White Collar RECAP 10/24/13: Season 5 Episode 2 “Out of the Frying Pan”

White Collar RECAP 10/24/13: Season 5 Episode 2 “Out of the Frying Pan”

White Collar continues tonight with a whole new episode called, “Out of the Frying Pan.”  On tonight’s show Neal’s loyalties will be tested when he discovers the trail might lead to Mozzie.  Did you watch last season premiere?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s show with Peter in prison facing murder charges and every shred of evidence pointing to him for Senator Pratt’s untimely death, Neal had to strike a deal with the devil to help try and clear Peter’s name  He knew Peter did not commit the crime, in fact Neal’s biological father did.  So Mozzie and Neal came up with a creative way to spring him loose.  Nothing is off limits, even if it means owing a major debt.

On tonight’s show Peter assigns Neal a new handler to investigate an online black market, but Neal’s loyalties will be tested when he discovers the trail might lead to Mozzie.

Tonight’s season 5 episode 2 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “White Collar” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the season 5 episode 2 of White Collar tonight.

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Mozzie watches Neal practice what looks like dance steps but is actually a rehearsal to avoid security cameras. They are plotting to get the Dutchman’s evidence out of the FBI vault. Moz is making him anxious and Neal says he’s off because he’s getting a new handler. Moz says it’s a good thing because they’ve gotten too cozy with the gmen. Moz is trying to figure out how to fake the Spanish bonds and is looking for a good light source. They get back to rehearsing to steal the evidence.

At the office, Neal tells Peter his mug should say “world’s greatest ASAC.” Peter says they arrest Brendan Holland this morning. Neal asks if his new handler is in and he asks what he’s like. He asks if he’s getting an old curmudgeon. Peter says he’ll let him figure out who it is.

The room talks about the arrest of Holland who operates the equivalent of the black market eBay. Neal makes a quip about a slow loris they’re selling on grey trade and Diana tells him she’s eight months pregnant and crabby. Neal says he won’t interrupt. But then he does again and suggests that they keep the website open for a few more days so they can arrest more of the bidders on the black market goods. Diana says the government can’t accept money for stolen goods and a guy at the back of the room speaks at the same time as Neal to explain but Neal yields the floor to him.

He explains they just need to create fake user IDs and outbid all the other bidders so that no money has to change hands but they can still get a line on the black market buyers. Neal figures out quickly this guy is his new handler and is no curmudgeon.

Peter introduces him to David who looks like he’s in his 20s but he’s in his 30s and has been in Chicago’s white collar division. They had a guy like Neal in Chi-town that David had handled. He flatters Neal and tells him he might be the FBI’s most valuable asset. Neal is suitable flattered.

Peter tells him he was going to give David his old office but says he’s decided that David can’t have the job because Neal is a confidence man and that he can’t be Neal lapdog. David explains that he was playing Neal and he knows how to deal with guys like that. Peter agrees to let him proceed.

Elizabeth asks how Neal is doing since Peter got promoted and he realizes they haven’t really talked. He goes to call him but then she calls him back to bed.

Peter greets Neal in the morning with coffee and he asks if he’s following him. He says he doesn’t have to since he’s got an ankle monitor on. Peter asks how he likes his new handler and he says he’s a little over eager but he’s okay. He tells Peter he knows he’s sucking up intentionally but he likes the kid. Peter tells him that he’s the same old guy despite the promotion.

In the conference room, Diana is multi-geeking. She’s posing as Holland while operating as fake bidders simultaneously. Neal asks if she’s drinking coffee and she says it’s herbal tea. She tells them she has an OB and if they want to help to sit down and help. Neal runs off and so does Peter.

David has picked out a target – Little Star Merchandise – he says is a diamond in the rough. They’re selling art and antiquities. Neal says they should be going after arms traders, but David insists. Neal says “he’s” selling more than baubles and David questions his use of the word he. Neal says there’s no imprecise word so he used “he” generically. Neal says he should go in as a designer and can check it out from the inside. He says they can pass as associates if David can pass as an expert on – then he babbles off something complex that David can’t keep up with. They decide Neal will go in first and alone. He heads in as David tells him to be careful.

