The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6 REVIEW “Handle with Care”

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6 REVIEW “Handle with Care”

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES episode 6 “Handle with Care” opened and Katherine is chilling in a Waffle House or a IHOP or where ever it is vampires like to order breakfast. Man oh man can she eat, I think she probably ordered one of every breakfast item on the menu. The waitress compliments her hair. Katherine notices the white streak and is none to pleased. (Hmmmmm ….I wonder if Silas sucking the life out of her has something to do with it.)

Damon and Elena are all cozy on the couch. Elena comments on how much she enjoys these moments to which Damon replies why when they only last about 10 seconds and sure enough as soon as I get to ten Silas comes breezing in. Silas opens the curtains with some of his newly acquired witch power. Silas tells them he enjoys being a witch because he can walk in the sun. (Guess he didn’t get one of those fancy shmancy daylight rings that are all the rave on this show as well as the Originals.) Silas is ever so excited about getting to kick the bucket at anytime now.

Stefan wakes up and seems a bit confused as to why Tessa is there. It’s her house so that explains that. Apparently they had one to many shots of tequila and shared some intimate details of their lives with each other. Tessa then explains to Stephan that she is a nosey bitch and that when she saw he had a text she couldn’t help but read it. She found out Silas is mortal and she can’t wait to kill him so Stefan needs to get a move on.

Elena reminds Silas he won’t be kicking anything let alone a bucket until he brings Bonnie back. Elena then thinks that trusting him isn’t a good idea since he is a thousand times over the legal limit of evil. Silas offers Elena a pinky swear, he tells Elena that before he shuts down the other side he will send Bonnie back. Of course there is the matter of that pesky anchor he needs to find to pull it off.

Speaking of that anchor Tessa is hellbent on keeping Silas from finding it and because Stefan is clearly smarter than I give him credit for and clearly has another plan that I know nothing about going on he says he will help her.

Silas informs Elena and Damon that the anchor is being shipped from of all places New Jersey. Why not Transylvania or even New Orleans?

Tessa is explaining to Stefan that Silas knows where the anchor is thanks to his mind reading powers before he became mortal. Tessa then tells Stefan she doesn’t have time to explain the whole anchor deal except that if Silas had it he couldn’t destroy it. Well that was less than informative.

Silas tells Jeremy and Damon to just don’t stand there. Elena however can continue to stand there. Elena gets all whiny and complains about wanting to go. Silas tells her no way you look like the ex love of my life and I honestly can’t bare to look at you. I can’t bare to look at her period so I can relate. Elena continues to bitch and moan until Silas makes a wooden stake appear and then stabs her with it. Silas tells her if she doesn’t shut up the next one goes in her heart. Silas tells Damon and Jeremy they need to hurry because come sunset Tessa is going to be ready to kill.

Tessa is trying to get out of the cabin and can’t. Silas cast a spell that keeps her trapped there until sunset. Stefan wants to know how she can be sure it’s Silas. Tessa tells him she is sure because she is the one that taught Silas the spell he used.

Katherine thought she would pull a fast one on Caroline and masquerade as Elena. That comes crashing down around the time she dyes her white streak. Katherine tells Caroline she needs a place to stay and exchange for that she will help her with Maxfield.

Tessa being her nosey bitch self decides to answer Stefan’s phone when Elena calls. Tessa tells her Stefan is in the shower and that she is a crazy bitch. (People in glass houses……). Elena gets a little upset and calls Damon and ask why in the hell Stefan is with bat shit crazy Tessa. Damon explains he broke Stefan’s neck and some of his memory came flooding back. Elena decides she is going to play white knight and rescue Stefan from the evil clutches of the dragon Tessa. Damon tells her that is a really bad idea. Elena could careless what Damon’s take on the matter is.

Maxfield is in his laboratory taking notes on his latest creation (Jesse), he is talking about his the growth rate and how enhanced it is. Maxfield hears a tiny noise, gets jumpy and turns of his recorder to listen. When he turns back to retrieve the recorder it’s missing. Caroline is there though and when he turns to face her Katherine pops up behind him and injects him in his neck. Maxfield hits the floor.

Elena shows up at the cabin on her high horse. Stefan tells her she better stay outside because he doesn’t care to deal with anyone who is on team Damon. After picking herself up from the fall from her horse Elena demands to know how sleeping with Tessa will solve anything. Stefan looks at her like she has a second head he, did what with who now. Tessa admits she may have told a little white lie. Elena starts to leave but Tessa makes sure she can’t.

Meanwhile the lion, the witch, and the vampire are looking for the “wardrobe”. Silas wants to know how Damon is ok with Elena running off to check on Stefan seeing as how the universe wants them together as intended the doppelgängers are proof. Damon thinks he is a idiot. They are in the warehouse but aren’t sure where to look. Silas doesn’t know what it looks like but he is sure a Ikea table is out of the question.

