American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 10 Review – Spoilers Episode 11 “Protect The Coven”

American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 10 Review – Spoilers Episode 11 “Protect The Coven”

On episode 10 of AMERICAN HORROR STORY called, “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” we open and Laveau is holding a cup of tea which Fiona pours what I’m guessing is the entire contents of her flask into. Fiona tells her to drink up it will calm her nerves. Or cause her to lose control of the entirely. Fiona tells Laveau when she is ready she will cast a little spell on her to help her sleep,through the night. Laveau tels her she is ashamed to,show Fiona her weakness. Fiona tells her she may have shed a tear or two if she lost everyone she had. That’s is one hell of a big may to be sure. Laveau tells her she is over three hundred years old and it’s not the trips the people she knows take to the Grim Reaper but rather Fiona’s kindness that touched her soul. Fiona kind? What a difference a holiday break makes. Laveau tells her she has been alone for so long that it is a relief to have finally found a equal, even if that person comes in the guise of a enemy. The Voo Doo Queen just lost every minion she had and still manages to take a moment to deliver snarky comments in the form of gratefulness. Laveau tells Fiona they have so much to talk about… and each other’s nails to paint ,and boys to prank call ,and pillow fights to have….I may have imagined the last three, cold meds will cause that sort of thing. Fiona tells her not tonight it will wait till tomorrow after Laveau gets some sleep.

Laveau is sound asleep when some freaky dude that looks like he walked out of yet another crappy Rob Zombie flick appears and tells her to wake up that her master calls. He calls her by name and she jumps awake. He tells her tonight is the night to pay him his due. Laveau calls him Papa Legba and tells him not now… please… it’s been a hard day. He tells her hard days call for hard nights, right before he snorts some coke, guess that’s what makes him float. Papa laughs, Laveau flings herself back on to the pillow and accuses him of drinking her torment like wine. Papa ask her why she is in the house of her enemy. Laveau tells him she has come to seek a lasting truce. Papa tells her to hell with that, you will do my bidding first it’s part of our annually agreement. Papa starts laughing and he gets louder and louder, the coke has clearly kicked in.

Laveau walks up some stairs and heads towards the nursery in a hospital. A nurse runs up and tells her she will need to come back during visiting hours. Laveau blows some powder in her face and then tells her to open the door. The nurse in a trance does so and Laveau walks right in and picks up a baby. When she gets out of the hospital she is confronted by two police offers. Laveau makes them turn and shoot each other. The baby starts screaming, she looks down at it hatefully and tells it to shut up and that she is going to give it something to cry about.

Fiona, Cordelia, and Laveau are watching the news. They newscaster shows a picture of Hank Walkimg away from the hair salon after the shooting, so Queenie blew her head off for nothing, well that’s just flipping fantastic. Cordelia takes the blame for Hanks actions and says its all her fault. Laveau gets sick of her sniveling and tells her rather matter of factly that she hired Hank. Cordelia is all about the what. Laveau explains that her husband was a witch hunter, how her mother was the Supreme. This is the point at which she cuts a look over in Fiona’s direction and says he hated your ass. Back to Cordelia, Laveau tells her he offered a fair price so why the hell not. Cordelia can’t believe what she is hearing, Fiona gets up and walks over the the kitchen counter. Laveau is still going on about Hank got soft and wanted to protect Cordelia from her. Fiona starts walking back towards the table with a purpose, Laveau jumps up thinking she is about to get knocked on her ass, nope she instead knocks Cordelia on hers and tells her she is willfully blind. Laveau tells Fiona it’s all water under the bridge now, them she helps Cordelia up and into the chair she just got slapped out of. Fiona tells them that Hank wasn’t some lone assassin with a grudge witch hunters never act alone. Fiona tells them that they are a sacred order of men who’s soul purpose is to rid the world of witches, no need to waste time with the worker bees when they can find the hive. Door bell rings, Fiona leaves to answer it. Laveau is headed out of the kitchen to and conveniently turns off the tv as soon as they start talking about the missing baby.

