Bates Motel RECAP 3/31/14: Season 2 Episode 5 “The Escape Artist”

Bates Motel RECAP 3/31/14: Season 2 Episode 5 “The Escape Artist”

Bates Motel returns to A&E tonight with a brand new episode for fans to enjoy.  In “The Escape Artist,” Norman confides in Cody; Norma makes a deal with a mysterious man.

On last episode Norma’s revelation deeply affected Dylan and herself. Angry, hurt and broken, Dylan left the house after accusing Norma of using his conception to get away from her family and marry young to her high school boyfriend, making him think Dylan was his child, which turned out to be true. Norman imagined his mother’s rape from Caleb, which puts him in a blank trance and led him to Caleb’s motel room. His fractured psyche caused him to lash out at Caleb in Norma’s persona.

On tonight’s episode Dylan Massett (Max Thieriot) continues to weigh in the real score of the truth from Norma (Vera Farmiga) and her brother, Caleb (Kenny Johnson). Norman (Freddie Highmore) finds another “girlfriend” in Cody (Paloma Kwiatkowski).

Tonight’s episode is going to be a great one and you’re not going to want to miss it. Tune in to A&E at 10PM EST to watch it and we’ll also be recapping it right here.  In the meantime stop by our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the second season of BATES MOTEL!

RECAP: Norman is out conscious, Cody is trying to see if he’s awake; Norman wakes up after Cody tried waking him up. Cody tells Norman that he was found in a coffee shop zoning out, she asks if he remembers anything at all. Norman doesn’t remember anything that happened, Cody asks if anything like this has happened to him before and he replies with never. Norman asks if anyone called his mother, he asks Cody not to tell his mother about this. Cody tells him not to worry about it. Dylan wakes up after Remo pours water on him; Remo wants to know what he’s doing sleeping here. Remo tells him about the house fire last night that was an accident; He asks him if anyone would be crazy enough to mess with Romero. Dylan asks what they’re going to do, Remo says he’s the boss and needs to decide. Norman arrives home; Norma says she’ll be making breakfast for him. Norman asks where Dylan is, Norma says that Dylan has moved out. Norman wants to know if there’s anything he can do to get him back, Norma says that there’s nothing they can do and that it’s always been the two of them.

Romero walks into Bates Motel to speak to Norma, he tells her that his house has been torched; Romero wants to check into a room for the meantime. Norma asks if he’s got any special requests, Romero replies with only wanting privacy. Norma calls Nick Ford; the receptionist picks up and asks what she wants with Nick Ford. Norma explains to how she met Nick during a party and he gave her business card. She says please hold; Nick picks up the phone and wants to know when they can speak about ideas. Norma asks when they can get together, he offers her to come to his boat to speak about ideas. Emma walks in greeting Norman, she asks about Dylan and Norman tells her that he moved out due to a fight with their mother. Norman says it’s something that can’t be fixed and there’s nothing to do about it. A guy walks in asking Emma what they’re going to do after work, she tells him that she’ll be done by five and to pick him up when she’s ready. Norman tells her that the guy sells pot, Emma says nobody is perfect. Cody arrives outside; Norma sees Cody outside smoking from her car and doesn’t look too pleased. Norman comes out and speaks to Cody, telling her he’ll be back. Norman runs back to the house to get something, passing his mother he tells her about Cody. Norma walks up to Cody still looking unpleased, Cody begins being sarcastic instantly when Norma introduces herself. Norma asks if she can turn down her radio, Cody says sure, but doesn’t do anything about it. Norman arrives and gets in the car rushing, Cody gets in and they drive off.

Norman mentions Cody meeting his mom for the first time; she says that she’s a piece of work. Cody brings up that she forgot to bring money with her; Norman asks if they can swing by her place and pick it up while they can. Emma asks Norma about the first time having sex, Norma first wants to know why; Emma mentions how she’s met someone and is thinking about it all the time with this guy, with this medical condition she would like to know and doesn’t have a mother to talk about it with. Norma says if she’s got feelings for the guy and he’s a nice person, then her first time should be nice. Norma then leaves to go to the boat to meat Nick. Cody and Norman arrive at her place; Cody tells him to wait in the car and goes into her house. Cody enters slowly trying to not make a sound; she ends up seeing who I think is her father on the couch. Norman is waiting outside for quite a while; he gets up and looks around a bit. Norman can hear Cody talking to her father from inside the house, he hears them fighting. Cody leaves the house and slams the door; she gets to the car fast and tells Norman to get in also. They get in the car and Norman asks if she’s okay, she says that she’s fine and that her dad is a dick. Cody says to forget the lumber that they should take the money she’s got to leave this place. Norman says that’s not good for him, because his mother would put out an amber alert for him quickly. Cody wants to show Norman a place that is close by. Norma arrives at the dock; she walks up to Nick’s boat. Nick tells Norma to come aboard his boat, Norma gets onto the boat carefully. Norma thanks Nick for seeing him, she says that his boat is beautiful. Nick offers her a drink; he asks a woman named Andrea to get them something. They both go inside his boat; he wants to talk about the bypass with her. Nick mentions how he’s still in awe going off at Lee before. Nick says that Norma has nothing to lose to go against him, he mentions that he can’t appose to him because he’s mixed up with everything going on in town. Norma mentions how Lee is the problem, since he got on the bypass was brought up. Nick is going to help Norma the best he can to getting rid of the bypass, their drinks arrive; they both take a sip from their drinks. Nick writes down a name of a man, he wants her to go see him and it’s their first step. Norma thanks Nick for what he’s doing, he tells her she’s a charming woman and that it’ll be a pleasure working with her.

