24 Live Another Day Recap 6/23/14: Episode 9 “Day 9: 7:00 PM-8:00 PM”

24 Live Another Day Recap 6/23/14: Episode 9 “Day 9: 7:00 PM-8:00 PM”

24: Live Another Day airs tonight with a new episode called, “Day 9: 7:00 PM-8:00 PM.” On tonight’s episode True colors are revealed in the midst of some very intense circumstances. Meanwhile, Jack and Chloe launch a plan to eliminate the terrorist threat and keep London safe from any more attacks, but to do so first he and Kate need to track down some crucial leads with little time to spare.

On last week’s episode, Jack Bauer and President Heller endured the unthinkable to thwart the terror attacks of mastermind Margot Al-Harazi (guest star Michelle Fairley). Meanwhile, CIA agent Jordan Reed faced a life-or-death struggle and Kate took drastic measures to track down Margot before it was too late. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Jack and Chloe have a plan in place to eliminate the terrorist threat before any more attacks rock London. With no time to spare and lives on the line, Jack and Kate pursue crucial leads in an attempt to gain the upper hand on the incredibly intense circumstances. Meanwhile, key players reveal their true colors.

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting; you’re not going to want to miss even a minute of it. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on the return of Jack Bauer.


It’s 7 pm in London and we’re watching #24LAD. Smoke rises from the arena where the president lost his life. Davies watches very upset. Audrey is in tears and Mark is devastated. PM Davies tells them to turn it off and tells Audrey her father was courageous and a dear friend. He says his sacrifice was an act of bravery the British will never forget. Audrey stares at Mark, sidesteps him and walks away. Davies’ assistant says they have to hope Margot will keep her word.

The news talks about the missile. Ritter asks why Margot would fire a missile at an empty stadium and she says the President was there and was the target. Navarro says that’s impossible and Kate says Jack broke him out and escorted him there at his request. There is an explosion reported off the coast of Dover. Kate says it looks like Margot is keeping her end of the agreement and destroying the drones.

Ian says there is just one drone left and asks his mother if she’s sure. She says since Heller kept his word, they must as well. He sends it into a dive. He says Mahmoud is looking down on her from above and she says he’s looking down on them all. She says family meant everything to his step-father and says he gave their lives purpose. She says she wishes he was alive to see this day.

Ian watches the video of Heller right before he died. He says something isn’t right. Ian says Heller looked to the right like he spotted something. He says they’ve tricked them and they put the footage on a loop. He says Heller must still be alive. Margot tells him to get the drone back and he tries to pull it out of the dive.

Jack tells Heller that he’s in the clear but wants to know why Jack didn’t tell him. He says he couldn’t risk it. Chloe calls and says five drones have been destroyed and the last is on course for destruction. Then Chloe says the vector on the last one has changed. Jack curses and says Margot must have figured it out. He says maybe they can intercept it. Chloe says Margot is somewhere in East London.

Heller says he should have let him take the hit. Jack says he couldn’t let it happen and says they can still get to her and she has just one drone left. Belchek pulls up and Heller says they need to go to the Presidential quarters. Jack says he has to stay dark so Margot won’t come after him. Heller says he’s done listening to him but Jack tells him to get in the car and let him do what he knows how to do.

Jack tells Belchek no phones or other communication. He leaves with the President. Heller asks for his phone so he can call secret service. Belchek says Jack said no phones. Heller says he’s the President of the United States of America. Belchek says he’s not an American and this is not the United States. Jack calls Kate and asks to be connected to the President’s staff. She patches him through.

Crowds of people are swarming out of the London. Davies is still there when Jack addresses them. He tells her that her dad is still alive. She’s floored. He says he’s safe and they tricked Margot. He says she took five downs and has one left that’s headed back to London. Davies asks what the target is and he says he doesn’t know. He says Chloe is sending information and the RAF should try to intercept it.

Mark says the Secret Service can bring Heller in but Jack says it’s not safe because Margot is likely monitoring channels. Navarro says they have the drone feed. Jack says they have to find Margot and or intercept the missile. Navarro says Ritter and Kate will meet him and Jack asks them to help Chloe. Navarros says he will. Audrey thanks Jack and he says she’s welcome.

Kate asks the tech to trace the signal and says Jordan would be better for it. Kate is worried about Jordan’s disappearance but Navarro says that’s his problem and tells her to go. It’s 7:11 pm. Ian says he’s got the President and knows he’s alive. He asks who he is and Margot says it’s Bauer a former CTU agent.

