True Blood Season 6 Episode 3 REVIEW “Sarah & Steve Newlin Are Back”


Last week Jason found out they have a Fairy Godfather named Niall ( sadly it is NOT I repeat NOT Niall of One Direction.) Bill has a epiphany (you know… between snacks) where Pam, Eric, and every other important vampire on this show ( Did I mention Eric?) including himself will ultimately be burnt to a crisp.

Eric is telling a young girl named Willa the daughter of Burell that he is going to kill new for her father’s sins. Right before he can rip her apart she starts whispering in a panic that she can tell him about the experiments. He ask what experiments, but before she can answer the team of vampire catchers come in the house. The go up the stairs and open Willa’s door. She of course is gone as is Eric and the window is open,the curtains blowing in the faint breeze.

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Jessica is asking Bill what he meant by “they are going to burn” (ummmmm granted she isn’t exactly the sharpest stake in the drawer you would think she could figure it out). Bill obliges by explaining that the “they” she questions is them. Jessica asks a dozen more questions and Bill can’t answer them. All he knows is he has to stop it. He isn’t going to lose Jessica. He hugs her you can see the fear in his eyes.

Sookie is up in her room playing with a magical ball of light between her hands. Jason is downstairs with a huge headache, he walks into the kitchen, opens the cabinet and thanks LaFayette and then downs a pill. Niall says Warlow and Jason runs out the front door (as per usual he manages to get knocked around). Sookie comes out to get him. Niall can’t understand why she isn’t more afraid. Bringing on this lovely exchange.

Sookie verbatim: “you gotta realize I can barely member the last time I wasn’t in danger. Danger is a fact of life for me, so if I go getting worked up every time I’m in trouble it’s like I’m crying wolf to myself. So I try to keep a even keel. I try to take regular danger in stride so then that way I’ve still got a real healthy fear in me when the shit really hits the fan.” Niall: ” Warlow is the proverbial shit hitting the fan.”

Sookie wants to know why Warlow wants her when there are other fairies. Niall explains its because she has royal blood. He leaves to find Warlow and tells Sookie to lock the door behind him.

Pam and Tara are sitting at the bar in Fangtasia. Pam is holding a little carton of milk. Then you hear that whizzing sound that indicates a vampire was in a awful hurry to get somewhere fast (any guesses?) Eric arrives with Willa. To which Pam flips and says something’s I would love to repeat but I’m trying to keep this PG. The long and the short of it is she can’t believe Eric kidnapped the Governors daughter and he better promise when he gets done with her he will kill her. Tara thinks they should just glamour her and take her back. But Pam can’t glamour Willa due to what the governor did to her. Eric tells Pam and Tara that the Governors security won’t be far behind and they need to pack up anything they feel nostalgic about before they leave Fangtasia for good. Pam and Tara walk out and Eric gets a chair and sits down in front of Willa. Willa tells Eric he doesn’t have to glamour her, she doesn’t like what her father is doing anymore than Eric does. Eric ask about the experiments. Willa ask him if he remembers the ballot measures last year. She goes on to say that none of that money went to the highway system. Her father used the money to build a camp it’s part prison and part research facility the vampires that are taken to the camp are studied. Eric ask her where the camp is but she doesn’t know. She says the only reason she knows anything is because she has been snooping around. She begs Eric not to kill her.

Next we see a big black truck entering what I assume is the camp Willa has just been talking about. They take out a man with a hood on his face and drag him to a room where a doctor ask them to remove the hood. It is Reverend Steve Newline, he says he is the spokes vampire….

We are back at Fangtasia, Pam walks up to Eric and says she is finished packing. Anything that Willa’s dad didn’t take or destroy fits in one little black box. Eric tells her it’s just a bar, but Pam knows not even Eric believes that. He looks around Fangtasia one last time. Pam ask if Willa told him everything she knows. Eric says she was very forthcoming. Eric reaches down to get Willa to leave. Pam begs him to kill her or glamour her like Tara suggested. He explains that Willa’s father took everything and all they have to bargain with is Willa. He goes on to say that the world is changing and they have to change with it.

