CDL Giveaway: $150 Gift Card For Nail Art, Plus Exclusive Interview With Celeb Nail Artist Terrance Terry From Oxygen’s Nail’d It!


Enter to win a $150 gift card for nail art and check out our exclusive interview with Terrance Terry, owner of the fabulous Luxe Nail Bar in Atlanta, Georgia! If you have watched the Oxygen Network’s show Nail’d It, you know that nail art is becoming wildly popular, as women everywhere are turning to nail artists to give them a custom look that is an expression of who they are or a look they want to portray. Nail art is not only extremely customized; it is quite personal to everyone who dons a creative set—giving clients a look specific to them and different from the rest.

The show Nail’d It challenges some of the top nail artists from around the US to come up with some very creative nails based on themes given as part of the test to see who of the three artists will win 10 thousand dollars along with a chance to participate in the finals for $100 thousand!

CDL was fortunate enough to steal some time from judge, and industry expert, Terrance Terry. If you know anything about nail art, you’ve likely heard his name before. As the pioneer of the Designer Nail Series, owner of Luxe Nail Bar in Atlanta, and judge on Nail’d It, Terrance has quite a bit of experience and knowledge under his belt and is considered an expert and innovator in the nail industry.

We asked the nail expert how he got started in the industry. Terrance shared the story of his unexpected career path with us: “I actually stumbled into it by accident! I was in the interior design industry, but knew a little bit about nails.” It was through helping his good friend Jada, who owned a couple salons in Michigan where Terrance is from, that the king of nails had the chance to do his first set and realize he enjoyed it. Terrance shares, “I was working part-time earning money to pay for school.” He then realized that although he loved interior design, this was his calling. He enrolled in and successfully completed cosmetology school and earned his license in 1999. He explains, “With any form of art, you either have it or you don’t. I am an artsy person by nature, and you have to be really artistically inclined. I began to use nails as my canvas.” Terrance incorporates new and emerging trends into his continued artistic endeavors.

We know that Terrance has seen it all when it comes to nail art so we were excited to find out what his favorite theme or style might be. He shares that he has a favorite from the past that gained popularity shortly after he began doing nails — airbrushing! He says, “At the time airbrushing was a really big deal” because you could do so much with it. There were some amazing effects that could be achieved with airbrushing that Terrance remembers as a favorite to this day. Now, however, he is all about the Designer Nail Series that he tells us “really put me on the map.” Terrance described how he was the first to begin decorating nails with many of the iconic fashion houses. Think Gucci, Louis Vuitton logos on nails through the hand-painted work of Terrance. “I also love graphic, bold patterns,” he shares.

Given the name he’s made for himself, it only made sense for Terrance to open the Luxe Nail Bar in Atlanta where he can give customers the full boutique salon experience. Using his interior design skills, he transformed his salon into an orgasmic experience for the eyes, using all black and white with some blue for color, along with the many nail colors that provide added color to his chic, upscale spot. Those who visit the by-appointment-only salon will enjoy being fully pampered as they have their nails transformed while sipping a glass of wine or champagne. Saturdays, the nail bar has the mimosas being poured and the sangria being enjoyed while customers listen to the upbeat music of the DJ. Those who find themselves never wanting to leave can book the spot, as it seconds as a venue for colorful, amazing parties.

While Terrance has transformed thousands of nails over the years, he’s known for being a nail artist to the stars and has worked with many top celebrities. When asked of his most memorable celebrity client, he shared his all-time favorite was Whitney Houston. He recalled the first time he met the singing legend: “She had a home in Atlanta and I was going to her home for the appointment. It was my first time meeting her.” Terrance shares that although he’s worked with many celebrity clients, he was a bit intimidated as he walked up to the steps of her home. He tells us, “I had my game face on and I was ready. She actually opened the door, no butler or maid. I remember she opened the door with, ‘Hi baby, how you doin’?’” and it immediately took the pressure off.

Terrance shared some precious memories he has of his time with Whitney, such as when he came to her place for an appointment and was pleasantly surprised to see her cooking in the kitchen preparing for guests to come. She was so personable and down to earth and invited Terrance to have something to eat. Though that celebrity experience would be hard to beat, we asked Terrance if there were any celebs on his radar that he’d love to work with but hasn’t yet. Hands down, Terrance lists Oprah and Beyonce as his dream clients, and we can understand that! Sounds like a perfect match-up! Terrance also thinks Pastor Paula White would make for an amazing client because he loves her style.

With so much going on, it is hard to believe that Terrance also makes the time to offer one-on-one enrichment classes, business consulting, and interior design consulting for all types of businesses. He’s also in the process of creating a line of templates to help salon owners track data and run their business more effectively and efficiently. And, if your salon needs a face-lift…he is your man! Visit Terrance’s site to learn more about this busy entrepreneur at Follow Terrance on Twitter and Instagram @TerranceTerry

Terrance shares expert tips and provides knowledgeable guidance to competitors on Nail’d It. When we asked him what criteria is most important to be successful on the show that pits top nail artists against one another, Terrance spills, “Detail! They must be neat and meticulous. You’ve got very talented people that are in the competition arena and in their haste—don’t pay attention to detail, but that has to be done from the foundation to the finish.”

Learn more about Nail’d It on Oxygen, and check out the pics of the fabulous nails they share to get some inspiration here: and tune in on Tuesday at 9PM to watch these nail artists create magic on fingernails.


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