Aldon Smith Arrested For Yelling “Bomb” At LAX – 49ers Players Having a Bad Week (VIDEO)

Aldon Smith Arrested For Yelling "Bomb" At LAX - 49ers Players Having a Bad Week

One must truly have a desire to be arrested if they make the conscious decision to yell “bomb” in the airport for no apparent reason. And that is just what happened to San Francisco 49ers linebacker, Aldon Smith, 24.

Apparently having had one too many in the LAX airport lounge, Smith acted out after he was randomly selected for a second screening at the security gate. Police say it was at that point that Smith had become “belligerent and uncooperative with the process and with the TSA agent allegedly making a comment indicating that he was in possession of a bomb before proceeding to the gate area,” reports TMZ. He was still just as hostile during his arrest, bellowing that he had done nothing wrong and insisting the cops arresting him would be “embarrassed,” shares TMZ. He was transported to a nearby LAPD station for booking.

This isn’t anything new to the troubled player. He was arrested in 2012 for his second DUI, and according to ESPN he did rehab after this arrest but I guess rehab failed. In 2013 this thug “athlete” was charged with illegal possession of an assault weapon after a violent incident took place in his home in San Jose, CA. This dude is a real winner…. If the team’s players keep getting this awful media attention (Colin Kaepernick) perhaps fans who want to see the 49ers will have to go to Candlestick Prison! The Longest Yard.

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