that is enough talk about harming the baby that it’s Klaus they need to end.

Klaus is pacing and drinking. Cammi is toying what he is saying. Cammi tells him he needs a laptop. Cammi tells him he is the architect of his own unhappiness. Cammi tells him he is to scared to trust. Klaus tells her he isn’t afraid of anything.

Marcel carries Tyler down into the crypt. Marcel wants to know where he should put him. Rebekah says anywhere is good. She tells Marcel they will need to keep Klaus away from the others since he has away with words and can talk his way out of anything. Marcel tells her he has a place for him in the back where he plans on keeping him for the next 52 years. Rebekah questions the 52. Marcel explains it’s for the 52 years he had her daggered for. Rebekah corrects Marcel and says you mean the 52 years you let him have me daggered. Marcel promises he is going to spend every year of it apologizing to her. Rebekah tells him she isn’t going to let Klaus to her niece into a hybrid baby making machine. Rebekah tells him Davina should tip the scales in their favor. Marcel says they can’t use Davina because she can’t control her own powers. Rebekah tells him that leaves his best warriors. Marcel ask her if she is having second thoughts. Rebekah tells him no that she is having feelings of regret for. It burying him 100 years ago. Marcel kisses her on top of her head and then on the lips.

Haley is out by the water when Elijah states having convulsions and a glimpse at the past. Elijah calls her Celeste. Elijah snaps out of it for a second and apologizes for calling Haley Celeste. Elijah gets up to leave but Haley tells him she will take care of him. Elijah notices the blonde woman standing outside watching them. Haley flu spit the front door and the woman takes off.

Klaus is walking in the pier. Klaus finds Joshua and tells him he needs him to do something. Joshua meets with Marcel and tells him that Klaus wants him to find a dagger for him. Joshua thinks it’s a test. Joshua wants to know what he is supposed to do. Marcel tells him to tell Klaus he searched high and low but can’t find the dagger. Marcel also tells him to tell Klaus that Marcel is carrying the dagger and if he wants it he will have to get it. Which won’t be easy because Marcel is now apparently paranoid and has beefed up his posse.

Joshua tells Klaus just that and adds the bonus fake info that he heard Diego arguing with Marcel about closing the club for a private date. Klaus takes the bait. Klaus tells Joshua if he is telling the truth there is a daylight ring in his future and that if he isn’t he can expect to be tortured for eternity wishing for death. Klaus leaves. Joshua says “Adios Klaus.”

Klaus is in he Church with Father Kieran. He wants to know what Klaus wants. Klaus wants to talk about Cammi. Klaus tells him they she is going to be killed if she doesn’t stop digging. Klaus tells him Cammi needs to leave and it needs to be by her choice. Klaus tells him he cares about her well being. Klaus wants Father Kieran to convince her to go or Klaus will compel her.

Back in the swamp shack Elijah is looking just as bas as the last time we saw him. Haley is wetting a rag with some cold water. Elijah has a full on flashback of time he spent with Celeste. Celeste is in a tub and he walks in. Celeste tells him his brother is up to no good and he is challenging the other men to duels. Elijah tells her he is tired of sacrificing his happiness just to keep Klaus in check. He ask Celeste if she can put a spell on him. Celeste tells him Klaus only listens to him. Elijah kisses her. Elijah snaps back in to the here and now he tells Haley to please leave, he is having torturous memories. Haley tells him she doesn’t care if he is having weird retro sex dreams that she is staying. Elijah ask her about the woman. Haley thinks she is the one that left her the bible. Elijah tells her to go and find her. Haley tells him no and that she is staying for like the millionth time.

Back in the courtyard Klaus meets up with Marcel. Klaus wants his dagger back. Marcel tells him he is sorry and that he can’t do that. Rebekah shows up and she tells him he never apologizes. Marcel whistles and a bunch of vampires come out. Klaus makes a crack about how he has been bad and is being punished by his own sibling and that it is positively biblical. He mocks Marcel. Marcel whistles and more vampires come out. Klaus looks around and says oh and nods.

Elijah is back in time again and we see Klaus dueling. He shoots the guy and kills him. Elijah tries to put a stop to it but Klaus is of course unfazed and tells Elijah that all the witches are being rounded up to be burned. Elijah jumps up with a scream. Haley tries to touch him and he smacks her hand away. Elijah is clearly still in the past and thinks Haley is Klaus. Elijah grabs her and starts choking her. The woman from outside stakes him and he goes down. Haley says hello to you to.

