Bohdan Mazur, Brother Of RHONY’s Ramona Singer, Discusses Book ‘Aspen, Snow, Blow, and Bo’ Alongside Author Sherrie Lueder – CDL Exclusive Interview

Bohdan Mazur, Brother Of RHONY's Ramona Singer, Discusses Book 'Aspen, Snow, Blow, and Bo' Alongside Author Sherrie Lueder - CDL Exclusive Interview

Bohdan “Bo” Mazur, brother of Ramona Singer of Real Housewives of NYC, has an explosive tell-all available now and his famous sis might not be too happy about it. Bo has lived a full life…it was full of drugs, crime, and arrests. All of the intimate details are outlined in his tell-all, Aspen, Snow, Blow, and Bo.

Bestselling author Sherrie Lueder authored the book, which chronicles Bo’s wild journey from a young boy to where he is now. CDL can proudly share with readers an exclusive interview with both Bo and Sherrie. Sherrie — whose second book, Until Someone Gets Hurt, was featured on an episode of ID Discovery’s new series Forbidden — even shares with us an excerpt from this interesting read!

CDL: How did you two connect? Was there a specific idea for the book in place, or did you two develop it together? Why tell the story now?

SL: Bo’s girlfriend Edna contacted me via email. Bo had been looking for a writer to tell his story of growing up, adventures, dealing drugs, going to prison and being Ramona’s brother. He sent me several different stories and had so much to tell from the time he was very young to ending up in prison and life after prison that I found it easier to start at the beginning and write the story as if Bo were telling it.

BM: I was in Uruguay in our new place and had so much free time. I wish I would have kept a diary during my prison/parole/halfway house time. Five years of great material.

CDL: Have any family members of Bo’s reached out to either of you? Will family, including sister Ramona from RHONY, be discussed in the book?

SL: Bo talks about Ramona in the book, most stories take place before she became a star on RHONY. We did reach out to her as well as her two sisters, Tanya and Sonya, asking if they had anything they wanted to add to the book. Neither would respond. Although we have talked to Sonya several times since the release of the book.

CDL: Bo, did you give any warning to family members about your tell-all? How would you describe yourself now? Do you miss the old lifestyle?

BM: No [warning]. I am the same man. My life now is very quiet. Prison, losing my daughter Natasha, the death of my mother, father, and Sam the mother of my kids. The post 911 America and now Fukushima.

CDL: Bo, do you ever miss the old lifestyle?

BM: Every freakin minute.

CDL: Why will readers want to buy this book? What about Bo will “hook” readers? What will interest reader the most, and what will be most shocking?

SL: Readers will appreciate Bo’s no nonsense attitude when reading the book. He speaks very frankly and is not afraid to tell it like it is.

BM: Just how long is was able to “skate on thin ice” without falling in. So many close calls. [Most shocking is that] my sister Ramona is a very famous tv celebrity.


CDL: In a recent interview, it was said that Bo sold pot to Mario, Ramona’s husband. Tell us more. Ever do drugs with Ramona?

Bo: I sold Mario some pot/grass before I got busted. Maybe ¼ pound. Ramona would come to Aspen and stay with me to save on a hotel. I would arrange for my ski shop friends to get her free ski rentals. We did a few lines together.

SL: It didn’t surprise me in the least that Bo sold pot to Mario, that’s what Bo did back then.

CDL: Sherrie, what about Bo’s story interested you the most upon deciding to author “Aspen, Snow, Blow and Bo?” How would you describe the evolution of Bo from who he was to where he is now after writing the book?

SL: In writing the book, Bo shared many details. I found his memory to be remarkable, given the amount of drugs and alcohol he consumed in the past. As far as Bo I have never met him or even talked to him by phone. I have learned a lot about him through his story telling. He has come a long way from the little boy who “grew up in paradise” to the man he is now. I believe he truly enjoys his carefree lifestyle, but it must be a daily struggle fighting the demons from his past.

CDL: Bo, Are you surprised about the direction your life took you in and where you are now? How about Ramona, any surprises there?

BM: Not really. I always planned to live in a warm climate near the beach. I am surprised Ramona married such a boring dude. I miss Howard Soble, the doctor she was engaged to. He was a Jew but funny as hell.

CDL: Bo, what is the most significant lesson you’ve learned from all that you’ve been through?

BM: Never ever talk to the police.

CDL: Sherrie, what would you tell Ramona about the book to encourage her to buy a copy?

SL: I think Ramona should overlook her brother’s past indiscretions and buy the book. She may be pleasantly surprised to learn a lot of the memories her brother shares are of childhood adolescence and typical of most any family.

CDL: Tell our readers one thing you’d like them to know about you.

BM: I have helped some people by giving them money for rehab.

SL: I live in a small town in Wisconsin surrounded by family. When I’m not busy writing, I’m at work with my husband at our auto repair business. I have written three books and am contemplating the forth.

CDL: Can you give us a juicy excerpt from the book?

“It was early evening: I happened to be coming into the kitchen from the garage and heard a loud commotion. I saw that my father had my mother on the floor, his boot pressed against her throat. Mother looked at me and begged for help.

I ran downstairs and grabbed the lever action 30/30 and a round of ammo. I put a bullet in the tube magazine under the barrel and walked back upstairs. I entered the kitchen and glared at my father. “Hey Pops,” I said as I cocked the lever.”

Wow! Sounds like this book is going to be full of details from Bo’s dangerous lifestyle and wild adventures. Make sure to get your copy today!