Total Divas RECAP 11/10/13: Season 1 Episode 10 “Summer Slam”

Total Divas RECAP 11/10/13: Season 1 Episode 10 “Summer Slam”

After an almost two-month hiatus tonight on E! TOTAL DIVAS continues with a whole new episode called, “Summer Slam.” On tonight’s show an accident during a match leaves Nattie worried about returning to the ring for SummerSlam.  Did you watch the last week’s crazy episode before the break?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On  the last episodes before the break Nattie and TJ’s wedding takes an unexpected turn. John asks Nikki to meet his family. Ariane is rushed to the hospital. Eva and JoJo’s friendship starts to fall apart. Also the cast came together in the mid-season reunion to discuss the highs and lows of Season 1 so far.

On tonight’s show Nikki is threatened by Eva Marie’s rising popularity while Ariane struggles to control her anger issues. After an accident during a match, Nattie fears returning to the ring during SummerSlam.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with lots of guaranteed drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the this season of Total Divas!

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The season premiere of Total Divas opens with Trinity, Eva Marie, Nattie meet up for brunch. Eva Marie reveals that she will be doing a Maxim signing today. Nattie thinks Eva is “quite the hooch.” Brie tells the girl that she and her sister Nikki were featured on the Spanish Maxim magazine cover, no one seems to believe her though.

Trinity, Ariane, and Trinity’s boyfriend Jon are on their way to Monday Night Raw. Ariane is having some serious road rage issues. She jumps out of her car and tries to attack another driver in his car. Trinity and Jon have to intervene.

Eva Marie is showing off her photos in Maxim, shamelessly rubbing it in the other girls’ faces. She even shows Nikki an article that says she might be teaming up with John Cena (Nikki’s BF) to take on her The Bella Twins (Nikki and her sister Brie). Nikki snaps back, “that won’t happen, wishful thinking.” Nikki now feels pressure to get cleared by her Doctors, she is feeling intimidated by Eva Marie, and doesn’t want to lose her place to a newbie.

Trinity and Nattie are preparing for a singles match, against each other. Nattie is shocked, because Trinity hits her in the stomach much harder than she expected. Nattie pins Trinity and she taps out, but she doesn’t have time to celebrate. She rushes out of the ring because she peed in her pants a little, and doesn’t want anyone to notice.

Trinity follows her to the bathroom to congratulate her, completely unaware that she hit her in the bladder and made her pee in her pants. Nattie doesn’t want to hear her apologies though, she is furious.

Nikki takes John aside to tell him that Nattie peed her pants in the ring. John doesn’t think it is a big deal though. He confesses that one time he “pooped himself” in the ring. He says he feels for Nattie. Johns doesn’t want to talk about Nattie’s accident though, he wants to talk about Summer Slam and the baseball size tumor he has growing out of his elbow. Nikki convinces him to get his elbow checked out by a doctor before Summer Slam.

Mark (the public relations director of WWE) meets with Eva, Nattie, Brie, and Ariane. He reveals that Nattie will have a live pay-per-view match against Brie Bella at Summer Slam. According to Mark, Eva Marie will be in the Bella Twins corner. Eva is ecstatic to be a part of Summer Slam this summer. He also tells Nattie that WWE wants her to host the carpet at the red carpet party. She is a little disappointed though, because she doesn’t get to walk the red carpet like the other divas, she will be too busy hosting.

Nikki is having her own red carpet crisis, this is the first time her and John have ever walked a red carpet together, and she has no idea how to pose with him.

Nikki and John are in the middle of an interview on the red carpet, when John’s phone starts going off. He says he has to go and rushes off the carpet, leaving Nikki to fend for herself. She’s not impressed.

Ariane is annoyed because Vinnie is drinking way too much and making a fool of himself. She loses her temper and snaps on him, because apparently he was having too much fun. Trinity interrupts Ariane and Vinnie’s argument and takes Ariane outside. Trinity tells her Ariane that she needs to get her temper under control. She thinks Ariane may need some help dealing with her anger.

Nikki and Brie take Brie’s dog for a walk. Nikki reveals that she has no idea why John ditched her at the red carpet, and he won’t talk about it.

The Bella Twins get dressed up and head to “Fan Access,” a meet and great where they visit with their fans. Eva has her own table at Fan Access and thinks that more people want to see her than The Bella Twins.

The Bella Twins and Brie’s boyfriend, Bryan, head to a recording studio. They are recording their voices for an upcoming Flintstones cartoon. While taking a break Brie reveals to Nikki that Eva Marie has been asking if she can be her new tag-team partner since Nikki still hasn’t been cleared by the doctors to get back in the ring. Nikki is irate that Eva is trying to steal her job. She thinks that Eva Marie is evil.

Ariane is spending some time with her Mom, and her Mom is concerned about her flipping on Vinnie, and thinks she has an anger problem. Ariane thinks her anger stems from her childhood, she lived in a very dysfunctional home and had a lot of problems with her step-father. She thinks the reason that she is mean to Vinnie because of her relationship with her step-father.

Nattie is overwhelmed and anxious about her match in Summer Slam. Her husband TJ tries to comfort her and give her a pep talk, but she reveals she is considering calling it off. She is embarrassed to get back in the ring after she peed her pants in her last match. TJ manages to convince her that the match will be fine.

Ariane feels bad about embarrassing Vinnie and yelling at him at the red carpet party. She takes him out to dinner with Trinity and her boyfriend, and apologizes to Vinnie.

Brie and her boyfriend Bryan are a little nervous about Summer Slam too. Brie is stressing her match with Nattie, and excited for Bryan’s match against John, which will be the main event.

Nikki finally confronts John about the incident at the red carpet, she wants to know why he stormed off. He apologizes for leaving her. He says he got a text from his doctor to call him immediately. John reveals that he has fluid on his elbow and a torn bicep. He says that he will be out of wrestling for six months, and he is going to Pensacola in a few days and having surgery. Summer Slam will be his last match for a long time.

Brie is concerned about her single match because Eva Marie and Nikki are supposed to be in her corner, and they can’t seem to get along. Nattie pins Brie, and Brie is forced to tap out. Despite losing, Brie’s Mom is extremely proud of her and congratulates her. Eva can’t help but rub Brie’s face in her loss.

Nikki and Brie don’t have time to argue about Eva though, it is time for their boyfriends’ match. Nikki’s boyfriend John is fighting Brie’s boyfriend Bryan. Nikki is freaking out about John’s elbow injury, and Bryan doesn’t seem to be cutting him any slack.

Bryan (Brie’s boyfriend) wins the match and is the new WWE champ. Nikki tries to be happy for her sister Brie, but she can tell that John is seriously injured, and is afraid surgery may not even be able to fix his arm after this match.