American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 12 Review – Spoilers Season 3 Finale “The Seven Wonders”

American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 12 Review - Spoilers Season 3 Finale “The Seven Wonders”

On episode 12 and the penultimate episode of AMERICAN HORROR STORY called, “Go To Hell,” the show opens with a silent movie showier the Seven Wonders being performed one by one in order to find a new Supreme. Fiona tells Queenie that the Seven Wonders can get you killed, however if you perform them you are the next Supreme. Queenie chuckles and says she doesn’t have to read Fiona’s mind to know what she is doing, she wants the girls to perform the Seven Wonders so that she can find the next Supreme and then kill her. Fiona laughs the laugh of someone who has given up and calls Queenie a poor, sweet, dumb, paranoid girl, Fiona tells her she is tired and she looks it. Queenie goes hmmmmm hmmmmm, and the ask where Laveau is. Fiona tells her that isn’t there business, Queenie informs her that is her business, the only other black witch in this place goes missing and I want to know why. Fiona tells her she is probably off in another realm consorting with that half baked Beeetlejuice you know Papa Legba. Fiona incorrectly calls him Papa Voodoo. Queenie corrects her and the tells her he is a Deity and to show some respect. Fiona looks at her and Queenie’s head snaps back and she is choking, Fiona tells her respect is something that is certainly lacking around here so points to you, and you will respect me your Supreme until the moment I am replaced. Queenie’s head snaps back down. Fiona leans back on the chair clearly tired, she tells Queenie to rest up and take her vitamin B12’s, your trials begin Saturday morning, you will perform the Seven Wonders or die trying.

Madison is in her room packing a little box of what I presume is Zoe’s stuff she left behind when Cordelia comes in and says she needs her help. Cordelia tells,her she was in Misty’s room and she touched her boots and hairbrush and can’t see where she is at. Madison tells her that maybe Misty is gone. Cordelia reaches out to touch her and Madison uses transmutation to move to the other end of the room. Madison says it just happened. Cordelia tells her not to read anything to it that their powers are heightened during a time of crisis, this is one of those times. Cordelia tells Madison she needs to touch her. Madison uses transmutation again and ends up on the other side of the bed. Cordelia ask Madison what she is afraid she will semming Misty in a coffin,) Cordelia tells her nothing stays a secret for long in that house. Cordelia touches the bedpost. Madison tells her she doesn’t have anything to hide. Cordelia tells her to come to her then. Madison walks over to her and then clears her mind thus making it impossible for Cordelia to see anything when she touches her.

Queenie goes into the greenhouse and can hear Laveau’s thoughts. Queenie comes to the end of the table and it is covered in blood and there is a puddle of it on the ground. Queenie looks up calls for Laveau. Queenie is sitting on a bed going through a book when she finds a spell to make her leave her body. Queenie succeeds and goes back to when she was working at Chubbie’s, her boss tells her he needs a box of chicken and she starts to panic as she fills the box. Queenie hands it to him and he tells to watch the counter, she looks down and sees what she is wearing and ask what she is doing there. Her boss says he ask himself that everyday. There is a line of people and in the very front of it is Papa Legba. Queenie wants to know if he loves in the chicken shack. Papa Legba explains that this isn’t the hell but her own hell. Queenie sidesteps the whole personal hell thing and tells him she is looking for Laveau and she hears they hang out together. Papa Legba tells Laveau isn’t there and there is this thing about being immortal….. The. He threatens to set some guy on fire who is standing in line and got smart with him. Papa Legba tells her it took some skill to come sow. There before her time most people would be afraid they couldn’t get back. He turns to leave and Queenie informs him she isn’t done with him. He tells her it is almost sun up and unless she wants to stay there forever she better hurry and get back. Queenie tells him she has only been there five minute. Legba tells her time moves differently in hell. Queenie snaps out of it.

Papa Legba is standing in Queenie’s room. He tells her she made it back and he is impressed. Queenie said now that she has proven her power he is going to give her some answers, and that he does. Legba informs her that LaLaurie cut Laveau up and then the lion and the unicorn scattered her all over town, just kidding LaLaurie did the scattering. Queenie and Legba are having. A ice chat over some hot chocolate. Queenie wants to kill LaLaurie. Legba tells her that as long as Laveau is alive so is LaLaurie, and p.s he would like some more marshmallow’s. Legba tells her Laveau and him have a deal. Queenie is to hell with your deal she is in a million pieces there is no way she can keep up her end. Legba tells Queenie she is one crafty lady.

