The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 2 REVIEW “The Ripper Is Back”

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 2  REVIEW "The Ripper Is Back"
THE VAMPIRE DIARIES episode 2 “True Lies” opened with Bonnie is sitting on a couch with Jeremy explaining how Silas showed up to the town summer family event and hypnotized everyone into looking for Katherine. Bonnie goes on to say that Silas killed her father while everyone watched and that none of them will remember it even happened. Jeremy wants to hug Bonnie but she informs him that he can’t because she is dead. Bonnie tells Jeremy that whatever Silas wants with Katherine they can’t let him have it.

Katherine is coming out of the woods and she looks like hell. She sees a car and runs out to the road. The woman stops and gets out she says she looks like Elena Gilbert. Katherine tells her she is much prettier. The woman takes out her mace and sprays Katherine in the face. Katherine gets pissed and knocks the woman down before she can make her call. Katherine then punches her in the face and knocks her out. Katherine is clearly in pain from hitting her (being human is not looking good on Katherine). Matt comes out of the woods and tells Katherine what he is about to do will hurt more.

Stefan is laying on a blanket in front of a waterfall with Elena (so clearly this is a hallucination). Stephan tells Elena how the moments with her are what keeps him from falling apart. Elena tells him it is just his way of distracting himself. Elena sits up and starts choking up water. It cuts to Stephan in the water and then back to Elena and then back to Stefan.

On the college campus they have built a memorial for Megan and kids are putting flowers on it. Elena goes to see Caroline in the dorm room. Elena tells her about the memorial. Caroline is picking up Megan’s stuff and packing it. Elena somehow got the death certificate and tells her that it was classified as a suicide. Caroline reads the name Maxfield as being the doctor who signed off on it. Elena tells her that he is their applied microbiology professor (that was a mouthful).

Back at the quarry Damon is talking with Sheriff Liz. She tells him she knows she agreed to help find his brother but she can’t drain the whole quarry. Damon is like well duh really? Damon gives her the speech about finding his brother. She agrees to put some deputies on it. Damon gets a phone call from Jeremy and tells him that Matt found Katherine. Damon tells Jeremy to keep their eyes on her, that if Silas wants Katherine then they want her more.

Katherine tells Jeremy and Matt that she gets it, she is the leverage, she is the thing everybody wants.

Back at campus Elena and Caroline are in the applied microbiology class. Maxfield looks like a punk kid and talks and acts like one too. He calls Elena and Caroline out for being freshman and therefore they are not supposed to be in his class.

Elena and Damon are on the phone talking when she sees Stefan. Stefan tells her to turn off her phone and she does. Stefan tells Elena he just wanted to apologize in person. Elena hugs him. They chit chat for a minute and as they talk you realize its Silas playing her.

Jeremy and Matt stop at a gas station. Katherine wants to pee. Jeremy helps her out of the car. Katherine tells them she is sick and ask Matt to get her some medicine. While he is inside paying the cashier sees Katherine and picks up the phone to call it in. Matt rips the phone out of the wall. The cashier then gets a gun. Matt grabs it and then using the butt of it he knocks the cashier out. Outside Katherine tries to make a run for it but Jeremy catches her.

Damon opens the door to the dorm room and Caroline makes a big deal that he didn’t knock and she is standing there in a towel. Damon makes it clear to Caroline that no one cares. When Damon explains about Silas pretending to be Stefan to trick Elena Caroline tells him how Elena has had this bad feeling and having visions about Stefan all summer.

Elena and Silas are walking around campus and Silas tells her he is going to keep her phone in case Jeremy calls. Silas then tells Elena all these lies about Damon. Damon is looking for them but only finds Silas. Silas tells Damon he doesn’t understand why Elena likes him. Damon says that’s because he hasn’t had sex with him (lmao). Damon ask him what he did to Elena. Silas tells if he did that it would ruin the fun. Silas walks away.

At the bonfire Caroline and Damon are looking for Elena. Damon is about to kill somebody when Caroline intervenes.

Elena is with Jesse (the cute party guy Caroline likes). Jesse is shocked as he watches Elena chug down a beer. Elena ask him about Maxfield he tells her he will tell her everything she needs to know about him if she will help Jesse get more firewood. Jesse tells her that Maxfield is a jerk but also brilliant. Jesse tells her that there is a rumor he is part of a secret society that meets on campus once a week at Whitmore House. About that time Damon knocks him out. Caroline is non to thrilled with this latest event.

