“Wife Swap” Gina Loudon and Angela Envy Sneak Peek & Spoilers: There’s A First Time For Everything!

"Wife Swap" Gina Loudon and Angela Envy Sneak Peek & Spoilers: There's A First Time For Everything!

On Thursday, March 28th, ABC will be showing the new Wife Swap featuring Gina Loudon and Angela Envy where they’ll be forced to swap their very different lives and move in with families who just might not be ready for what’s in store. As many of you know, Wife Swap can get very intense, and I suspect the drama shared between these families is going to boil over to an extreme.

Gina Loudon is a Tea Party activist and conservative political pundit who lives in San Diego, California with her husband and five kids. Religion and politics play a vital role in their household and oftentimes come up in conversation. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s Angela Envy’s family: four children, one husband, and one girlfriend Angela and her husband share. Polyamorous relationship, anyone? As you can see, the claws will definitely come out during this episode and, for the first time in history, one of the families will go against the rules of the swap and refuse to tape the roundtable reflection segment!

Here’s a bit how the episode goes down (major spoilers), spoilers courtesy of ABC:

When Gina first arrives in Charleston, she meets Ashley and learns that she’ll be living with a polyamorous couple. With her conservative views and strong religious convictions, Gina finds the relationship “wrong” and is very uncomfortable with the situation. Tensions rise between Gina and Chris after he and Ashley take Gina out one night for drinks at a local bar. With the alcohol flowing, Gina begins to let her guard down and starts sharing her true feelings about the relationship between Chris, Angela and Ashley, as well as her stance on myriad controversial topics. The evening peaks Chris’ interest to look into Gina’s background – and what he finds prompts Chris to confront her, sparking an even larger confrontation.

Meanwhile, Angela meets her new family, but immediately feels judged by John when she reveals her relationship with Ashley to the family. As someone who does not discuss politics or religion at all, Angela finds the family’s strong conservative views upsetting. When it’s time for the rules to change, Angela decides to turn the tables by creating a political and religious free zone, but John breaks Angela’s rule and continues to share his disdain for her personal life, bringing Angela to tears.

Be sure to tune in next Thursday, March 28th for Wife Swap, which airs on ABC. What do you think about this show? Do you think it’s pointless? Or do you think it does a good job in helping people gather different people’s, different families’, perspectives? It definitely has its pros and cons; it’s an interesting social experiment, that’s for sure. If you had the opportunity to switch households, would you?

  • I just finished watching the season premiere of Wife Swap and I am absolutely DISGUSTED with this Bible-thumping, self-righteous Angela Kuncaitis chic!!! Attention America, this lady is NOT representative of all Christians!

    First of all, Marissa you are a GREAT mom and don’t ever let anyone make you feel like your style of parenting is wrong. It is clear that you love your son and have a lot of love in your heart, in general. Parenting does not come with a manual, so you’re allowed to learn along the way. You may need to revisit your priorities just a bit (less party, less Princess, more family, more discipline)… but your son is still young enough to benefit from a few tweeks, so no worries. And any mom with half a brain and that is living in 2013 will tell you that you can be a ROCKSTAR MOM… and still make time to enjoy life as well! You go girl!!!

    As for the Kuncaitis’, you people are delusional. If you think moving to a remote farm-bubble to live in a shack with NO electricity, NO running water, NO communication to the outside world and NO real sense of reality is “good parenting”… think again. You treat your children like SLAVES and you are actually doing them a disservice. The world you live in is not realistic and they will have no clue how to function in this world as adults. They’ll be shell-shocked if they ever decide to venture off. Who wants to raise children that will have no clue how to protect themselves and deal with the real world? Children need interaction with other children outside their home. They need culture. They need experiences. They need to just be children. And they certainly don’t need to feel like milking goats, cutting heads off chickens and shoveling cow dung will make them closer to GOD?! Living a simplistic lifestyle and instilling discipline in your children is one thing. Living in a cult-like atmosphere is another! I feel bad for your kids.

    And Angela… please do fellow Christians a favor and get off your high horse!!! You really are a HORRIBLE example a Christian and this is why so many people are turned off by our faith. You’re no better than Marissa… in fact, I wouldn’t even let you babysit my child!!! You’ve “sinned” like everyone else in this world, so don’t you dare turn your tight lip up at ANYONE (including Princess). My prayer is that YOU realize how evil, hateful, pessimistic and nasty you were on this show and it opens your eyes. And you have the nerve to sit there all high & mighty, with a Bible in front of you? What a joke!

    I’ll also pray that 1) your kids will move far, far away at the age of 18, 2) that they will be tolerate & respectful of others, 3) that they will learn to just enjoy life while they are here and 4) that they won’t be tainted by your close-minded views.

  • I agree! Why is it that those that most loudly claim what perfect Christians they are are also the first to judge and look down upon everyone else?

  • Envy, and her husband, came across like the lowest of low brow. Intolerant leftist ignorance at its finest on public display.