Once inside, Neal heads to the back room where Moz is working. He says he has to get out of there. Moz says he should be at work and Neal says he is and that David is there to arrest him! Moz is grabbing up files and demands to know why he brought him here. Neal says that the bureau cracked Gray Trade. Moz says he’s enacting the Roanoke practice. He throws some teeth down on the desk and then starts a fire. Neal asks if he’s crazy and grabs a fire extinguisher and puts it out. Then the alarm goes off and David runs in. He tells the girl that he’s a federal agent and the alarm may have been him getting made.

Moz comes out and David pulls a gun on him and tells him he’s not going anywhere. Moz says to tell that to Emile Berliner. He pushes a button and a phonograph starts up. While they are distracted, Moz takes off. Back in the office Neal asks David if he knows who Berliner is and says he doesn’t know. David finds Moz’s laptop and the computer guy says it’s very damaged. David says he’ll try to recover it since he has computer forensic experience.

Back at the bureau, David describes Moz and the other guys think it’s Moz. He says he’ll sketch it up and he does two – one of Moz and one of another guy who fits the same basic description. He shows the one of the stranger to Peter who is dubious and tells him to get David to confirm. Back turned, Neal switches to the photo of Moz and holds it up and knocks on the glass to get David’s attention. He looks at it and gives a thumbs up. Peter is incredulous and knocks for a second confirmation which David gives. Neal swaps the pictures back and tells Peter that short, balding and near-sighted is a description that fits a lot of people.

Clinton tells Peter they need to talk about Diana. She’s been camped out in the conference room for two days but Peter doesn’t want to put her baby at risk by letting her continue to work this hard. Clinton says he thinks she’s worried about losing her identity (or job) as a special agent. He asks if Peter will still send her on raids when she’s a single mom and that he should think about the position Diana is in now that he’s boss.

David is searching up people for Little Star. He says the name Teddy Winters and Neal doesn’t know who it is. He says the guy is on the grid but barely and they have nothing actionable.

Moz is hiding out dressed as a human statue of liberty – complete with green paint. Neal mocks him for his weird hide out. Neal tells Moz he doesn’t need to leave town yet because he’s put David onto someone else. He tells him David’s searching the name Teddy Winters. Moz panics and says that’s not his alias – he says that’s really him! Uh-oh! David is a smart cookie.

Back at Neal’s place, Moz explains how he was an orphan and was nameless. He says he went searching for his identity when he was old enough and found the name Teddy Winters was the only birth certificate from the right place and time that didn’t have another body or a grave. He says that name is tied to all of his actual assets – storehouses, real houses, everything. Neal asks why he kept it active and he says it was in hopes his parents would come looking for him someday.

Neal says maybe the Roanoke practice was a good plan and asks Moz if he still has his teeth. On the street, Moz asks Neal if they can change jobs. They are going to find a dead dude and swap teeth out. Moz says this could keep him out of heaven. They plan to meet back in an hour – Neal will bring combustibles and Mo will bring the corpse.

David brings in a file he’s working on Teddy Winters. Peter figures out he found a holding company of Teddy’s.

Neal brought the ingredients for napalm and Moz is horrified and says he preferred a different accelerant. He tells Neal he’ll remember this indignity the next time they have to fake Neal’s death. They plant the body and the evidence at the Little Star office.

Neal comes into the office and David says that they broke the case and Teddy won’t have anything left. Then Diana comes and tells them there’s internet activity at the Little Star office and David, Neal and Peter rush off to “bust” him. Moz mops down the floor with the accelerant and walks out of the office. He goes outside for a breather but then sees the FBI pull up.

Neal asks why the guy is wearing a gas mask. Moments later the building blows up! Diana asks why a guy would risk going back to a place he knows the FBI have found. David says – if you’ve seen this guy , you would know he has serious mental issues. HA!

David says the teeth found are a match for Teddy Winters. Neal asks why they’re still investigating. David says it’s a win when the bad guys are in cuffs. Diana says the guy could have faked his death but David says the dental records are indisputable. Peter tells Diana to go home. Diana finds Neal and asks how he would fake his own death and he says a bridge jump. Diana wants Neal to go back with her to Little Star to check it out. He says she needs rest and promises to go with her tomorrow.

