Axl Rose Dead According To Fake MSNBC Guns N’ Roses Death Hoax – Singer NOT Dead!

Axl Rose Dead According To Fake MSNBC Guns N' Roses Death Hoax - Singer NOT Dead!

Former Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose is not dead – despite reports to the contrary. Pranksters using the guise of an MSNBC affiliate are claiming that the singer has died. Despite that, we are here to call BS on those claims – because that’s what we do.

The fake news outlet, which has no real affiliation with the news outlet itself, posted this:

Sources are reporting that music legend Axl Rose, last remaining original member of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame band Guns N’ Roses, has been found dead at the age of 52.

Unconfirmed reports say Rose was found dead Tuesday late afternoon in his West Hollywood home after police were called around 3:30 pm for a welfare check.

A neighbor has confirmed the residence belongs to Rose but police have not confirmed the man’s identity at this time.

“The home was entered by police through an open back door where a body was found in the foyer area. We have found no signs of abuse or foul-play and have turned the case over to the coroner’s office to make a final ruling on the cause of death,” said Ofc. William Tenpenny, a Hollywood Police spokesperson.

So, basically some crappy, fake news site has killed off one of the greatest rock and roll singers of our time, but didn’t even give Axl the decency of inventing some rock and roll styled way to kick the bucket. It’s shameful reporting, at best.

How on earth did they expect anyone to believe that the police were called to do a welfare check on Axl Rose? He’s 52, not 82. The same crappy website pulled the same stunt last month when it killed off “Home Alone” actor Macaulay Culkin. They should be ashamed of themselves. If they were going to kill off Axl, they should’ve made the headlines read that he snorted his way to his death via hookers and blow. It always boils down to hookers and blow – everyone knows that.