Sam wakes up on his couch ( from the beat down he got last week). Lafayette apparently got knocked around a bit as well. That girl from last week and her boyfriend are there, they helped carry them in Sam’s house. He thanks them. The boyfriend starts getting curious about the werewolves he saw and Lafayette tells him if he knows what’s good for him he will forget everything he just saw and heard. She offers to help Sam get Emma back. Sam says thanks but no thanks. They leave. Her name is Nikki? Lafayette thinks she is going to be trouble for Sam. Lafayette says he is going to help him get Emma back because he gave Lafayette a chance when no one else would.

Eric knocks on the door of a woman named Ginger. You can tell this lady is all about getting it on with him ( honestly what woman isn’t). He says he wants to take her up on her offer of a sleep over and that she should invite him in. She does, and along with him comes Pam, Willa, and Tara. Ginger correctly guesses this means they won’t be having sex (lol). Eric promises however that someday they will. He ask where the coffin is so that he and Willa can sleep in it. Tara ask why he gets the coffin, he tells Tara to let’s not be petty. Pam ask why the three of the cant share the coffin and he says he doesn’t trust Pam not to kill Willa. Eric then ask Ginger to please escort Pam and Tara to her shitty little underground cubby (his words). He follows it up with a thank you.

Back at Bill’s he is standing on the porch and Jessica peeks out. Jessica is freaking out because the sun is about to come out. Bill thinks he can be out in the sun and not turn to dust. He was wrong. Jessica has to put him out. Bill doesn’t understand why he burned ( are a vampire…duh). I think he thinks because he can pull stakes out like splinters and talk to the ghost of Lilith and see into the future he can’t be harmed by the sun. Boy did he find out.

Niall is standing out in the woods and does this thing with his hand where it lights up blue and poof he walks in it like its a door. It’s some kind of club ….for fairies? There are little puddles of blood and smears of it here and there and when he moves his hands across it he can hear the screams of the victims. Niall looks around. The does some strange thing where the wind blows and it looks like he goes into another dimension. He has a look of pain on his face. There is a boy there and he ask who he is. Now I get it he is reliving what happened. He see the boy and two other women being killed. Niall snaps out of it. He goes back over to the stage and goes over it win his hands, this time some red smoke rises from it. He hears someone gasping for breath and runs to them. It’s the boy from the vision. He ask him what happened. He can’t speak so they talk with their minds. He tells him that it was a very strong vampire and he doesn’t know how he got in. The boy then ask him to please not leave him like that. He tells him he won’t. He puts his hand on his chest and tells him he is sending him home. The boy gasp and then turns to dust. Niall sits down.

Sookie walks into Jason’s room, he grabs his gun. He puts it down. Sookie walks up to his bed with a bottle of pain pills and a glass of water. Jason ask why Niall isn’t back. Sookie says she doesn’t know. Jason goes on to explain that he was hallucinating a few days ago but he isn’t now. Sookie starts telling Jason how their mom was afraid of her till the day she died. She then explains how they weren’t perfect and its OK if they remember things that don’t make them look so good.

Andy is in the police station looking at the vampire gun. When Holly walks in and starts complaining about the vampires trying to get into her hotel room. She turns around and sees his daughters and they are like 10 or 11 already. ( this story is such nonsense).
She can’t believe how quick they are growing( neither can I Holly, neither can I).

Meanwhile over at Alcides a cop is questioning him about Emma. Of course he denies having any knowledge of where she is. They ask to talk to Martha. So Alcide sends Rikki in to get her. Emma is terrified but Rikki tells her she doesn’t care and that Emma is going to shift right now. The cops want to look around. When they get inside Rikki is holding a puppy dog (Emma). They cops leave. Rikki doesn’t like Emma being there, Alcide doesn’t care he says she stays.

Andy is out in the woods trying to teach Holly how to shoot a gun. His girls are trying to zap a frog. Holly finally manages to shoot the glass bottle. Andy still wants to be with Holly but she hasn’t forgiven him yet. He says that’s OK and he goes back to teaching her how to shoot .

