The Vampire Diaries RECAP 10/17/13: Season 5 Episode 3 “Original Sin”

The Vampire Diaries RECAP 10/17/13: Season 5 Episode 3 “Original Sin”

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES returns to the CW tonight with a whole new episode called, “Original Sin”.”  On tonight’s episode,  Silas reveals the reason he’s determined to find Katherine, and Damon and Elena face a disturbing new reality.  Did you watch last week’s season premiere?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode without telling Elena that Stefan is missing, Damon turned to Sheriff Forbes for help finding his brother. Elena and Caroline tried to find out who was covering up a campus murder, and a fellow Whitmore student named Jesse gave Elena some intriguing information about Professor Wes Maxfield. While Jeremy struggled to return to his old life, he continued to be the only person who could see and talk to Bonnie, but he couldn’t convince her that it’s time to let the others know that she sacrificed her own life for his. After learning that Silas was searching for Katherine, Damon asked Matt and Jeremy to keep her out of sight, but the situation quickly spiraled out of control. Finally, Nadia used violence to make a point about her own agenda.

On tonight’s show When Elena and Katherine have the same dream that Stefan is in danger and desperately needs their help, they convince Damon to help them find Stefan. However, their plans are thwarted by a mysterious young woman named Tessa (guest star Janina Gavankar) who seems to know everything about Stefan’s history. In flashbacks to a distant time and place, Tessa reveals the shocking secrets in her past and what she has planned for the future. She also has a disturbing message for Damon about his own future. Silas forces an unwilling accomplice to help him search for Katherine, leading to a confusing and life-threatening situation for Matt. Finally, Silas reveals the reason he’s determined to find Katherine, and Damon and Elena face a disturbing new reality. Jesse Warn directed the episode written by Melinda Hsu Taylor & Rebecca Sonnenshine.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 episode 3 “Original Sin” airs at 8PM tonight on the CW and we will be live blogging it will all the up-to-the-minutes. So come back to this spot and spend the evening with us enjoying the show! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current update!

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Stefan is staggering down Route 29 when he finds a bar. The lone bartender tells him he missed last call by four hours but offers him coffee. He attacks and bites her and then orders her to run. She does. He comes out of the bar and sees the rising sun. He begins to burn and Elena wakes screaming. Damon says she’s like sleeping with a tornado. He tells her to go back to sleep and she tells him about the dream and says it was like she was there with him. Damon tells her that their psychic connection is weird and that he doesn’t want a play by play.

He relents and asks her what happened. She describes the bar and what happened. She tells him the name of the bar and where it was and Katherine comes in and tells them she had the exact same dream. Damon groans and flops down in frustration.

Damon tells Elena there are nine bars along Route 9 but none called Joe’s Bar. She holds Stefan’s daylight ring and says she should have realized something was wrong all summer. Katherine comes in and calls shotgun saying now that she’s human she gets carsick. Elena doesn’t want her along and Katherine says if she hadn’t shoved the cure down her throat she wouldn’t be there. Damon reminds Elena that Silas is after Katherine. K tells her that she has a bond with Stefan and cares about him or else she wouldn’t be having the dreams to.

Silas chats on the phone with the gypsy – Nadia – and tells her he thinks she’s faking and that maybe she didn’t really kill her buddy Grego. She reminds him that he buried him. He tells her to prove her loyalty by killing Matt – permanently – after ripping the ring off his finger. He orders her to get info on where Katherine is before she offs him.

Stefan wakes in a room with a girl staring at him. He orders her to get out of the room before he kills her and she tells him she brought him dinner – she hands him a bag of blood and tells him he’s a doppelganger with a conscience. She reveals that she had him dragged out of his water tomb and asks him how much he knows about Silas. He gives her the rundown and tells her that Silas is a monster and he’s going after him. He starts to leave and she tells him he’ll burn up without a daylight ring.

She tells him he wasn’t always a monster and that he once had a life and one true love. They were true loves back in the day – in Ancient Greece. She says they were the two most powerful travelers in existence but never wanted to be parted even by death. She says he searched for a way for them to be together even after death. Stefan says he’s heard and it was all good until the witch Qetsiyah got angry. She says that’s not the whole story.

She tells Stefan that Silas wants to destroy the limbo area that supernaturals linger in after death so that he can finally truly die and be at peace. She tells him he was her true love but she wasn’t his – she tells him that she’s Qetsiyah and that she’s been much maligned by all the stories. Stefan says he thought she was dead and on the other side and she says she was for 2,000 years but she says she came back for him!