Matt, Jeremy, and Katherine are at the campsite. Katherine complains about how she has survived all these years and now a sinus infection is what is going to do her in. Jeremy covers her up with a blanket. Katherine looks at him surprised. Jeremy walks away. Katherine doesn’t know what to think. Matt is getting firewood when Silas pops out and tells him not to talk. Silas’s command doesn’t work on Matt and he yells to Jeremy to run. Silas is curious why he can’t control Matt he grabs his head and cause a mind meld. Silas sees that someone is already in Matt’s head. He then snaps Matt’s neck.

Matt wakes up but doesn’t know where he is. Matt sees Jeremy run by him and call out to him but Jeremy does hear or see him. Bonnie shows up and tells him he is on the other side. Bonnie explains that the Gilbert ring temporarily brought him there and to get back he has to reconnect with his body. Matt ask Bonnie how she can see him if he is on the other side. Bonnie’s eye fill with tears and she tells Matt there is something he needs to know about her.

Damon and Elena are back at her room. Damon tells her they need to talk. Elena has other plans and attacks him with kisses. Elena throws him into a chair and rips his shirt off. She then gets a bottle of water and makes him chug it, he chokes and when he spits it out his chest burns. Elena ties him to the chair. Silas got in her head and he wants her to kill Damon.

Elena pours more water down his throat. She goes to stab him with the broke. Hockey stick but before she can he spits the water out burning Elena in the process. She snaps out of it long enough to get angry again when Damon won’t tell her where Stefan is. Damon tells her that Silas is using her anger as the trigger and she needs to control it. Elena decides the best way to do that is to ram a fireplace poker through her leg (whatever works I guess). Elena again ask Damon what is going on.

Caroline is taking care of her soon to be boy toy Jesse. She is holding a Popsicle on his face. Jesse is flirting with her. Caroline tells him she has a boyfriend. Jesse apparently has a girlfriend that cheated on him.

Jeremy gives Katherine the keys and tells her to drive. Katherine ask him where he is going. Jeremy tells her to find Matt. Katherine tells him not to be stupid and survive. Jeremy tells her that’s why people treat her like a object and not a human. Katherine watches him go.

Bonnie is talking to Matt about being dead she tells him it’s not so bad and the first hard time was last night with her dad. Matt tells her that her being dead isn’t ok. Bonnie tells him it has to be because there is nothing they can do about it. Matt tells her he is sorry and then holds her while she cries.

Jeremy finds Matt and Silas is there waiting. Silas correctly guesses that Matt must not be dead just yet and the reason for it lies in the ring. Jeremy tells him it’s to bad he can’t read his mind and find out. Silas tells him if he can’t read his mind he has no use for him and that he is going to kill him. Jeremy tells him he can try but none of his abilities will work on him because he is a hunter.(plus he works out). Jeremy hurls a axe at him and then slams him up against a tree. Jeremy is beating the hell out of Silas until he gets the upper hand by ramming a tree branch through the both of them. Jeremy goes down. Silas is still standing. Silas picks up the axe. Before he can hit Jeremy with it he gets shot by Katherine. Jeremy tells her he thought she couldn’t use a gun. Katherine tells him she figured it out and she shoots Silas again he goes down.

Elena still has herself stuck to the chair with the fireplace poker. Elena and Damon don’t know Bonnie is dead. Elena knows all Damon’s dirty deeds. Elena is still freaking out and she pulls the gas open in the fireplace and tries to light it with a match. Damon distracts her by asking her about Stefan. Elena describes where Stefan is and whAt he is going through and just like that her anger is gone. Caroline walks in and tells her they need to set some ground rules for when boyfriends come to visit. (Wow).

Bonnie and Matt are looking for his body and they find it. Matt tells her that her and Jeremy can’t keep her death a secret anymore. Matt gets back in his body. Katherine tells him they are even so no more complaining. Jeremy sees Bonnie and says he needs to find the axe. Bonnie tells him she isn’t ready to be dead yet. Jeremy tells her he is there for her. Bonnie turns and walks away. ( Hope he has that axe or he is going to have a lot of explaining to do).

Silas is in the gas station when two travelers come in. They are upset and want him back in his tomb. The guy pulls out a knife. The girl slots his throat. She tells Silas she knows he can read her mind and therefore knows she has her own agenda. Silas agrees that he does know.

Elena is putting a suitcase in the back of her car to go and look for Stefan. She hugs Caroline and tells her goodbye. Maxfield walks up and kisses her ass, Elena tells him she knows he forged the death certificate. Damon walks up and shuts her trunk. Damon tells her that her having dreams about Stefan doesn’t bother him. Elena assures Damon that she loves him and she gives him a hug and a kiss goodbye. Damon gets a call from the sheriff she found a safe she thinks Stefan is in. He isn’t, but a dead body is. Damon knows Stefan is out there somewhere.

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