The Real Housewives of New Jersey RECAP 10/20/13: Season 5 Episode 22 “Tell All Part 2”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey RECAP 10/20/13: Season 5 Episode 22 “Tell All Part 2”

Tonight on BRAVO our favorite Housewife show THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY returns with their season finale called, “Tell All Part 2.”  On tonight’s show from extravagant events to several bizarre antics, you don’t want to miss the lost footage from this past season. To get caught up for tonight’s crazy episode if you missed last’s week, you can read our full and detailed recap, right here.

On last week’s show on an emotionally charged Reunion Part 2, Teresa and Joe opened up about the indictment charges they are faced with; Rosie candidly shared her experience on the show, and the rest of the ladies discussed their overall sentiments on this season.

On tonight’s show Bravo Media serves up never-before-seen footage of everyone’s favorite Garden State ladies in a two-part “The Real Housewives of New Jersey Tell All.” From extravagant events to several bizarre antics, you don’t want to miss the lost footage from this past season.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with more crazy Housewife drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey! Also we have a sneak peek video of tonight’s season 5 reunion below!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Part two of Real Housewives of New Jersey Tell All is just as boring as part one. I’m not sure if the producers lacked interesting footage or if they made poor choices when putting together the show.

One of the topics is the children of the cast members. In the season 5 reunion footage Andy Cohen asks Teresa Giudice which of her girls is most like her. The cast all chime in the answer is Milania. Teresa’s cousin Kathy Wakilie says when Teresa was growing up she had a lot of energy and changed clothes twice a day. Milania is also a doppleganger of her mother. There is cute footage of the girls helping dad Juicy Joe put up the Christmas decorations. Gia, being 12 years old, is entering puberty. We revisit Tre taking her oldest daughter shopping for her first bra. There is also a montage of clips showing Gia complain about her mother ruining her life.

The show also focuses on Caroline Manzo’s grown boys Albie and Christopher. The guys are losing their roommate Greg Bennett and Albie is freaking out about covering Greg’s part of the rent. He suggests to his brother they move home for a few months and find another place they can afford together. Christopher says no way. Hearing this was music to my ears. Caroline and her husband already do too much for their kids. It’s nice to hear one of them wants to take care of himself. The Manzo boys interview prospective roommates at the construction site for their new restaurant, Little Town New Jersey.

Another topic is plastic surgery. Lauren Manzo had lap band surgery to lose weight. She is now dealing with the after affects to her body. Lauren wants to have her bubbies (that’s breasts in New Jersey) lifted and reduced in size. Her boyfriend Vito and her mom don’t want her to have the plastic surgery. Lauren goes ahead with the surgery and seems to be happy with her decision. At the one year anniversary party for her business Cafface Beauty Bar she shows her new breasts to Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita.

There is also footage from the season 5 reunion regarding the cast and plastic surgery. A viewer question asks Melissa to fess up to a nose job. She is asked a lot about her nose.

Of course the J-Lo wanna be sticks to her story that she contours her nose’s appearance with make up. Another viewer asks Jacqueline why she is addicted to plastic surgery. She says she hasn’t had that many procedures.

Of course there is footage of Teresa and her family while they are still fighting. The cast attend a party to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims. Teresa is talking with her friends. She tells he women she only wants to surround herself with positive people. Kathy decides she wants to reach out to Teresa. She asks her cousin about her dad. He was recently hospitalized. Tre is cold to Kathy because she called her dad a coward at the season 4 reunion. Kathy said she apologized and wanted her uncle to know she was thinking of him

Also, there is footage from Kim DePaola’s launch party for her jewelry line. She makes ornate cuffs. The event occurred after Teresa blew up at her brother Poison Joe Gorga in the gym. Teresa is sitting with some friends and Kim’s assistant Maria. Maria leaves when she sees Joe coming over to talk to Teresa. She over hears Joe yelling at his sister as she gets up and it upsets her. Joe explains to Tre she is the reason there is discord in the family. When she’s had enough Teresa gets up to leave. She wishes her brother well and retrieves her coat. Kim and Maria chase after Tre because they don’t want her to leave the party. Mel sighs in frustration because the talk with her sister in law did not go well. Maria comes back and says to Joe he needs to make up with his sister. She is very upset because she feels Teresa’s brother treats her friend poorly. Caroline Manzo says to the rest of the cast she wants to leave. She is afraid there is going to be a big fight with Maria. Everyone is attacking Maria, asking her who she is and why this issue concerns her.

Season 5 is now officially behind us. I’m looking forward to the next season. With the exit of Caroline and Jacqueline, plus the addition of three new housewives, the show should be exciting again!

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