Damon, Elena and K are on the road trip from hell. Elena tells Damon she’ll know it when she sees it and Katherine agrees. She asks Elena about her dreaming about Stefan about them all summer and Elena says it wasn’t dreams but just a bad feeling. K asks if maybe Stefan was her one true love and that she should never have broken up with him. She also says that maybe he was reaching out to her all summer and she was just too busy with Damon to pay attention. She mocks them and says she and Elena having the same dream was pure coincidence.

Nadia finds Matt taking out the trash and she tells him she’s there to keep him safe and that he must trust her. She trusts him, grabs his face and says “Come forth Gregor” then suddenly her buddy is there filling Matt with his essence. He’s furious that she killed him and that he’s now a passenger in Matt’s body. She tells him she will make it permanent because she loves him and will do anything for him. He commands her to tell him where he buried his body. She agrees but says first he has to call Elena and found out where Katherine is.

Qetsiyah comes back with food and Stefan asks her for a cell phone. She tells him there’s no cell reception and he says he doesn’t entirely believe her. She tells him to call her Tessa because it’s easier. He asks why she’s there and she says when Bonnie lowered the veil she took the chance to come across and take care of what her hunters had failed at for centuries.

She tells Stefan that on their wedding day she and Silas were going to drink the immortality potion on their special day. She realized when all her wedding flowers started dying in front of her that he had taken the potion and was drinking it somewhere else – he fooled her into making him immortal. She went to confront him and found him with the woman he gave her share of the portion to – her handmaiden! We see in a flashback her watching them through the trees. Amara – the handmaiden – is a dead ringer for Elena and Katherine!

Stefan confirms that Silas was the first version of him and Amara was the first version of Elena. She says nature balanced their immortality by increasing mortal shadow versions of them – the doppelgangers. While they talk she’s been messing with herbs and he asks what she’s doing – turns out she’s making him a new daylight ring so they can go after Silas together.

Damon and Elena find the bar from her dream and leave K sleeping in the car because she’s only quite when she’s asleep. Damon sees the mark on the bartender’s neck and asks her what happened. She tells them a freak bit her, ran outside then started burning until a woman grabbed him, shoved him in a truck and drove off with him. She tells them who the truck belonged to – a local who lives 10 miles up the road out back. She offers Damon a shot – he drinks it and chokes and chokes out “vervain.”

Elena asks what in the hell she did to him and Nadia comes out of hiding and says the bartender poured him a drink just like she told her to. Just then Katherine comes in and Nadia moves the gun she was aiming at Elena to point at Katherine. She asks which one of them is K. She says she needs Katherine alive. Elena charges Nadia and yells for K to run. Nadia throws her off and heads out after K. Damon says they don’t need an assassin chasing K and she tells him to go after Stefan while she goes after Nadia to save Katherine. He concludes Nadia must be working for Silas.

Damon tells her that Katherine’s life isn’t worth risking a hair on Elena’s head and that if there’s any trouble to her to forget about it and let her go. She tells him to go after Stefan since he’s hurt. They kiss and each takes off in another direction.

Tessa tells Stefan that they don’t stand a chance right now with Silas’ advanced mental powers. She says that thousands of years of sipping at people has let him grow his powers. Stefan asks if Amara is still in the tomb where Silas is and Tessa says she’s definitely not.

There’s a flashback to Tessa talking to Silas. She offers him a vial that contains a cure for immortal. He says that’s impossible and she tells him it works because she just used it to cure another immortal. He runs to check on Amara and finds her blood everywhere. Tessa cut her throat and cut her heart out. He’s heartbroken. He says he’ll kill her and she tells him he can’t come near her unless he takes the cure and they live a human life together. She holds him at bay with her magic.

She tells Stefan she offered Silas a second chance and he thinks it wasn’t much of one. She then tells him she created the other side as a barrier between the living world and the peaceful afterlife Silas craved. She said she thought eventually he would take the cure and die so he could be with Amara for all eternity but turns out he’s been a little stubborn. Stefan asks if she’s really making him a daylight ring and she says she wouldn’t give him the tool that would enable him to walk away from her.

She tells him she has trust issues, is a little paranoid and a little crazy. She uses her magic to bring him to his knees as she tells him that’s working out just fine for her.

K races through the woods and Elena finds her. K says she’s never been so happy to see her. She says she’s cold and asks for Elena’s sweater. K asks why Elena didn’t kill her after she gave her the cure. Elena tells her that just because they look alike that doesn’t mean they are and she was hoping K would rediscover her humanity – also she’s leverage against Silas. Elena goes down as Nadia breaks her neck and asks K if she needs to knock her out too and K says it’s not necessary.

