Tom Cruise Not Happy With Katie Holmes’ New Boyfriend and Sex Life (PHOTO)

Tom Cruise Not Happy With Katie Holmes' New Boyfriend and Sex Life (PHOTO)

According to the latest cover of US Weekly, Tom Cruise is not happy with Katie Holmes‘sexy‘ new life. And what did he expect? That she would become a nun after getting divorced to him?

Anyway, the story goes in-depth into Katie’s secret fling, and how Tom feels ‘betrayed’ after Katie hooked up with his friend, which I’m guessing is referring to Jamie Foxx. If the rumors are true, than Katie is definitely enjoying her single life a lot more than she enjoyed her married one. She was first linked to her Mania Days co-star Luke Kirby, and most recently to Jamie Foxx, reportedly a good friend of Tom’s.

In this particular situation, it’s ridiculous if Tom feels betrayed by Katie. I could understand him being betrayed by Jamie, especially if they were still friends. But Katie owes absolutely nothing to Tom after their divorce, especially not after the miserable few years she was stuck being married to him. Now that she’s finally gotten a life of her own and is actually enjoying it, Tom gets angry? Well, he should also consider his own dalliances and wife auditioning stories, and think about how Katie might have felt about those.

US Weekly’s cover also features official photos from Kelly Clarkson‘s wedding, details about Prince George‘s christening, Kim Kardashian‘s racy selfie in which she poses half-naked in a swimsuit. I’m not exactly sure why Kim’s selfie would make the cover of US Weekly, but I guess the article’s focusing on the backlash she caused rather than the selfie itself.

What do you guys think about Tom’s unhappiness regarding Katie’s new love life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.