Meanwhile over in the courtyard Klaus is being his usual arrogant self and tells Marcel they need to end the charade. Klaus makes sure the vampires surrounding him not that he is a Original as well as a hybrid and cannot be killed. Klaus tires to convince one of them to let him go. Klaus puts a coin on the ground and says whoever picks up the coin gets to live. Marcel gives them the opportunity to pick it up. Nobody does. Marcel tells them to take him. The games begin the pit his hand a in chain and begin to beat him and stab him. Just when they think they have won Rebekah sees the anger rise in Klaus and she panics. Marcel drops the dagger. Klaus starts killing vampires left and right. Klaus calls Marcel out. Rebekah stops him and tells him to take the coin otherwise Klaus will kill everyone including Marcel. Marcel picks up the coin and pledges allegiance to Klaus he gives him his kingdom. Klaus gives Marcel a bloody smile.

Cammi is trying to get the graffiti off of her brothers headstone. Father Kieran walks up to her. Cammi tells him she thinks she is losing it to. He gives her a hug. He tells her that she should probably leave town for awhile. Cammi tells him she can’t. He tells her to please go.

Haley is outside talking to the blonde woman. She tells Haley her name is eve and she is watching her because she brought a Original to werewolf country. Eve tells her Marcel killed most of her family. The ones he didn’t he had a witch curse so that they can only take human form on nights with a full moon. Elijah comes out with the stake in his hand. Haley tells him she has got it under control, she ask him how he is. Elijah tells her the bite is gone and the fever is broken but for some reason he has a sharp lingering pain in his back. Haley tells eve she needs to get Elijah home, but that she will be back she needs to know more. Eve tells Haley to keep her birthmark covered. Elijah ask her what happened. Haley tells him she just met part of her family.

Some of Marcel’s guys are covering the dead in sheets while Marcel looks on. They start pouring alcohol on them. Klaus comes out. Marcel tells him if he is going to kill him to get it over with. Klaus pretty much just wants the house back. Marcel tells him that’s fine with him. Marcel tells him he will never have their loyalty and to enjoy his kingdom. Marcel walks away. Diego lights one body and they all start to burn. Klaus watches.

Elijah and Haley pull up in front of their house. Haley wants to know what happened to Celeste. Elijah touches her head and she sees Celeste in a tub of water dead. Elijah picks her up and cries. Elijah lets out a scream. Elijah blames himself because he fell in love with her and let Klaus have free reign. Haley doesn’t understand why he wants to fix his family. Elijah tells her he needs to find Klaus salvation for everyone including Haley’s baby. Haley touches his fingers and he tells her not to because she will see. Before she pulls away he puts his hand over hers. Elijah gets out of the car.

Klaus is playing with the dagger. Rebekah tells him Elijah is home and she wants to know which one he is going to punish. Klaus starts a game of eeny meeny miny mo.
Klaus grabs Rebekah and screams about how she betrayed him by teaming up with Marcel. Elijah walks in and warns him not to do it. Klaus screams at Elijah for stealing Haley away from him with every moment of tenderness he shows her. It’s not Elijah’s fault he is better at expressing love. Elijah tells him it has nothing to do with Haley. Klaus seems to think it has everything to do with her. Klaus is angry that Haley adores Elijah. He thinks his baby will call Elijah father. Rebekah thinks this is about Klaus thinking they will abandon him. Rebekah tells him that he drives them away. Klaus tells them all he has done lately is cooperate with them. Klaus is crying. He tells them hey chose to stand against him. Klaus hands the dagger to Elijah and walks out.

Klaus tells Haley she is coming with him. She does t want to go. But she does.

Cammi tells Father Kieran she figures out the slip of paper. She was sending herself a message. Cammi shows him a photo with Marcel and Klaus in it and tells him she knows both of them.

The End!

If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “Reigning Pain in New Orleans” check out the preview of episode 9 below!

NEW ALLIANCES ARE FORMED — Marcel, deeply conflicted by recent events, is surprised when Klaus opens up to him about some of his past indiscretions. Cami tries to make sense of cryptic messages she’s come across and is disturbed when she gains some insight into Klaus’ past. Meanwhile, in a surprising turn of events, the human faction takes matters into their own hands, resulting in a violent confrontation. Elsewhere, when Hayley learns of a plan to harm the werewolves in the bayou, she turns to Elijah and Rebekah for help. After heading to the bayou, they run into a werewolf named Eve, who has information that leads them to a shocking discovery.