Damon finds the cabin and comes in whispering Stefan’s name – he’s in a chair tied up and Damon asks what’s going on. He tells him that Tessa is back from the other side and then she comes in and tells Damon the vines holding Stefan won’t come loose until she’s done. She’s using Stefan to link to Silas and then she’s going to do a spell on Stefan that will put an end to Silas’ mental powers so she can make him take the cure. Damon says the cure is gone – been used and Tessa says she knows and that Katherine was supposed to be with him. Stefan was clueless about that development and then Damon asks what she meant by K supposed to be with him.

Damon asks if Tessa planted the dreams in Katherine and she nods – she asks where she is and he says there’s been a snag. Damon tells her that they need to be going and Tessa tells him he doesn’t want to get on her bad side. She tells him that without his powers, Silas can’t defeat anyone. Stefan tells her to do the spell and get it over with.

Nadia drags Katherine along as she demands to know who her kidnapper is. Silas shows up and Nadia asks why he’s there. He tells her that a GPS tracker is even better than a locator spell.

Back at the cabin, Tessa is proceeding with the spell on Stefan. He’s in pain.

Silas thanks Nadia for finding K and she says she’s not ready to hand her over yet. He recognizes that she has unfinished business. She tells him to get out of her head and K asks what that means. Silas orders her to let go of K, take out her gun and aim it at her heart.

Tessa continues with the spell.

Suddenly Silas goes down to his knees in pain.

K and Nadia are mystified, but Nadia takes the opportunity to get away with Katherine.

Stefan moans and there are flames around them as Damon asks what she’s going to Stefan – she says she’s frying Silas’ brain. Silas collapses, blood coming out of his eyes as Stefan passes out. Damon tells her they’re done and she agrees they are – because it worked!

Damon tries to wake up Stefan but he’s not responding. He tells Tessa to undo what she dead. She says he’ll be okay and will wake up later. She asks if he’s sure he wants to take him home and that it may foul up his relationship with Elena. He asks if she was spying from the other side and she tells him it was like a soap opera only boring. She tells him for centuries she watched version after version of Stefan and Elena – which was worse than watching Silas resisting the cure. She says they always found each other and always fell in love because destiny wants the doppelgangers to be together. She says the universe is against him.

Tessa tells Damon that they are the same thing – the obstacle between the two people who are true loves – she says they are the conflict that keeps their lives interesting. He asks if she wants him to leave Stefan there and she says she’ll watch out for him and he can go on with his life with Elena. He asks if anyone will know and she promises no one will know. She says no and he tells her she can just go back to hell. He tries to choke her and she drops him with her mental powers.

Suddenly he hears Elena calling for Stefan. She runs in and runs first to Stefan even though he’s also lying there injured. She cried and tries to help Stefan while Damon watches.

Nadia comes into the hotel room and finds K rifling her stuff looking for a clue as to who she is. A phone rings and Nadia answers it saying Silas’ name and says he lived up to his reputation as the betrayer. He says he’s going kill her if she doesn’t hand K over and orders her not to kill her. He says he doesn’t need his psychic powers and that losing them means Qetsiyah is back alive. Nadia says that’s his problem. He tells her that Q won’t stop either – because they both want the cure.

K grabs the phone and asks her what she wants. He tells her the love of his life looked just like her but her face makes him want to vomit. He tells her he wants the cure and it’s in her blood running through her veins. Oh great – so eating K will pass on the cure…

[9:14:22 PM] Rachel Rowan: A phone rings. Matt wakes on the floor of a house and takes the call. It’s Elena. She tells him they found Katherine. She tells him he sounded weird on the phone earlier. He doesn’t remember the call and looks at the mud on his boots that he tracked into the house – wherever he is. He fakes it and says he remembers the call and asks to call her back tomorrow.

Elena sits beside Stefan on the couch and tenderly puts his daylight ring on him as Damon comes in. She says Stefan is lucky he has a loyal brother. She asks him to tell her what Tessa says to him. He tells her she said that they don’t stand a chance because she and Stefan are programmed by the universe to be together so the two of them are a lost cause. Elena says Tessa is crazy and he asks what if she’s not. She tells him that although she’s spent the last couple of days looking for Stefan she cares about him. He gets a little mad and tells her that nothing is going to stop him from being with her because she is his life. Elena is touched. They start to kiss as Stefan awakes.

Damon tells him welcome back and Elena tells him she missed him. He tells them he has no idea who they are!