Norma arrives at a workshop of some sort; inside it is a bearded man in a flannel shirt named Brian. Norma introduces herself saying that Nick gave her his card, Brian tells her that he’s got the files done. Norma finds out that Brian made a report saying that an endangered species lives on where the bypass is being made; she asks if she owes anything. Brian says that she doesn’t, Norma thanks him for his work and leave with the report. Dylan and Remo are working, a man invites them to a Mexican restaurant; turns out though that he’s only inviting Dylan and wants Remo to stay behind and work. Norman is with Cody at a lake; Norman mentions how alone it feels in this place. Cody takes a beer out from her bag and hands it to Norman and gets one for her. They begin to drink and speak about her dad, Cody says that it’s okay she’ll be leaving soon and envies his relationship with his mother. Remo goes and punches the man who invited Dylan to Mexican cuisine; they begin to fight each other. The man is named Zane; Remo ends up winning the fight between the two of them and walks away. Cody tells Norman that she wants to hitchhike to Mexico, he says he’s never met a girl like her; he mentions how he feels safe around her. Norman wants to tell her something, that he’s never told anyone before. He tells her that he’s experienced a black out a couple of times. Cody wants to show Norman something, she goes off running and Norman follows her. Cody takes Norman to a tree which has a ladder on it, Cody climbs up the ladder and it leads to a tree fort. She tells Norman to just follow her; Norman goes to the ladder and begins to climb up the tree fort. After the ladder there’s rope to climb up also. Norman climbs up the rope with a bit of struggle, but he finally makes it to the top. Cody says that she doesn’t want anyone else coming up here, she ends up kissing his hand and then they begin to kiss each other. Cody looks like she wants to take it further than just kissing, way to go Norman!

Norma delivers the documents to the city council and walks away, Emma walks up to meet with the guy she’s currently seeing. They start their walk on the beach; he speaks about growing his own crop of weed to have a farm of his own to probably sell. They end up kissing. Romero is getting some ice for his head; Norma drives up and notices him. She asks what happened to him, he says he had to kick the shit out of somebody. Romero asks for where his clothes are, Norma says that she washed them for him. Norma says that she knows him and that she doesn’t mind doing his laundry. Romero is now inside the kitchen with Norma, she asks why he needed to beat someone up. Romero just says he had to do it; Norma begins to treat his wounds. Norma says that she gets it because it feels good to whack the shit out of someone sometimes, Romero gives a small smile which Norma notices and says that it’s a once in a life time thing. Norma talks about how she’s met more friends and brings up Nick Ford, Romero mentions how he’s in the drug business and that she should avoid him at all costs. Dylan is waiting for Zane at the Mexican restaurant, while waiting he calls Norman, but he doesn’t pick up. Zane enters the restaurant and sits down with Dylan; Dylan asks what happened to him; Zane mentions that Romero did it due to torching his house. Zane is talking to Dylan outside, they’re interrupted as someone tries to drive by and shoot them. Dylan saves Zane’s life and shoots back, the car ends up driving back. Dylan gets on the middle of the road and shoots the passenger and ends up getting hit by the car.

Norma is reading the paper, Norman arrives late; Norma wants to talk to him and wants him to just make good choices in his life. Norma tells Norman that she doesn’t like Cory because she’s rude and isn’t respectful around parents, also the smoking and tattoos don’t help. Norma tells Norman that there are girls who have no future that they’re born in circumstances that they can’t get out of. Norma says that there are people who can help you and people who can hurt you; she doesn’t want him to see Cody anymore. Norman tells her that he needs to finish the play with her; he says he won’t spend any more time with her, but I think he’s lying. Emma starting to have sex with the guy she’s with. Norma sits down and looks at Nick Ford’s business card. She then sees Romero arriving late; she goes out to ask what’s wrong. Romero tells Norma that Lee’s car crashed and he’s dead. Dylan is in the hospital, he wakes up and sees Zane’s sister at the end of his bed. Turns out that she’s Dylan’s boss.

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