Blake Shelton’s Alcoholic Cheating on Miranda Lambert Exposed

Blake Shelton's Alcoholic Cheating on Miranda Lambert Exposed

Blake Shelton’s drunken tweets have already earned him plenty of attention, including somewhat of a reputation in Hollywood, but apparently they’re all to help him write a book. Uh, sure.

According to a report from the National Enquirer, Blake will reportedly be turning the oodles of drunk Twitter and Internet posts into a book. A source close to Blake reportedly tells the Enquirer, “Blake’s compiling his funniest alcohol-related Tweets and he’s going to add in other humorous tales about his drunken adven­tures. Blake has always wanted to branch out from singing, which is why he took the coaching gig on ‘The Voice.’ Now, he thinks he’s got a sure-fire, best-selling book on his hands. After that, he says he wants to make his mark on the big screen, preferably comedies – with some booze-fueled humor.”

According to the report, Blake’s wife [Miranda Lambert] has been plenty worried about Blake’s drinking – and rumors of his cheating – and she reportedly wants him to seek rehab. But if he does, how will he have time to publish this completely sane and not-pointless book? Also, has his team paid off the Enquirer or something? Either that, or one of the writers there seems to think that Blake’s a lot funnier than he actually is.

If Blake were to actually write a book, I highly doubt it would have anything to do with his Twitter or Internet posts. For one thing, no matter how ‘funny’ those posts are, they’re not exactly very flattering, are they? And he already seems to be on thin ice with his wife, so will he be willing to risk it for the sake of publishing a book?

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