Angelina Jolie Cheating With Jared Leto – Brad Pitt Jealous of Crush?

Angelina Jolie Cheating With Jared Leto - Brad Pitt Jealous of Crush?

According to a new and highly improbable report from In Touch Weekly, Angelina Jolie has apparently been ‘gushing’ about Jared Leto since the Oscars. Um, I highly doubt that Angelina Jolie concerns herself with the likes of Jared Leto, period.

To make matters even more foolish, In Touch’s source also suggests that Brad Pitt is jealous of Angelina’s admiration of Jared. A ‘source’ tells In Touch, “Angelina can’t stop saying how good Jared looked and what a great actor he is. Brad trying to keep his cool. He wants to feel like Angie’s one and only. He knows this crush is a fleeting thing, but he can’t stop ruminating about their past romance.”

Oh yeah, that ‘past romance’. Angelina and Jared were rumored to have hooked up during Angelina’s goth phase, but she also had a string of famous lovers during that time period. I don’t think Jared’s that memorable, not when she has Brad Pitt as a comparison.

This is basically an attempt to take advantage of Jared Leto’s increased tabloid profile, but they probably would have been better off sticking him with Lupita Nyong’o again. Who actually buys that Angelina would even consider leaving Brad for Jared? Brad Pitt >>>>>> Jared Leto. Like, by a billion. Angelina might be superficially attracted to Jared Leto [even though she doesn’t show it], but there’s no reason for Brad to get ‘jealous’ over that. If that’s the case, Angelina would have to freak out every time they came near Gwyneth Paltrow, Robin Givens, Thandie Newton, Geena Davis, Christina Applegate, Juliette Lewis, Julia Ormond.… well, you get the picture.

What do you guys think? Do you think the tabloids are ever right concerning Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Angelina Jolie Cheating With Jared Leto - Brad Pitt Jealous of Crush?

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  • fanfan

    they would be a great match together and jared is more beautiful than Brad to my eyes.
    Both devoted to some important causes, travelling over the world…?

  • Tess

    Jared is an extraordinary man. He is handsome inside and outside. He fights for what is fair and he is an incredible artist. He does everything with such commitment. I admire him so much. He is an amazing human being. Brad is a good person and he is good looking too. I like him, but I have to say that I prefer Jared a million times. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Angelina had a crush on him.