Bates Motel RECAP 5/5/14: Season 2 Finale “The Immutable Truth”

Bates Motel RECAP 5/5/14: Season 2 Finale “The Immutable Truth”

Bates Motel returns to A&E tonight with the finale episode of season 2 for fans to enjoy. On tonight’s episode called “The Immutable Truth,” Norman is haunted by his past; Romero and Dylan try to bring closure to the drug war.

On last week’s episode Norma desperately tried to connect with Norman. Dylan decided whether risking his life is worth losing a loved one. Romero enlisted the help of a further colleague to determine if Norman was guilty of a crime.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it you can read a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s finale episode Norman is haunted by a tragic event in his past. Norma tries to save Norman from making a horrible mistake. Romero and Dylan find a way to bring closure to the drug war. Emma makes a decision about her future at Bates Motel.

Tonight’s episode is going to be a great one and you’re not going to want to miss it. Tune in to A&E at 10PM EST to watch it and we’ll also be recapping it right here. In the meantime stop by our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the second season of BATES MOTEL!

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A tragic event from the past haunts Norman; Norma tries to prevent Norman from making a terrible mistake; Romero and Dylan find a way to end the drug war; Emma makes a decision about her future.

Tonight’s episode begins with Norman still in the box as the rain continues to fall on the ground and he continues to weakly cry for help. While Dylan is looking for Norman, Romero drives up. Dylan tells him what is going on and Romero tells him to hop in and they head out to attempt to find and save Norman.

Romero find Nick’s dead body upon entering the house. Romero comes across a man named Ben in another room who responds that he doesn’t know who Norman Bates is. Romero hits him and threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t tell him what he knows. Meanwhile, Dylan is shouting for Norman and Norman begins to hear the calls. He is weak, but manages to call back. Romero, now outside, joins Dylan in tracking down where the screams are coming from. They find Norman and pull him out. Dylan grabs and holds onto Norman for dear life.

Shortly after, Norma rushes in to the hospital to see Norman. Dylan is there with him. When Norma learns that Dylan found Norman, she expresses her love for him. Norma is there as Norman wakes up and she attempts to calm his fears. When she returns with Norman, they are greeted by Emma who has some questions but Norma doesn’t leave any room for questions or for her to speak to Norman. She has an entire story ready to go and quickly shuffles Norman off and gets him to bed to rest. At the grocery store, Norma sees Christine and tries to say hello. Christine attempts to keep going but stops as she hears Norma apologize. She cannot hold back and blasts her for everything she’s done to her family after they did so much for her. She reminded her of how she helped her when Norma needed it and would not listen as Norma tried to downplay all the horrible things she said to George as a result of being angry. Christine is not having it and calls her a train wreck.

Later that night, Norman comes down for dinner. Norman asks what is wrong and Norma shares her confrontation with Christine. Norman confesses to his mother that he believes he may have killed Miss Watson. He says that he started to recall things when he was in the box. It forced him to see himself having visions that told a story of what happened. While Norma tells him not to say such things, he continues on that they have to face the truth. Norma gets very angry and screams at him, then continues to peacefully eat her dinner, as she instructs Norman to do as well.

Later, Norman is back upstairs digging around in a drawer when he pulls out a gun. It seems he is considering ending his life by the way he looks at the gun in deep thought. After spending the night in a rocking chair in Norman’s room keeping an eye on him, she is up early at the office as Romero arrives with the information on the polygraph test Norman is supposed to take.

Norman calls down to Emma and asks for her to bring up a book he left downstairs. Norman asks Emma about her quitting. Emma explains how she has been feeling and says that he doesn’t share anything with her. He tells her that there was a reason he wasn’t sharing anything with her, because it is not something that should be shared. But he assures her that he will tell her. He gets up and closes the door. As she listens intently, Norman tells her how Norma’s brother raped her when she was a teenager and that Dylan was the product of the rape. Norman tells Emma how much they love having her there. She vows to never tell what she’s been told and agrees to stay.

Zane and Jodi are talking on the phone. Jodi tells Zane to come over so they can discuss their plans, but once the camera shows the entire room, it is obvious that Romero and Dylan put her up to the call in an effort to get Zane to come. As they wait, the power goes out. Romero tells Jodi and Dylan to wait while he goes to see what is going on. Jodi goes downstairs to get a knife. Suddenly a gunshot is heard. Zane has a gun to Jodi and when he sees Dylan come around the corner he becomes angry that he is there with Jodi. As he lunges forward and Jodi cuts him. Romero shoots him and later he and Dylan put together their story of what happened so they can ensure the stories match and they won’t have any trouble for the way things went down tonight. Romero lets Dylan off the hook and wants to give him a chance by not even mentioning he was with him.

Meanwhile, Norman and Norma are doing dishes when he asks her to spend time with him after he is told about the scheduled polygraph. Norman outs the music on and they begin to dance. As they dance, Norman shares his feelings and tells Norma that she is the best mother in the world.

Later, Norma meets with Dylan and she tells him about Norma’s admission. She tells him about her fears over the polygraph test. Norma explains that she wants to leave to Montreal and wants to take him and Norman with her. He is shocked that he is invited to go with them. She explains that she loves him and apologizes for how she’s treated him in the past. Dylan hugs her but tells her that Norman may need mental help and suggests he go to an institution so he can get help. He tells Norma that if she really loves him, she needs to get him help. She hugs him again and cries.

Norma arrives back home and calls for Norman, but cannot find him. She sees a gift on her bed from him with a note. She is scared at what it could mean as it sounds like a “goodbye.” When Norma asks Emma where Norman is, she explains that he told her he was going out for a walk in the woods and just left. Norma is able to catch up to him and sees he has a gun. She runs after hi and he runs away. He falls and hurts himself and she is able to catch up to him. He tells her that he is bad and wants to kills himself. He tells her she cannot stop him. She is able to get the gun away and begs him to stay with her so they can work through things together because she will surely die without him. He seems in shock, just taking in everything.

The next morning, in preparation of the polygraph test, Norma and Norman sit at the table and have breakfast before heading out. They arrive for the test and Norma is asked to wait outside as they administer the test. He is asked several questions about lying, stealing, holding information, and then he is asked questions about Miss Watson. When Norman is asked whether or not he killed her, he sees Norma talking to him. His alter ego assures him he didn’t kill Blair Watson, because she did. That gave him the ability to pass the polygraph because knowing he himself did not do it, he could say so without lying. In his mind, it is his mother that committed the bad acts. Just then, Romero shares the good news with Norma and she is shocked and relieved to find out he passed the test. Wow…season 2 has surely set the stage for an incredibly creepy season 3!