Diana goes to Little Star anyway. She’s walking around the site of the explosion and checks out three manhole covers. She calls in to the city and asks them which of the three is fake.

Neal drops off the report to Peter and tells him he’s headed home tired. Peter tells him Curtis Hagen is back (the Dutchman). He says he got a new trial and the evidence was shipped over this morning. Neal asks Peter if he has a chance and he says no – he says they have proof of his guilt upstairs.

Back at his desk, Neal pulls out a black bag and heads to the elevator.

Diana is pulling up manhole covers and strains herself. She climbs down the ladder and finds Moz listening to classical music, drinking wine and reading. She says Mozzie. He tells her it’s not what it looks like. She says it looks like he’s Teddy Winters. He tells her that stress can cause premature labor. He asks if she can make it up the ladder and she says he has to help her. He kicks the gun away and says he can’t go to prison. She calls his name as he runs away. He comes back and tells her she may be the enemy but bad karma isn’t hereditary. She asks what that means and he says it means it’s about to get messy. (i.e. labor and delivery)

Diana screams with her contractions. Moz times her contractions and tells her there’s no time to get to the hospital. She says she doesn’t want him touching her but then a contraction hit and she screams – get him out of me! He tells her it’s a good choice.

Upstairs Neal sneaks into evidence lock up.

David comes in with a report for Peter. He seems hesitant and he tells Peter he really fouled the case up by losing the guy. Peter says not to beat himself up about it. He asks how it’s going with Neal and he says good as far as he can tell. He asks if he thinks Neal has anything to do with the Little Star fiasco. He tells him that Neal went in alone there the first time but today was beside him the whole time.

Peter asks how it was for him to hand back the last white collar guy he handled to another handler and he says he didn’t have to because he caught the guy forging lottery tickets and sent him back to jail. David tells him that Neal’s ankle monitor shows he’s still in the building and asks if he should be worried. Peter says to save his worries for when he’s not in the building.

Neal stands at the long hallway that leads to evidence. In his mind, he hears the music he and Moz rehearsed with and he moves in choreographed precision to avoid the camera movements. The guard doesn’t see anything. Neal makes it through and bows.

Moz coaches Diana through her labor.

Peter comes out and sees Neal’s hat is still on his desk.

Moz is delivering the baby.

Neal drills in to an evidence area.

Peter calls Neal and he avoids the call. He threads in a wire with a UV source to destroy the evidence documents. Satisfied with the results, he smiles. Peter comes up to the evidence hallway. He and the guard walk down it. They come into the storage room and see nothing. We see behind them that Neal walks down the hall while their backs are turned.

Back in the office, Neal puts on his hat and Peter says he called him. He says he made it all the way downstairs before he realized he left his hat. He jokes that it needs its own tracking anklet and Peter says he’ll set one aside for it.

Neal comes down into Moz’s lair and finds Diana and her baby. Moz says I’m a dad and she says – not even close. He checks himself and says – I’m a midwife!

Peter comes home and flops down. Elizabeth tells him they have to go. He says he had a long day – a fire, then Neal forgot his hat. She says they have to go to the hospital.

Neal, Elizabeth, Moz, Clinton and Peter are at the bedside and she says they are her family. She says she’s thinking about calling him Theodore and Peter says as in Winters – and Clinton asks why she would name her son after a criminal but Moz smiles secretively.

Peter says the nurse told her the nurse said she had the baby early and he asks if she did it alone. She says she had help and Diana says she never got a name. Peter says it doesn’t seem like justice is being served since she doesn’t know who to think. She says maybe she’ll track him down when she’s back on her feet.

Moz and Neal smoke cigars and Neal says it’s poetic that one Teddy died when another was born. He says that Moz has been itching for a new beginning and he says it cost him everything and Neal says at least it kept him out of jail. He tells him that the Mozart trick to get down the hall worked perfectly. He says that should be the end of the Dutchman and him and Neal says he hopes so but has the feeling that it’s just the beginning.