The Walking Dead Season 4 Sneak Peek Preview & Spoilers: Carl the Marksman! (VIDEO)


The Walking Dead season 4 is set to arrive on October 13th and, while that might seem like it’s ages away, we have a feeling it’ll be here before we know it. Especially when AMC keeps providing everyone with such adrenaline-pumping teaser trailers! In this recently released promo, Michonne makes her return but is greeted by a couple nasty walkers. Luckily, Carl, keeping watch, notices the attack and rushes to her aid. While the trailer ends before Carl actually does anything, he’s holding a gun . . . . so we can only assume this little sharpshooter takes ’em out.

Check out the brief trailer below. Do you think Carl and Michonne will make it out of this undead predicament? For more Walking Dead season 4 spoilers, click here!

If you’re a hardcore Walking Dead fan, we need your input. Out of all the supernatural creatures in the world, zombies are our least favorite (perhaps its because they smell so bad and don’t look as nice as our fave vamps), so we need you to tell us why the Walkers are #1!

Media credits to AMC

  • Angel 2009

    Nice teaser . . . But Not Enough! Ugh!
    The characters constant fight for survival is riveting and a death is almost like a personal loss.