Big Brother 16 Recap Update: Cody Wins HoH Week 9 – Zach Evicted – Nicole Returns, Wins Jury Competition – Episode 26 “Live Eviction”

Big Brother 16 Recap Update: Cody Wins HoH Week 9 -  Zach Evicted - Nicole Returns, Wins Jury Competition - Episode 26 "Live Eviction"

Tonight on CBS BIG BROTHER returns for an all new episode in their 16th season and it is eviction night. On tonight’s episode the house guests vote to evict either Cody or Zach and there is another HOH competition held.

On the last episode, Frankie won POV – so that gives him all the power in the house! Julie Chen recently revealed that whoever is evicted this week will have a chance to complete against Hayden, Nicole, and Jocasta to enter back in to the Big Brother house. If Victoria is back-doored and has to compete with the other evictees to get back in to the house, then she doesn’t stand a chance considering her competition track record. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we recapped it all, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the live eviction will take place and we will find out who will go home Cody or Zack. There will also be a new Head of Household competition, where two more house guests will win and get further in the game.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 8pm with another great episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother?

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Julie say the double HOH comes to an end tonight and they will also have the battle to get back in the game between Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden and whoever is voted out tonight. It’s time for #BigBrother! Julie welcomes us to day 63 in the BB house. Julie wonders if Zach has one last attack in him or if the betrayal has got him too down to fight.

Zach says he needs three votes. Victoria says Zach is a lunatic and she’s been waiting to vote him out all summer. Cody isn’t happy to be on the block for the first time this summer. Caleb goes to hug Frankie in thanks. He says Zach has proven he can’t be trusted and he worries that Zach will stir up trouble on his way out.

Donny shows Zach some gray in his beard that he says BB has caused. Zach asks to vote to keep him and Donny promises he has his vote and then says he needs more votes. Zach says knowing he has his vote makes him more comfortable. He’s ready to go scramble up two more. Zach goes to talk to Caleb and says he would never put him up or vote him out, but Caleb says no.

Zach asks Frankie if he believes him and Frankie says no – they’ve all had a taste of how he tries to make them distrust each other. Zach says he doesn’t want him to come at him and Zach says he has to campaign and then says he doesn’t know why he put him up and he says it’s because he wouldn’t throw the competition. Frankie says he wouldn’t be there now if not for that.

It’s the #BBNeighborhoodWatch. The guys say they are on patrol. Donny says it’s crazy how everyone is into it. Cody tells Victoria he’s Batman and will watch her all night. Cody is all over Zach and Donny says he thinks it’s no problem to keep it going for 24 hours. Frankie thinks it’s hilarious. They’re even doing it at night. They have just nine hours to go.

There are just four minutes left and Derrick and Christine do one final round. They tell Victoria to put her hands out and frisks her and then says she’s clear. The mission is accomplished! Zach sits by Victoria and tells her he loves her and can’t live without him. She says he borrowed her pink hat and never returned it and has worn it all summer. She says it’s time for pay back and stole it.

Christine takes it into the bedroom with a knife and destroys it. Cody and Frankie die laughing and she says it’s her hat anyway. Zach asks who took his hat and asks which of the girls did it. He asks Victoria for it back and she says it’s hers. He says they can play the game and tells her she has a lot of balls. Zach is annoyed that she’s kicking him while he’s down and knows he can’t get her vote.

Zach says his hair is out of control and says he needs a woman’s hat. He asks her for it back and she says no. She says if he’s nice, he can have it. He says she’s just trying to piss him off and she says it’s the most satisfying thing she’s done all summer. Zach says he’s nothing without his pink hat. He whines on and one about it.

Donny and Christine play with a Jenga set and he asks her how to know he can trust. He asks her to think about who Cody is loyal to. He says Derrick is never a target and says they also won’t get rid of Victoria. He tells her that he, Zach and her are all alone. He tells her if Zach stayed they could fight against the other side.

Christine curses and he says he stuck with his alliance until it fell apart. She says there is a lock to think about. She says she’s not there to play for fifth place and says she doesn’t want to be played like a fiddle. Zach asks Frankie the difference between sending him and Cody home and Frankie says he’s unpredictable. He says he doesn’t think Cody will take him to the end, but he’s predictable.

He tells Frankie he’s better for his game and says if he’s HOH, he’s completely safe with him. Zach says Cody has no enemies and Frankie says it’s not a bad pitch. In private, Frankie says he has to think about what’s best for him. Zach tells him he has a lot of power right now and Frankie says he has to think about it. The eviction is coming up soon!

Julie greets the house guests and then shows scenes from the battle of the block. We see Donny get his head smacked and the two other guys hanging onto each other. Julie asks Caleb what went wrong and he says he doesn’t know – he’s in the dark so he couldn’t see good and doesn’t have night mission. She asks Christine and Donny why it was hard.

Christine says the darkness was hard and she was touching a lot of goo and eyeballs. Julie tells them that was the final battle of the block so the double HOH twist is done. She asks Derrick how this changes the game and he says it’s a benefit to all of them so they can go back to the strategy they came in with.