LaLaurie is now giving tours of her own house and trying to make herself look like a Saint while she is at it. Queenie goes to see her. When the tour is over LaLaurie finds Queenie. LaLaurie ask Queenie how she found her. Queenie tells her it’s because she is a cliche and a dog always returns to its vomit. Apparently LaLaurie attacked the previous tour guide and locked her up in her torture chamber. Queenie tells her she has to let her go. LaLauire ask Queenie what she is going to do. Queenie offers her a second chance. LaLaurie declines because she isn’t sorry for anything. Queenie stabs her and as she lays dying LaLaurie ask how when she is immortal. Queenie tells her that’s actually a funny story technically or not. I’m sure Queenie would offer to go into details but seeing as LaLaurie is much longer for this world why bother.

Fiona is siting in a chair getting her portrait done to put on the wall with all the other Supremes. Myrtle walks in blabbering about how she got the painter and putting pink flowers behind Fiona to balance out the light to dark ratio. Fiona’s nose starts to bleed and she grabs a handkerchief out of her purse. She looks over in a lamp and realizes she doesn’t have much time left. Later upstairs she takes a necklace out of her jewelry box just as Cordelia comes storming in upset about a Queenie attempting to perform the Seven Wonders on Saturday. Fiona tries to make things right with Cordelia, she gives her the necklace that belonged to Cordelia’s grandmother. Cordelia knows Fiona is saying good bye. Fiona puts it on her and when she does she gets a vision of her and all the girls being dead and her mother is the one behind it.

Cordelia pays a visit to the Axeman to tell him what her mother is up to. Cordelia tells him Fiona can’t love anyone but herself. Cordelia tells him that Fiona is going to kill all of them and leave him behind.

Cordelia is touching Misty’s stuff and gets a vision of her in a coffin in the cemetery. Cordelia takes Queenie with her to get Misty out. Queenie uses some of her powers to break her out of the wall. Queenie then uses another power to being Misty back to life.

Myrtle tells Madison that Cordelia and Queenie are off getting Misty. Zoe and Kyle walk in and Myrtle is not happy. Zoe tells a story about Kyle killing a homeless man and her using her power to bring him back to life and that she came back because is clearly the next Supreme. Before Madison can offer in witty comebacks Misty walks in calls her a bitch then promptly hands her ass to her, Myrtle wants it to stop, Cordelia is fine with it, and Queenie is enjoying it way to much. Finally Kyle breaks them up. Right them the Axeman walks in wielding his weapon face covered in blood telling them they will all pay. The collectively send him flying. Queenie ask who he is . Cordelia tells her he is the Axeman. Myrtle ask who’s blood he has on his face. Misty says it isn’t his. Cordelia gets in the floor and touches some. It’s Fiona’s. The Axeman apparently killed her when she came over for a visit and they had a confrontation. Madison being her usual sympathetic self says she’s really gone and then questions if anybody really feels any different. Myrtle ask where the body is. Cordelia says it’s in the swamp, he fed her to the alligators. Zoe says Jesus and Kyle’s eyes are huge. Queenie ask who wants to do the honors of killing him. Myrtle argues his case, he did rid them of Fiona after all. Kyle picks him up to kill him. Madison says he is going to do it and whacks him with his own Axe, the rest of the girls grab some knifes and stab him to death. This episode has been so bloody.

LaLaurie is being dragged to a cage in her very own torture chamber,screaming let me go and no all the way. One of her daughters is locked up a cage as well. Naturally Laveau is running the show. Papa Legba shows up and informs them this is their hell.

Kyle hangs Fiona’s picture, they all say something good about her. Cordelia tells the girls they will all be tested for the Seven Wonders starting at some in Sunday, and by next week they will have a new Supreme.


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of the next episode of American Horror Story, “The Seven Wonders” which airs on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 10 PM EST on FX check out the preview of episode 12 below!  American Horror Story: Coven is written by Jennifer Salt and directed by Bradley Buecker.

Next week is the season finale of American Horror Story and on the episode, even though Fiona is still ill, she is determined to become the next Supreme. She even attempts to sell her soul to Papa Legba, hoping to have immortality. But, she is unable to because she doesn’t have a soul.  the witches will gear up to complete a dangerous ritual that will inevitably reveal who the next supreme will be. The next supreme can only be a witch that masters all seven of the magical powers.

Don’t worry that the season is coming to an ending they have already announced the show has been renewed for season 4.  AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy recently hinted about next season saying, “”It’s set in 1950, “If you look historically what happened in the year 1950, there’s some more clues in that year. It’s a period piece. We try and do the opposite of what we’ve done before. Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent so I’m very excited!”