Eric is sound asleep in the coffin, but Willa is wide awake. She puts her hand up to her mouth to take off the tape. She starts calling Eric mister. He tells her he is a vampire and meant to be dead during the day. Wila goes on to say she can tell him more about her dad like for instance when her mom divorced her dad for cheating the previous year it was the other way around her mom cheated on her dad with a vampire. Eric’s eyes pop open. She goes on to say that the vampire lives out in Hollywood and owns a bar like Eric’s, she wanted to move to Hollywood with her mother but her father wouldn’t let her. Eric thinks she is trying to make him think she likes vampires. Willa says she is just trying to distract herself from the fact she may not be alive much longer. She tells him he has the bleeds and reaches out and touches his face, she gets blood on her fingers and then proceeds to put her fingers too her mouth. Eric stops her, he says he can’t let her do that. Eric sucks it off her finger, then tells her to put the tape back on. She rolls over on to her back and sighs.

Ben is walking in the woods and sees Niall jump out of the dimension. Ben ask if there is a fairy haven near by. Niall tells him it was destroyed by a vampire. He notices that Ben is hurt. Ben tells him he was also attacked by a vampire, he ask Niall if there were any survivors he tells him no, he also tells him he has been hunting the vampire who did it through centuries. Ben knows the vampires name is Warlow. Ben then realizes who Niall is. Ben tells him he will help him fight Warlow and keep him away from Sookie.

Bill wakes up (and looks like his old self, no burns). He gets dressed and rushes down stairs. Jessica wants to go with him while he runs his errands. Bill tells her she is in peril and there is a curfew. She fights him on it and he softens and tells her about a professor that is said to be responsible for True Blood. Jessica ask if Bill wants her to go and get him. Bill says yes. Jessica gives him a huge hug.

Jessica shows up at the University the Professor works at and walks into his class dressed to impress and girl definitely has his full attention.

Back at the prison we see a pair of sexy black heels. Whoever is wearing them is walking to the room that the vampire spokesman is in. It’s Sarah, Steve Newlin’s ex wife. He is super happy to see her. Steve thinks she is there to save him. She laughs and says that he hurt her and embarrassed her she goes on and on and on. She basically is on the side that wants to destroy vampires. She leaves and the doctor comes in and ask him what he knows about Eric.

Class is over and Jessica heads down to speak with the Professor. Soon as everyone leaves the room she turns into a vampire.

Someone knocks at Sookies door. Jason wants to get it, she tells him to stay in bed. It’s Bill. He ask to come in but she says she can hear through the glass just fine. Bill wants her help, he tells her if she doesn’t help that Eric, Pam, Jessica, and even Tara will die the true death. She opens the door and ask him how he knows. Bill says its hard to explain. She guesses it has to do with him drinking Lillith’s blood. She won’t ask him so he just comes in. Bill tells her he needs some of her blood in order to save the others and needs Sookie to go with him. She refuses. Bill then tells her she will be going whether she likes it or not. Sookie tells him to listen to himself, that he thinks he is God but he is just a asshole. He ask her to reconsider and come with him. Sookie says absolutely not. Bill tells her she is dead to him. Sookie says she is good with that. Bill leaves.

Nikki and her boyfriend and some of their friends want to get proof of werewolves and in doing this and getting attacked they end up helping Sam get Emma back.

We cut to the Governor sitting in a car telling a member of his security to make a call. We see the phone on a table ringing. It’s Eric’s phone and Ginger answers it. When she realizes what she has done she goes and wakes Eric up. She gives him the phone and the Governor ask about Willa, Eric confirms she is still alive but he won’t prove it to the him because she won’t be alive long, and he is trying to decide the best way to kill her. The Governor pleads with him not to. They are tracing the phone as he talks. They find him but he glamours Ginger and tells her to keep the Governor on the phone and when he gets there she never saw any of them. Eric zooms out the window.

Niall shows up at Sookies with Ben. Niall explains that Ben has offed to help and then tells them about the fairy haven and how Warlow is the one who destroyed it. Ben tries to talk to and help Sookie in the kitchen. He actually gets a smile out of her. They like each other. Warlow is back no no it’s some girl looking for him. Niall takes off after her. Jason falls over. Sookie screams and Ben comes back. Jason isn’t moving and Sookie is crying.

Bill is walking in the woods. Andy stops him right as he enters the cemetery. Andy tells him he is breaking curfew. Bill apologizes and tells Andy he was talking to Sookie. Bill goes on to say he is on his way home. Bill smells the fairy (Andy’s daughter) on the toy dog in the car. The grin on Bill’s face as he walks away indicates he is up to no good.

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