Meet DWTS Zendaya Coleman’s Father, Kazembe Coleman – Cruel Control Freak

Meet DWTS Zendaya Coleman’s Father, Kazembe Coleman - Cruel Control Freak

Many teenagers are likely to automatically assume that 16-year old phenom, Zendaya Coleman really has it made. She stars on Disney Channel’s hit show Shake It Up and won a much coveted spot on Dancing With the Stars, in spite of being so young. You’d think that the teen would be on top of the world but instead she is absolutely miserable and actually signed on to do DWTS because it’ll keep her away from home for long chunks of time.

The root of Zendaya’s problem is her control freak father, Kazembe Coleman, who has taken helicopter parenting to a ridiculous level. According to the April 22nd print edition of Star Magazine, Kazembe demands passwords to all of Zendaya’s online accounts and he has been known to tweet for the young star in spite of her protests. He also controls who she talks to and only lets Zendaya hang out with a few people. Aside from the fact that she is a growing girl who is trying to figure out who she really is and in order to do that she’ll need some freedom, Zendaya has also never once given her father a reason not to trust her!

By all accounts she has been a good kid that has purposely made good choices so there is not a single reason for Kazembe to exercise such strict control over her life. She chose to do DWTS because it was going to take up a huge amount of time, hours that her father couldn’t control. In between training Zendaya is reportedly trying to control whatever little bits and pieces of life that she can.

Do you think that Kazembe’s trying to control everything that his daughter does will eventually backfire? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • um no

  • Zyanna Thomas

    I think that’s ridiculous you should trust zendaya because superstar China said that zendaya is really nice and responsible and I follow zendaya on Twitter and she doesn’t say inappropriate or rude things so if I was a superstar I would trust zendaya one hundred percent if I was on Disney

  • This article sounds like a complete fabrication. I find it hard to believe that Zendaya’s dad is this over protective. Sources!

  • Xxxx

    Come on! She’s growing up, she needs freedom. Wht’s this? Taking control of your daughter’s life? She can do what she wants, all her co-stars said that she is a nice, sweet person. And her father still do this stuff…..

  • Stupid bitch you know nothing about Zendaya or her family and her dad is not a control freak he is just looking out for his little girl unlike you father who let you write this .Say something about Zendaya that’s incorrect again and her zswaggers will come after you bitch! Thank you ! love yolanduh xoxo

  • cari

    Guess what. She will thank him one day. It’s called good parenting. Something many many current celebridiots could have used. I applaud him. Who has the right to question it? No one. Otherwise you raise a Lohan, a Bynes or god forbid a Bieber.

  • Susie

    this is a total lie – I am a CLOSE family member and I can’t believe what I am reading. If you need to make us some shit about a girl who is doing well just so that it is newsworthy then you should really re-examine your profession and own life.

    • Star

      Everybody want too be related to a star lol

  • Jereomy

    Total bullshit! Yes, her parents have passwords to her twitter and other social media, but it’s to protect her from assholes like you. They block people who are inappropriate. That’s it. Her dad goes everywhere she does that’s work related because she 16, she has to have a parent with her. Get your facts straight before you post something moron.

  • brebay

    Any parent who doesn’t know exactly what their 16-year-old daughter is doing online is a neglectful parent. Who wrote this? A bratty 20-year-old? It’s called parenting, and it’s his obligation for another few years, good for him! Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes’ dads probably let them have their privacy…that worked out well…

  • Taylor

    NO! He is just being a father so that he makes sure his daughter doesn’t go off the deep end like all these other CRAZY Disney star people!! Ugh SMH celebdirtylaundry

  • Teachem’

    He is the best father in the world! Britney, Lindsay, Paris, Kim and the rest of them should have had a Dad like him.