The Vineyard RECAP 9/3/13: Season 1 Episode 7 “Secret’s Out”

The Vineyard RECAP 9/3/13: Season 1 Episode 7 “Secret's Out”

Tonight on the ABC Family THE VINEYARD continues with a new episode called, “Secret’s Out.” On tonight’s show Daniel is crushed by Sophi’s rejection and Jon tells Emily something she’s been waiting to hear.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s show Katie was thrilled when Luis returned to the island; they decided to explore their feelings for each other. Daniel decided to host an all-white party as a showcase for Sophi and to thanked the islanders for their hospitality. Determined to ensure that the event was a smashing success, Daniel enlisted Jackie’s help to book a few local musicians to provide entertainment, including Ben Taylor (son of Carly Simon and James Taylor). Jon realizes he made a mistake and tries to win Emily back, but he’s going to have to make more of an effort than he’s used to. Meanwhile, Cat is convinced that Katie is going to hurt Luis, but will her unwanted involvement in their relationship ultimately end her friendship with the one person she’s come to depend on?

On tonight’s show Katie realizes she needs to be honest with Matt about her feelings for Luis and decides to go back to New York so she can tell him in person. Sophi finds herself in an unexpected relationship, but is hesitant to share her newfound happiness with her friends. A guilt-ridden Luis knows he has to be honest with Katie about his night with Jackie, but will he have the chance to tell her the truth before she hears it from someone else? Meanwhile, Daniel is crushed by Sophi’s rejection and Jon tells Emily something she’s been waiting to hear.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another fun one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for live coverage of ABC Family’s The Vineyard Season 1 Episode 7 Secret’s Out” — tonight at 10 PM EST.

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Katie gets off the phone with Matt saying the she’ll see him soon. Her and Luis are talking trying to find out if each other are okay. Ben is still in Cat’s face about not getting involved in their business. Katie tells Luis that she’s going immediately to break it off with Matt and how guilty she is feeling. Jackie and Gabby arrive at Katie’s talking about what happened at the White Party. Daniel arrives to talk with Katie but abruptly leaves when he sees the othe two girls there. Danile is freaked that if he Gabby finds out that Sophie is living with him she will freak out. Jon is laughing at him a little. Katie tells them that she’s going to New York to break it off with Matt because it’s not fair to keep stringing him along adn that she needs to clean but is not looking forward to it. She asks for their discretion in the matter while she leaves. They ask if Luis knows and she says yes. Jackie tells Gabby again that she needs to tell her what happened between her and Luis and Gabby shuts her down again.Emily arrives to meet Jon while Daniel is still cleaning up Sophie’s things so Gabby doesn’t see. emily tells Daniel that Sophie is out with someone and he gets a very somber look on his face. Sophie is kissing her date Natasha and that she is happy that they met. She admits that she’s never been on a girl-girl date to Natasha but that they’re both happy with what happened. Natasha is impressed with her Spanish. Natasha thanks her for coming out with her as she continues to compliment her and they kiss again.

[10:25:05 PM] Tom Davis: Cat is drawing in her sketchbook and Ben pulls up. He asks her why she stormed off the other night. he tells her sometimes you just have to let it go. She tells him she doesn’t want him to change her but the he justs wants to make it work between them. Cat’s mom pulls up and asks what’s going on as Cat storms off. Her mom repeats her behavior that she isn’t one to keep her opinions to herself. Ben says that he really cares about her and her mom is happy to see someone in her life that cares about her tht much. Luis is driving Katie to the airport as they talk about Matt. Katie says that she has to do this as Luis promises to try and give her her space while she is gone. He says he justs want her to do what’s best for her and that he’ll be thinking about her. They arrive at the airport and hug each other good-bye as Luis tells her again that she should stay. He tells her that he’s freaking out a little as she tells him that she’ll definitely be back. They kiss and she walks into the airport. Daniel is cleaning up the lawn chairs from the wind as Sophie walks out. He tells her that he sees her as more than just a friend and that he has feelings for her. She tells him that he’s not her type and that she needs to focus on her career and that it’s her problem and not his. He tells her that he would feel better if she moved out because it’s endangering his job; especially if Gabby found out. She storms out saying that if he doesn’t get his way he’s just not going to help anyone. Katie’s flight is cancelled and she has to wait while they try to get her on another flight. She toys with her phone while looking at the delayed and cancelled flights on the board. Luis is at the bar talking about how he thinks he made a mistake letting her go and how nervous he is. Jon and Emily are at the bar as well and leave together. Before they leave Jon thanks Luis for giving him the advice that he did as Luis tells him that it was all him and that he’s happy for him. Luis tells his friend that he hooked up with Jackie a couple weeks before and that he is sorry for messing with his ex. Luis is toying with the idea of telling Katie about it as he says that if he tells her she will never let it go. Luis feels like he’s lying to her. Kaite calls him asking for a ride home if he would come get her but his friend has his phone so he doesn’t get the message.

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