Margot says she should have known she shouldn’t have trusted a liar like Heller. Ian says he can still track Heller from when he left the stadium but she says she wants him alive to see what his cowardice has caused. She tells Ian to head for Waterloo Station. She says not to lock into the coordinates until the last minute in case they’ve hacked in. She says all those lost lives will be on his conscience.

It’s 7:17 pm. Jack tells Chloe he’s circling and she says there are three towers the signal is bouncing off of and says she’s somewhere in Hackney. She says she can try something and will call him back. Chloe calls Adrian and asks for help to stop the drone. Adrian says there is nothing they can do. She says he wouldn’t be helping Jack, he’d be helping her.

She tells him that she needs to pinpoint the location more precisely. Adrian says he has a new GPS hack that works on the Navstar satellite. She says she’ll send the data and he agrees to help. She says it’s working and he asks if she’s sure this is a good cause. It’s 7:20 pm. She tells Jack it’s Tundel House – an office building.

Chloe says if they want a more precise location, they have to cut off electricity to the block. Jack says to find the dedicated electrical juncture and shut it down. Kate and Ritter are nearby and then are taking fire from guards Margot has at the entrance. Margot hears the gunfire and shouts – they’re here. Jack tells Kate to take out the electrical box.

He’s going to land on the roof. Kate says she sees it. The drone is closing in on London. Audrey and the Presidential staff watch the feed. Jack exchanges shots with guards on the roof. He takes out several and there is an alarm. He takes out another and creeps down the hall. On the street, Kate tells Ritter she needs a grenade. They struggle to get closer to the box.

They pull up in the car and Kate steps out to love the grenade then they back away to avoid the explosion. The lights go out and Ian tells his mother they have five minutes to go. He locks in the Waterloo Station coordinates. Chloe was able to find them and says he’s on the fifth floor. Kate is still stuck outside but they have back-up now. He tells Kate where Margot is on the fifth floor.

Chloe says they don’t have long and the Presidential staff sees that it’s set for Waterloo Station. Davies calls for an immediate evacuation. Chloe says there are three minutes before the drone can fire. He fights his way up the stairs. Outside, Kate calls for cover and heads for the entrance. She and some others make it inside and head for the stairs.

Ian works furiously and completes the targeting. He says they have to go now but Margot says they can’t go until it’s done. She says she has to be sure and Ian says she doesn’t need him there. He tries to leave and his mother pulls a gun on him and say his step-father was prepared to die for the cause and they should be as well. Ian says they can succeed or die together for Mahmoud.

Margot tells him she loves him and says to remember that no matter what happens. Jack pulls electrical cords loose on the roof. He prepares to use them to go down the side of the building. Kate and Ritter and the other agents exchange fire with Margot’s guards. Jack repels down the side of the building using the cables.

Audrey and the others watch the feed and the people running from the station. Ian sees Jack and fires through the windows. Jack moves out of range and dangles then when Ian gets closer he swings in, grabs him and throws him out the window while Margot howls in anger. He shoots Margot and she goes down. Jack asks what he can do and Chloe says he has to divert the trajectory. He tells them he has Margot in custody. He changes the missile’s course and it blows up in the Thames.

There is applause in the Presidential quarters. Margot tells him that he thinks he may have won, but he didn’t. She says there are deaths on his head and he says only this one and throws her out the window, handcuffs still on. She splatters.

It’s 7:28 pm as the last of the Al-Harazi’s expire.

At 7:33 pm, Audrey paces. Heller is in the car with Belchek. He asks his name and he says it’s just one word like Madonna. They see the police out in force and Belchek pulls over and lets Heller out at the Presidential quarters. The Secret Service tell Belchek hands on his head but Heller says to show respect and says he’s with him and to let him go.

Heller comes into the building and Audrey goes to him and holds him tight. She says she thought she lost him and he says he’s sorry he put her through this. Davies says he was foolish but understands why he did it. They hug it out too. Mark hugs him and says that Jack called and said Ian and Margot are dead and Jack has the device. Heller says to get Jack on the phone.

He takes the call and Heller says he’s back safe and sound. He thanks him for looking out for him and Jack says it was his honor. Jack says they are headed back with the device to analyze it and the General says he’s sending someone to escort him. Kate waits out in the hall and Jack shakes her hand and tells her it was good work.

