The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 REVIEW “Indifference”

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 REVIEW “Indifference”

On last night’s season 4 episode 4 of THE WALKING DEAD, Rick is wrapping the hand he injured in his knock down drag out with Tyreese.

Carol is waiting for Lizzie so she can talk to her through the glass. When Lizzie gets there Carol ask her how she is. Lizzie tells her she is ok. Carol tells Lizzie she is going on a run with Rick because they lost all of their food in cell block d. Lizzie ask if Darryl is dead, Carol tells her no that he just had to travel far to get what they needed. Lizzie tells Carol that no one has died yet but when they do they will come back. Carol explains to her that they won’t be the same person. Lizzie tells her but they will be someone. Carol

reminds Lizzie that she will have to kill them. Lizzie pulls out the knife she took. During this whole exchange between Lizzie and Carol it cuts to Rick every so often. At first he is putting gas in a car, them he gets a wondering look on his face and he goes inside the prison where Karen and David were. Rick plays out how Carol must have killed them in his mind and we see it as well. Rick goes back to the truck and and goes to the back and opens a satchel with some knifes in it. Rick walks away from the back of the truck and puts his head down like he is in thought. Carol is telling Lizzie to not be afraid and to fight and one day she will change that it will change. Lizzie calls Carol mom by mistake. Rick walks to the gate and looks out passed the prison.

Tyreese is cleaning his clothes in some water.  Bob tells him it’s time to go. Tyreese is still not adjusting to Karen being gone very well but he gets up and follows.

Carol and Rick are in the car. Carol brings up how Maggie wanted to come. Rick says she needed to stay back and watch over things. Carol days you mean somebody you trust. Carol tries to explain to Rick that she killed them because she was trying to stop it from spreading and that someone had to do it. Rick just replies with a maybe.

Darryl and Michonne are walking and he bends down and picks up a rock. Michonne tells him it matches his eyes and grins (how cute…..she is totally flirting with him.)

Rick and a Carol are walking around a town looking for stuff to take.

The three musketeers plus one come up to a gas station. Darryl finds a car and tries to hot wire it with no luck. He tells them they need a battery. He goes up to a side window and a walker starts hitting on the glass. They all four start whacking at a vine that has grown over the store. Tyreese is really whacking on it. Tyreese’s machete gets caught on some wire that looked to be holding the walker in, you see its hand start to come out of the door. The four off them are still hacking away at the vine. Four walkers come out at them. Darryl stabs his in the head. Michonne does away with hers and then goes over to Bob and chops the head off of the one that grabbed him. Tyreese is playing tug of war with his. He falls and it’s on top of him. Darryl pulls it off and Bob shoots it in the head. Michonne ask Tyreese why he didn’t let it go. Tyreese just looks at her. (He pretty much just looks like a dead man walking at this point, a shell of himself.)

Rick and Carol go into a house. First place Rick goes is the medicine cabinet. When they are heading towards the kitchen a walker heads down from the top of the stairs. Rick yells her name and then pulls her back. The walker tumbles down the stairs and when it lands Carol stabs it in the head. They hear a upstairs door opening and Rick holds up his gun. A young boy and girl come out,they offer them fruit the boy even goes as far as to throw a peach down at Rick. Rick just stares at it.

Carol is cleaning the young boys arm and they are talking. He refers to the walkers as skin eaters. Carol fixes his dislocated shoulder. Rick ask how long they have been in the house. Two days. The boys name is Sam. Rick ask them where they are headed. No where in particular is the answer. Rick ask the how many skin eaters or as he calls theme walkers have they killed.

Darryl and Bob are in a garage. Darryl finds a car battery he thinks he can use to,jump the car. Michonne and Tyreese are outside trying to get the car out of the vines. Michonne ask Tyreese if he has a death wish. He deflects by asking her why she is still looking for the governor. Michonne tells Tyreese she doesn’t know.

Darryl and Bob are inside the gas station and they find a walker with a fan on top of it.
Darryl walks away. Bob sees the pictures on a board of a family. Bob assumes the walker on the ground is the man in the pic and decides to put him out of his misery by stabbing him in the head with a screw driver.

Carol and Rick are getting ready to leave. The boy and girl want to go with. Rick tells them about the illness. The girl ask Carol is she has lost any of her kids. Carol says no. Rick looks at her like WTF? Remember Sophia your daughterls them to stay put and they will circle back for them before dark. Carol thinks they should help look around. The girl is totally down for that. Rick not so much. They all gang up on Rick. He gives them some guns and tells them to be back in two hours.

Darryl is trying to fix the vehicle and Bob is just talking away about his life since the walkers. Bob talks about how much he likes to drink. How much you ask, why so much that he thinks it’s his fault that Zach is dead. Since it was his need for alcohol that brought the shelf crashing down. Darryl disagrees and tells him to see if he can get the van to start. It does. Darryl whistles for Michonne and Tyreese. They load up and leave.

Carol and Rick are ram shacking another empty house. They argue about the two kids for a bit. Then Carol ask why he hasn’t said anything about she did. Rick ask her what she wants him to say. Apparently she doesn’t care if he likes it she just wants him to accept it.

Darryl and company finally make it to their destination. They head into the building. They start loading up with supplies. Bob sees a bottle of drink and makes sure to put it in his bag. They head out of that room.

Rick and Carol are outside when Rick sees a tomato tree. They both start gathering them up. They chit chat back and forth. Carol talks about what a dick her husband was. Rick ask her why she doesn’t say her daughters name. Carol says Sophia. Rick tells her he still misses Laurie. They walk a little ways and see a trail of blood. They follow and find the girls leg. Rick opens the gate and they see two walkers across the street eating her. Carol tells him they should get back that Sam is probably waiting for them.

Darryl and company managed to find everything that they need. They are headed out. They run into some walkers and run into a room. They find a way out but it’s all locked up. They find out why when a bunch of walker arms pop out. They argue back and forth about opening it and Darryl finally does open the door. They kill them and then book it up some stairs.

Rick and Carol are back at the house waiting for Sam. Carol knows he isn’t coming back. Carol wants to go. Rick just kind of stares at her.

It’s walker here walker there for Darryl and company. They make a exit through a window. Bob slips and falls and the walkers below grab his bag. Bob tries to wrestle it back. Bob finally gets it back and all that’s left in it is the bottle of liquor. Darryl is pissed and tells him if he takes a sip out of the bottle before the sick get the meds he will beat his ass.

Rick tells Carol when Tyreese finds out he will kill her. When the others find out they won’t want her there. Rick is pretty much telling her to leave. Carol wants to take Lizzie and Mika with her. Carol won’t let her. Rick tells her she will find others that don’t know what she did. Carol says maybe. (Wonder what Darryl is going to have to say about all this? Rick could always lie I suppose.)

Darryl is playing with his rock. Tyreese and Michonne are finding another place to go for meds. Michonne tells Darryl she is done looking for the Governor. They take off.

Carol and Rick are talking. He gives her the car full of supplies. Carol gives him a watch. Carol gets in the car and leaves. Rick watches her. Darryl and company are on the road, they all are lost in thought. Rick is in another car headed back to the prison. Through the windshield mirror you see what looks like the illusion of a shirt with somebody in it in the backseat.

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