The Voice RECAP 9/24/13: Season 5 “The Blind Auditions Premiere, Part 2”

The Voice RECAP 9/24/13: Season 5 “The Blind Auditions Premiere, Part 2”

Tonight on NBC our favorite reality show THE VOICE returns for the second night of its fifth season premiere.  On tonight’s show the second night of auditions has Blake, Xtina, CeeLo and Adam in a fierce battle for the best singers.  Did you watch last night’s Part 1 of the season 5 premiere?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last night’s show the fifth season kicked off with CeeLo and Xtina are reunited with Blake, Adam.  The foursome kicked off the show with a scorching rendition of “I Love Rock Roll”.  Xtina and CeeLo are back for Season 5 – and it’s clear they have something to prove. Like Adam Levine, they’re united in their determination to knock Blake Shelton off the winning coach’s perch.  Blake”s pulled a hat trick over the last three seasons – and his colleagues are determined that it won’t happen again.  The strongest vocalists from across the country started to compete to be selected by one of the coaches and fight for a chance to win the title of being named “The Voice.”

On tonight’s show The “blind auditions” continue and are held in front of a celebrity panel of coaches including, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera. The strongest vocalists from across the country compete to be selected by one of the coaches and fight for a chance to win.

Tonight’s  The Voice “The Blind Auditions Premiere”  is going to be an exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s The Voice – tonight at 8 PM EST!   While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of The Voice.

RECAP: The first artist is Jacquie Lee who is only 16 years old, she started singing at 11 and really loves singing for several charities. She is really nervous and knows that this is what she wants to do for the rest of her life; Jacquie is singing “Back To Black”.

Christina and Blake turn right at the end at the same time. Christina is amazed at her age and CeeLo really likes her boots; Blake says he wants her to win the Voice and CeeLo asks about her boots again wondering where she got them. Christina says that she would be blind going with Blake because he’s bored of winning; CeeLo asks to take a picture of her boots and does it.

Jaquie picks Christina as her coach and she is cheering; Christina gets up and does a little dance and hugs Jaquie.

Next on stage is Barry Black and he moved to America when he was 5 years old; he helped his dad with his hotel buisness but wasn’t a big fan of it and decided he wanted to give a shot at music. He taught himself how to play a guitar and wants to prove to his parents that he can make it in music; he’s excited to go on stage and possibly work with one of the coaches. Barry sings “What You Don’t Want To Love” and Adam turns around in a second. Blake hits his button next and turns around.

Adam is amazed and thought the guy had a horn; he thought his tie might be some sort of harmonica. Blake then says that he is positive he could win the Voice and that’s why he turned around; Adam says he’s weird and wonderful. Blake is desperate for him and Adam says to be careful with his words; Christina says that she would personally give the edge to Blake. Barry decides he wants Adam to be his coach.

Up next is Mike Unser and had a very thought childhood, he had divorced parents and it was hard for him to accept his step dad; but music really helped him but now he’s doing very fine with his step dad. He’s involved with his church and plays Christian music there, he plays music for positive reasons. Mike wants to work with one of the coaches because there is so much to learn; he wants to do Rock N’ Roll so bad. Mike is singing “Dirty Little Secret”

Nobody turns their chair for Mike, Adam like how he complimented his beard right away and likes Mike’s long hair. CeeLo liked it and there was nothing wrong with it and felt it was refreshing and CeeLo says he messed up and said sorry; they offer him to come back. Mike then shakes hands with all the judges and CeeLo is upset he let him go.

Next up is Destinee Quinn from Airzona, she is a musician and sings Country music; she does everything herself and performs at a biker bar a lot; she says it’s hard to perform there because it’s hard to find something people like. She worked with Alice Cooper and after that it helped her get more confident, Alice Cooper gives her a personal message with words of encouragement for her.

Christina turns for her right away. CeeLo then hits his button and turns. Christina just loves her voice and compares her name to an angel’s; she makes it clear that they would be great together. CeeLo says that he’s just taking all the beauty in and that her voice is very pleasant. Blake says he made mistake not turning but believes he will still win. Destinee then picks Christina as her coach.

Destinee runs up and gives Christina a hug and is excited.

Next up is Cole Vosbury and his dad was a musician and so was his grandma who performed with Johnny Cash and Elvis; his grandma says Elvis was very cocky and was the only girl to turn him down. Cole wants his music to go world wide and believes The Voice will help him. Cole is singing “Movin’ On Up”.

CeeLo turns around. Adam says he’s got a nice beard that he wants, CeeLo says he has a great balance of soul and country in his voice. CeeLo believed only a badass could pick The Jefferson theme song; Cole says he’s a huge fan of Adam’s. Cole says he’s so honored to be on CeeLo’s team.