Misty is up in her room, looking at herself in the mirror and humming and singing what is no doubt a Stevie Nicks song. Fiona waltzes in to he room. Misty tells,her to stay back she knows her M O. Misty also informs her even is she does kill her she has made plans to bring herself back. Fiona tells her she doesn’t want to kill her because Misty is the top girl. Misty tells her she knows all about the Supreme thing and as far as she is concerned Fiona can keep them. Fiona takes Misty downstairs all the while explaining to her what being the Supreme will mean for her. Fiona tells her she has a white witch friend that would like to meet Misty. They go into the room downstairs and it’s Stevie Nicks, she introduces herself to Misty, who promptly hits the floor. Stefie ask Fiona is she is going to be ok. Fiona just laughs walks over Misty and tells Stefie she owes her five bucks.

Madison, Nan, and Zoe are walking back up the steps to the school discussing rather or not Queenie is dead. The three of them walk in the room and see Stevie singing and playing the piano. Fiona seems to be relaxing and enjoying it. Misty is loving it. Madison walks over to Fiona and ask her when Eminem is getting there. Fiona tells her she isn’t Marshalls type but more importantly she isn’t the next Supreme. Misty starts spinning around. Madison ask about the Seven Wonders. Fiona has no doubt Fiona will pass them all. Madison is not pleased. Misty goes and sits sown by Stevie at the piano. Madison tries to interject herself but fails. Stevie gives Misty her shawl and tells her good luck with the Seven Wonders.

Madison is upstairs in her room throwing a fit about how swamp girl van even spell,her own name and she gets the keys to the kingdom. Madison points out she came back from the dead. Zoe points out she sure did and it’s Misty who brought her back. Madison is not pleased. Nan says she could be the Supreme. Zoe and Madison are going at it, rather entertaining might I add. Zoe calls her a skank and tells her she can’t be the Supreme because she has a heart murmur. Madison in turn calls Zoe a bitch and tells her that little trip to the after life cured it. Zoe doesn’t believe her. Nan comes walking over and listens to Madison’s chest and confirms it is in fact gone. Madison exclaims that it was meant for her to doe and then be born again like our Lord and
Savior. Zoe’s at a loss for words. Madison continues she wants to schedule a Seven Wonders off with Misty and see which one is the Supreme.
Cordelia does some research and finds her father in law and his company. Laveau is all about heading to Atlanta. Fiona tells her before they hop on their broomsticks they need to think it through. Fiona says they need to go after their money. So the three of them start setting up for a spell/curse that involves a maze, money, mouse traps and the mouse for the trap. Cordelia is told by Fiona to leave because she is worthless. Fiona starts the spell and soon enough we see the FBI show up at the company. Hanks father is watching the FBI comb over everything in the headquarters. The mouse trap snaps and Fiona becomes dizzy, Laveau catches her before she falls. Laveau ask her if she is ok, Fiona says yes but only gets a few steps before she falls.

Zoe is sitting in a elevator with Nan telling her that Madison can’t be the next Supreme. Nan points out Madison is selfish and a whore. Zoe realizes that they can’t survive on their own and they have to protect each other. Nan tells her if she was the Supreme she would only do good. They get off the elevator and go to the desk. Zoe tells the nurse they are there to see Luke Ramsey. Before the nurse can say anything Nan gasp. The nurse tells them that he died yesterday. Nan says she wants to see him. The nurse tells her the mortuary picked him up already. Nan breaks down and says she just wants to say goodbye.

Laveau brings Fiona back around by using rattle viper sperm incense. Fiona tells Laveau it isn’t even,spirits making her sick it’s one of the girls as she gets stronger Fiona gets weaker. Laveau tells her she isn’t ready to say goodbye to her they still have work to do. Fiona wants Laveau to tell give her the secret to immortality. Laveau tells her she sold her soul to Papa Legba. Laveau tells,her she was young and pregnant and did not except the idea of death. Papa Legba showed up one night offered what she wanted at a price, she would live forever if she gave him a baby as a sacrifice once a year, he even took her child. Fiona ask if Laveau still sees him. Laveau tells her yes once a year. Laveau tells her to forget all about him and get some rest. Fiona isn’t forgetting a thing.