Julie tells Cody to go first before the vote. He greets his family then says he loves the house guests and would love to make more memories with them. Zach says hi to his folks and tells the other fruit loops that he strongly dislikes all of them and hates one of them. He says he’s leaving a winner and gives out his twitter and instagram handle. It’s time for the live vote.

Frankie, Cody and Zach don’t get to vote. Derrick is up first and he votes for Zach to go. Christine is next and she votes to evict Zach. Donny votes to oust Zach. He lied! OMG! Caleb votes out Zach. Victoria is last and she also votes for Zach and calls him her number one hater. It’s a landslide against Zach Attack!

the usual instruction and say it was 5 to 0. Before she even says his name, Zach stands and starts throwing fruit loops on everyone. He calls them losers and walks out without letting them talk to him or hug him. He heads out to sit by Julie. The others talk and joke about him being gone. They are usually quiet, this time, not so much.

Julie says he was prepared and Zach asks if she expected anything less. She asks why the Detonators turned on him and he says it was his own fault because he can’t keep his mouth shut. She asks about which person he hates and he says Victoria and he wants to make it clear. He says Victoria stole the hat after she gave it to him and she kicked him while he was down.

He says it was actually a whole laundry list of things. She asks about Frankie and he says he put his game in his hands and he didn’t see it coming. Julie says he threw Frankie under the bus before and asks how much blame he has to take. Zach says he puts it all on himself and says Frankie is a great person. He says his game bit him in the butt.

Julie asks if that’s how he really is or if it was strategy. He says in the real world, he’s very lovable. He says he thought if everyone hated him enough they would keep him but that was clearly not the case. She says he and Frankie had the greatest showmance this show has ever seen. She asks what it was and he says it was a great friendship.

Zach says Frankie is one of the smartest, funniest people ever. The videos play. Christine tells him he’s a big crybaby and she’s glad not to babysit him anymore. Donny says he’s enjoyed him and will miss him. Frankie tells him he loves him forever and says to give them hell in the jury house. Victoria says not to let the door hit him on the way out and holds up the pieces of the pink hat. Zach’s face goes cold.

Zach says it was a great summer and says he wouldn’t trade it for the world and he has no regrets. Julie asks who he would be gunning for if he’s still in there. He says maybe Victoria. Julie tells him that he gets to battle with the other jurors for a shot to get back in the house. He’s excited and rubs his hands together in glee.

Julie shows us the jury house and the #BBJury. Jocasta says she doesn’t want to see Hayden or Donny show up but there’s Hayden. She runs to hug him. He says he was right after her. He says he’s happy to see her and says it’s going to be a party. He tells her Caleb put him up. We see them watching the show and Donny winning POV.

A week later, they wonder who’s coming in and Hayden says Cody is a good actor and Derrick is a good manipulator. Hayden is ready to get back in there. Nicole is there and she hugs Hayden and he picks her up. He says it’s bittersweet because he’s glad she’s there but sorry she got voted out. She tells them she and Christine put up Caleb and Frankie and then tells them the Ariana Grande news.

They watch the stand off between Caleb and Frankie and Frankie winning it anyway. Hayden says it sucks watching Christine put her on the block. Jocasta mocks Christine. Nicole wants to get back in there and kick out Christine. Nicole says she missed Hayden and he’s cuter than she remembered. He’s glad she’s there with him. He kisses her.

The four are there suited up for their competition to get back into the house. They will compete head to head live for the shot to get back in the game like they were never evicted. Julie says the house guests have no idea this is coming. She says they’re going to break the news to them now. She calls the house guests to come to the living room and they all jog in and take seats.

Julie asks if they remember her saying out may not mean out. The doorbell rings and the four ousted guests rush in. Everyone gives hugs and welcomes them warmly. After the merriment, Julie tells them to all head to the backyard and says the jurors will battle it out to see who gets back in the game. Julie says the winner gets a shot at revenge and the half million dollars.

The game is like shuffleboard. Each stands in front of a table with a circle in the center and a lane going in for each. Each lane has a gate and you only have a short moment to send a disk sliding down. Also, the turntable in the middle spins and can knock them off. The one with the most in wins and closest to the center breaks the tie. They each get one in and it’s time for round two. Again a tie.

Round three is next and Nicole loses one. She falls behind and there’s a three way tie with the others. Jocasta is now ahead. The rest are tied. Round five sees her still in the lead. Round six shakes it up. Hayden is in last, the others are tied. Last round – Nicole wins it. She and Jocasta tied but hers was closest to the middle.

Nicole is back in the game and the others will be headed back to the jury house. Julie says she got a challenge from the president of CBS – her hubby. He challenged her to do the ALS ice bucket challenge live on BB. She’s going her #ALSIceBucketCHallenge. She nominates every single house guest who has ever played the game. She steps into a kiddie pool and Will Arnett comes out with a bucket of ice water.

He says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to do this to the boss’ wife. Julie says good night and he dumps water on her as she laughs. She asks how her hair is and tells Will they’re not friends anymore. Nicole talks to the house guests and she asks about the have nots. She’s getting caught up on all the dirt.