Next to audition tonight is Holly Henry and lives at home; she works as a waitress to afford her University funds. She plays the piano, guitar and the banjo; she feels awkward and is slightly anti-social. Her parents brought her to The Voice because they think it will be a great opportunity for her.

Holly sings “The Scientist” and Blake hits his button right at the first word she sings.

Adam and CeeLo turn at the same time. Right at the end Christina hits her button.

Blake says that he’s officially excited for this season of The Voice because of her; Adam says that when she hits the high notes and would love her on his team. Holly says she never performs and CeeLo says that she has a wonderful voice that should be heard by all. Christina says she likes her hair and says that she is interested to see who she wants to be as an artist. Blake tells her they should get together and win the Voice. Holly decides she wants Blake to be her coach; Blake walks up and gives her a hug.

Next up is Sammy C. and he’s 16; when he was 2 he was diagnosed with a disease that makes him lose all of his hair.. He believes music helped him feel better about himself, he didn’t let bullies hurt him when he was younger and just focused on the positives. Sammy sings “Where is The Love?”

Sammy gets nobody and they are shocked to find out he’s 16, he really is just glad to be on the stage and Blake says he was close but kind of regrets now. CeeLo was confused at first saying that he should master singing or rapping; Christina says she can hear his passion and was glad. Sammy asks what he can do to get from where he is to where they are sitting; Adam tells him to focus on rapping and that he flows good.

Now we get a complication of singers who just did not impress the judges enough to join their team.

Next up is Austin Jeckes and played music with his dad all the time and wanted to be like him; he doesn’t make enough money with music so he’s a scooter tour guide and thinks it’s fun. His father committed suicide when he was 16 and it he didn’t see it coming at the time; he just sings to deal with the pain and wants to share his feeling through his music.

Austin will be singing “Simple Man” and his dad taught him it when he was 10 years old. CeeLo hits his button and turns around; Blake does the same thing. CeeLo says he’s got soul power and Adam says his last note really just hit it for them; Blake says that a lot of people have that raspy sound but is amazed that he had so much power in his note at the end. CeeLo wants to know why he chose that song; he says he’s been singing it since he’s been 10 and loves it a lot. Austin chooses Blake and he goes up and gives Austin a hug. and a handshake.

The next artist is E.G. Daily and she is a voice over actress, she did a few films and TV show when she was younger. She had done voices in Power Puff Girls and Rugrats; she is really looking forward to her audition. She really wants to prove to her children it doesn’t matter what your age is; you can always achieve your dreams. E.G. sings “Breathe”.

CeeLo and Blake both turn around. Blake says it’s not so often that a singer can have that much rasp in their voice and her falceto was so amazing as well; CeeLo says he loves that rasp is natural in her voice and reminded him of Rod Stewart.

She does Tommy’s voice and Adam goes crazy saying she should go with CeeLo; even Christina says CeeLo would be best. E.G. goes ahead and chooses Blake as her coach.

Up next is Jonny Gray from Texas and is a full time musician but would like to be a bigger star; he joined the army at 18 and as soon as he went in he was deployed to the Middle East. He’s seen a lot of bad things and can’t explain it; he doesn’t talk about it at all. Whenever he feels stressed he picks up the guitar and writes a song; music has been his medicine.

Johnny sings “All These Things I Have Done”

CeeLo hits his button and goes on and so does Adam. CeeLo says he really loves his voice and says he sings like a soldier; he says he sings the song ironically because he is a soldier but sings a song about not being one. Adam says that he did not have the look he thought he would; Christina says that she is looking forward to the battle rounds. Jonny goes ahead and picks CeeLo as his coach.

The last audition of the night is Tessane Chin from Jamaica; she grew up in a multi racial home and she’s a little bit of everything. She moved to England and heard rock music and she fell in love with it. She sang back of for Jimmy Cliff and he gave her a personal message of motivation to do well; her husband always pushes her to do her dream and keeps her motivated. Tessane is going to sing “Try”.

Christina, Adam and CeeLo turn around and Blake then follows them shortly after.

CeeLo says she sung that song so well; Adam said she can easily win the voice this year. Blake then says that it’s very hard to win and believes that she is ahead of the game; Adam just loves her accent. Adam say his favorite music is Reggae and believes she has something special and he wants it bad. Blake says she has been to Jamaica but wonder is she ever went to the country; Adam is so excited and Christina says she is a power house and has such a warm sense from her. Tessane chooses Adam as her coach and he runs up and hugs her.