A horse drawn hearse is going by on a street with several people walking behind it and a jazz band playing. At the tail end of the people are Madison and Misty. Madison is explaining all the perks of being the Supreme to Misty as well as the price that comes with it. Misty doesn’t seem all that interested. Madison is trying to play her. Misty isn’t falling for it. Madison decides to use another tactic. They go to the cemetery and stand by a coffin. Madison ask Misty to make the guys freeze for a minute. Misty waves her hand. Madison tells her she is going to prove she is just as powerful as she is. Madison gets the guy to come out of the coffin. Madison convinces her to put the shawl in the coffin. It’s a trick, Madison knocks her upside the head with a brick ,calls her a stupid bitch, grabs the shawl, closes the coffin, tells the guy their coffee break is over ,and then walks away as they begin to put the coffin in the wall. No worries though because Misty told Fiona earlier she totally had a plan for coming back… you know.. just in case.

Nan and Zoe go to visit Luke’s mom. She gives them a cupcake and tells a story about when Luke was little. Nan ask where the body is. Zoe covers and says she means where is the service going to be at. His mom tells her a church but them brings out a
urn. Nan jumps out of her seat and calls her a bitch and tells her she knows she smothered him with a pillow. Nan makes her drop to her knees. Nan grabs a bottle of bleach from under the counter. Zoe tries to stop her but she waves her hands and knocks her down the slides her over to the door and pins her to it. Nan gives the bleach to his mother and with mind control makes her drink it telling her she needs to be cleansed. His mother starts foaming at the mouth and then falls over.

Cordelia is in the greenhouse with Myrtle who is playing a instrument that sounds like its straight out of the Twilight Zone. Cordelia tells her it’s hideous. Myrtle tells her not to be a hater. Cordelia tells Myrtle she has nothing to offer and doesn’t know what she should do. Myrtle advises her to buck up. Cordelia isn’t sure how since her powers are gone. Myrtle suggest she get a job as a waitress on a cruise ship. Cordelia wants to know if Myrtle is giving her a push over the edge. Myrtle tells her she is being realistic, what are your choices when your mom is Hillary Clinton. Cordelia tells Myrtle she is insane….truer words…. Cordelia starts breaking things. Myrtle goes back traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.

Hanks dad is in his office, he is being informed that they lost half of their assets in ten minutes. Hanks dad thinks they have a week before they are out of business. Hanks dad demands he gets some people on the phone. Hanks dad knows the witches did it.

Fiona is in her room cutting up a great deal of coke. Four lines in fact. It’s for Papa Legba. He appears and does a line. He compliments Fiona on her good stuff. Fiona tells him she doesn’t want to die. She points out she is Queen of the witches. He doesn’t give a wet donkey shit, all he cares about is her soul. They come to a agreement and terms. She lives forever and she performs services for him one night a year no refusals.
Papa Legba is about to seal it with a kiss, but tells her the deal is off because she doesn’t have a soul. I could have told him that. The Axeman comes out of nowhere. He tells her all they have to do is find the girl who is bringing her down. Fiona does a line of the good stuff then tells him she doesn’t have a soul so she is just going to kill them all.

Nan is sitting in her bed in her room. Nan hears the baby. She follows the sound and finds it in a chest in Laveau’s room. Laveau wants the baby back. Nan refuses. Nan tells her she killed the lady next door arms she will kill her as well. Fiona comes in and ask what’s going on. Laveau tells her. Fiona orders Nan to give the baby back. Nan does then she leaves. Laveau tells her Nan is dangerous, Fiona agrees. Fiona wants to know what the baby is for. Laveau tell her it’s for Papa. Laveau doesn’t want to give him the baby and Fiona suggest there is a way they can kill two birds with one stone. They drown Nan.

Papa shows up and tells the there are no substitutions. It was to be a innocent. Fiona tells him she was innocent, well mostly she killed the neighbor next door but the bitch had it coming. Laveau tells him to be a sport. Papa tells them that the two of them together are trouble. Nan’s ghost comes around the corner and she wants to know if she has to wear that dress for eternity. Papa tells her no and that it’s time to go. Nan tells him anywhere is better than here. They leave.

Stevie is playing the piano again. Fiona is talking to her. Stevie starts singing. Fiona sits down and cries as she listens.


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of the next episode of American Horror Story, “Protect The Coven” which airs on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 10 PM EST on FX check out the preview of episode 11 below!  American Horror Story: Coven is written by Jennifer Salt and directed by Bradley Buecker.

“Fiona and Laveau have a deadly face off with The Corporation. Cordelia makes a desperate sacrifice to protect the Coven.”

The video gives away a lot so check it out below.  One thing for sure, they are setting the stage for a big conclusion!