Beyonce’s Butt Implants and Pads Shake Loose At 2014 Brit Awards (VIDEO)


Beyonce and butt pads?! I’m kidding, I think it’s common knowledge that Beyonce does tend to bust out those butt and hip pads whenever she’s got an extra special performance.

Beyonce performed at the 2014 Brit Awards in London, and needless to say, her hips and derriere got some extra help during the performance. The bulky butt and hip pads were clearly visible through the outline of her dress, which was a floor-length sparkly gown.

Help me clear something up – so Beyonce spends months and months getting rid of her curves by dieting and exercising, and then showing off said new body in dresses and photoshoots. But then she decides she misses her curves but doesn’t want to put the weight back on, thus leading to the butt pads? Is that the logic, that she wants to have it both ways?

It’s not a bad idea, if those pads weren’t so cheap and bulky. It’s very obvious that she was wearing pads and that they ain’t natural, and it was made especially obvious by the fact that those pads kept coming loose and shimmying out of her dress. If you’re gonna wear pads, at least make sure they’re not going to come undone and embarrass you during a national performance – it’s only smart, no?

Now, the whole world knows that Beyonce wears hip and butt pads. For someone who’s such a perfectionist about her public image, I can’t imagine that’s good news.

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