At 7:37 pm, Kate’s cop contact friend tells her he’s got two dead bodies and one of them is Jordan Reed. He asks if she knows him and she asks what happened. He says they were both shot and the second body has no ID. She says she’ll comes to the scene. Ritter asks what’s up and she says she has to go to Camden to see what’s going on.

Kate calls Navarro and tells him that Jordan is dead. He feigns shock and she says they are going to the crime scene now. Navarro asks why he was out there and she says there are two bodies and he asks who he was with and she says she’ll call when she has more information. Gavin hears him say Jordan and asks what it’s about but Navarro says not now.

Navarro goes to his secure phone and calls Adrian. Navarro says the police found the analyst’s body and another operative that can be traced back to him. Adrian says he’s just the middle man but Navarro says he needs help getting out of there and needs cash and a new ID. Adrian says it will cost him. He wants the drone override device. Navarro asks why he wants it but Adrian won’t tell him why.

Navarro says the device will be on lock down at the CIA but Adrian says he’s the boss there and can find a way to get it out and bring it to him then he’ll have what he needs. They end the call.

It’s 7:44 pm and Jack tells the CIA he’s five minutes out with the device. Kate shows up to the Camden crime scene. She and Ritter confirm that it’s Jordan that’s dead. Kate is very upset. The cop explains what happened and says there is a blood trail. He says Jordan was shot somewhere else and then was followed, they struggled and he was stabbed.

The cop says there is no ID on the body and not even any labels on his clothes. He goes to take a call. Ritter asks what Jordan was into and Kate says nothing that she knew about. She asks for Ritter’s phone. She says she’s going to run the mystery guy’s prints. She snaps pics of them. Chloe steps out of the bar as her phone rings. It’s Jack and he says he wants her to look at the device.

Chloe says she’s not coming. She says Margot’s dead and it’s not her problem anymore. She says it was good to see him, like old times. She says she hopes he gets back to see his family soon. She disconnects the call and gets in the car with Adrian. He thanks her and she says for what and he says, for another chance. They drive away.

Jack brings the device in and Navarro asks if that’s it. Jack says General Coburn is sending an analyst. He’s there. Jack says it has to be locked down tight. Jack asks where Kate is and they tell him she’s gone to check on a dead agent. Jack asks if it’s related to Margot and Navarro says he doesn’t know. Jack calls Kate and she says the guy who killed Jordan had no ID.

His fingerprints come up as O code and Jack says he’s a professional killer – an operative and they wonder what’s up. Navarro overhears and Jack says he’s sending the fingerprints to a guy at Langley. Navarro says he can have it done there but Jack says they can both do it and see who gets results first. Navarro asks how long it will take and Jack says not long.

Navarro is sweating bullets at 7:49 pm. By 7:53 pm, Jack’s guy is running the prints. He says the program is still running. Navarro stands close and tries to listen in. He says he’ll call Jack back. The analyst says the device can break into any defense firewall and says it’s not just about the drones. Jack gets a call from Audrey. She thanks him and he says a lot of people were helping.

Audrey says she’s thanking him for not letting her father sacrifice himself. He gets a call and says he’ll find her as soon as he can. Navarro watches but can’t hear Jack. When Jack is out of sight, Navarro puts the analyst in a choke hold and takes him out. He grabs a canvas bag and packs up the device. Jack’s guy says the killer was James Harmon – an assassin who was removed from the program.

Jack asks who he’s worked for and the most recent handler is Steve Navarro. Jack goes off running and sees that Navarro is gone. He pulls his gun. Navarro tells the guard there has been a security breach and tells the guard to lock it down and not let anyone through. Jack is close behind and tells the guy if he makes a sound, he’ll kill him.

He knocks him out, goes through the door and pursues Navarro who sees him and fires some shots. Jack is hot on his heels. Navarro went out through a back door then up a tunnel. He runs with the device as hard as he can and Jack tries to catch up. Jack kicks open the exit door but Navarro is way down the street. He’s lost sight of him completely.

Audrey is bandaging her dad’s wounds. Mark is working. Adrian pulls over and Chloe hops out and says she’ll be right back. Navarro calls Adrian and says he has it but wants to know why he wants it. He won’t tell him. Adrian says to meet him in Pinsley Square. Chloe comes back to the car and kisses Adrian. He says he has to meet a friend. They pull out.

It’s 7:59 pm.