The Real Housewives of New Jersey Embark on a Journey of Spiritual Healing, Zen, and Epic Drama!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Embark on a Journey of Spiritual Healing and Zen!

The August 25th episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey season 5 episode 13 is titled “Spaghetti Western and Meatballs.” The focus of this week’s episode is the Arizona spa trip. Poison Joe Gorga plans the trip for his wife Melissa’s birthday. He invites Caroline and Albert Manzo, Chris and Jacqueline Laurita, Rich and Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri to join the trip. Poison made a special point to invite his sister Teresa Giudice and her husband Juicy Joe.

Now that the siblings have made up, Poison wants to explore his renewed relationship with Tre. J-Lo light wasn’t happy about her sister-in-law joining the trip but sucked it up for her husband. Despite having made up, Melissa is having a hard time trusting Teresa. The previous night Jan DeDolce and Penny Drossos confirmed Tre was not involved with spreading cheating rumors. Melissa still could not let go of her suspicions.

Poison said he set up the spa trip to be Arizona zen. Not everyone embraces the goal of the trip. Caroline says they don’t belong in Arizona and are out of their element. She freaks out when a bat flies into their villa and says she hopes she doesn’t see any coyotes. The men, other than Poison, are not buying into the idea of healing, zen and spirituality.

Their attitudes change the first night. Energy healer and medium Tina Powers delivers messages from departed loved ones. She delivers messages for Rich from his father, and for Kathy and Rosie from their father. Tina taps into Melissa’s negative energy regarding her trust issues with Tre. Tina says the situation between J-Lo Light and Tre is like a game of telephone. The message gets changed each time it is repeated.

The following day, the group, minus sick Melissa, goes on a hike. Caroline again spouts off about not buying the spiritual awakening that the trip and the activities are supposed to provide. At the end of the hike, the group participates in an exercise aimed to release what is holding them back. Each person writes down what they want to release from their life and then burns the paper in the fire. When it’s time for Tre to reveal what she wants to purge from her life she calls up most of the group to do it with her. Tre is holding hands with Jacqueline and Poison. Jacqueline gets very emotional and embraces Teresa. She says hearing Teresa talk makes her want to renew their friendship. Poison says in his talking head he wishes Melissa was there to see Tre and how genuine she was being with the group.

Next week we see more of the Arizona trip. The healing and the love fest continues!

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