Maxfield decides to wake from his little siesta just in time to watch Caroline take out all his vampire proofed blood and replace it with regular old blood. Caroline plans to glamour him into telling forgetting that her and Elena are creatures of the night. Katherine is got a scalpel to his neck and would love to use it. Maxfield thinks she is Elena. Katherine ask him who knows about them. Maxfield tells her about a society. He says they were going to invite her to be a member until he figures out she was a vampire. Katherine knows all she has to do is fool the society into believing that Elena isn’t a vampire. Maxfield tells her its a no go because they have it rigged so a vampire can not enter the society house. Caroline and Katherine look at each other with a look that says there is always a way.

Back where the guys are looking for the portal to Narnia. They are destroying crate after crate. Bonnie shows up and starts talking to Jeremy because in her post life alternate universe situation she forgot what someone that’s busy looks like. Bonnie is uncertain that this whole back to life ,back to reality thing is going to work out. Jeremy would appreciate it if she would stop raining on his parade. Jeremy finally gets back to the business at hand. Smashy Smashy.

Silas is being quite the diva and tells Damon to stop screwing around and find the damn thing already. If the travelers show up he is a goner because they don’t like him…at all. Before Damon can do Silas’s bidding his phone rings. It’s Tessa and does she have some news for Damon. Tessa is holding Elena hostage and will kilometer of Damon doesn’t kill Silas for her. Damon has till sunset to get the job done.

Katherine goes to the Society party pretending to be Elena. Diane watches as she walks through the door with no problems. Katherine is chewing down at the buffet and packing herself a to go bag win her purse when Aaron walks up to her. Katherine wants to know if he is a member of this little freak show. Aaron tells her he doesn’t know. Katherine thinks he is either good at keeping secrets or a amazingly good liar. Katherine doesn’t get to ponder that for to long though because she coughs. A tooth comes out do her mouth. Katherine makes a bee line for the front door.

Tessa is amazed by a pizza menu. Elena is curious as tomboy she got back in the land of the living. Elena has Bonnie to thank for that. While Elena cries Stefan offers to make dinner for Tessa. Tessa is smitten.

Jeremy and Damon are discussing the Bonnie situation. Damon tells him he can’t put Elena on the line to,bring Bonnie back. Bonnie tells Jeremy to help Damon. Damon gets caught off guard by some travelers which begin to chant. It affects Damon’s daylight ring rendering it useless. Damon begins to burn. Damon rips the heart out of one of them (classic Elijah move.) The only traveler left explains that they want Silas alive a little longer. Damon offered his deepest sympathy and then stabs the guy.

Caroline glamours Maxfield and ask him the who, what, where, when, and why of the Society. Maxfield tells her the Society is called Augustine and to get in you either have to be old blood or have the I.Q of Stephen Hawking’s. Caroline wants to know why he felt the need to cover up,the true cause of her roommate’ sheath. Maxfield tells her its bEcuase she was murdered by a Augustine vampire. Before Caroline can ask anymore questions Diane interrupts them. Caroline only has time to tell him to forget she and Elena are vampires and the reason he is lightheaded is because he gave blood. Diane is to wrapped up in the fact he missed their lame party to ask any of those questions anyway. Diane tells him about Elena breezing in like nothing. Maxfield apologizes for getting it wrong.

Elena is watching Stefan feed Tessa and in a blind and jealous rage tells Stefan that Tessa isn’t his type. Tessa leaves to take a call. Stefan tells Elena she needs to chill and not to worry he has got it all under control.

Tessa is talking to Damon. Damon tells her about the two,guys he laid waste of. Damon wants to know why they want Silas alive. Tessa tells him it’s because the travelers want to become immortal and aren’t aware that Silas is now mortal. Damon as usual is confused by the simplest of explanations. Stefan stabs Tessa and tells Elena to book it. Stefan follows. It’s now sunset.

Silas is zeroes in on a crate. Damon tells Jeremy that the anchor is a person. (I’m having Buffy and Dawn is the Key flashbacks.)

Silas rips open the crate and finds Amarra. Silas pulls her out and lets her feed from his wrist. Silas is passing the cure to her. Amarra wakes up and holds his wrist as she drinks. Silas and Amarra hold each other. Silas tells her the cure runs through his veins. Amarra tells him she is sorry and stabs him with a piece of glass. Amarra drinks his blood.

Maxfield is looking for his recorder. Katherine throws it to him. Maxfield threatens her thinking she is Elena. Katherine tells him she is actually Elena’s doppelgänger and that she will let that sink in. Katherine tells him she thinks she is dying and that she will keep his secret if he will help her. She holds out her hand to give him her tooth.

Amarra is freaking out in the warehouse.

Elena tells Stefan once they get back home that his instinct was to protect her.

Damon and Jeremy are getting drunk over the fact that they couldn’t save Bonnie and they now have to keep a eye on Amarra.

Tessa pays Stefan a visit and gives him all of his memories back. Tessa tells him that the only thing that kept him sane was the hope that one of the two people he loves would set him free. Tessa tells him they didn’t ……she did and he needs to always remember that…

The End!