The Bold and the Beautiful’s Rena Sofer Is Loving Her Return to Daytime Television

The Bold and the Beautiful's Rena Sofer Is Loving Her Return to Daytime Television

Fans of ABC’s General Hospital will remember Rena Sofer’s memorable stint as Lois back in the late 90’s. The character was extremely popular and out of the job spun Rena’s first marriage to costar Wally Hurth and the birth of their daughter Rosie who is now 17. Since becoming a mom Rena has looked for roles that kept her close to her family and now as a mom of two, she feels that her most important job is taking care of her family.

When The Bold and the Beautiful offered her the role of Quinn, Rena thought it looked pretty perfect. It’s basically a full time job that gives her a week off a month. If she doesn’t make it home in time for dinner she has her 8-year old dropped at the studio after school so there is no need to bring in outside help to raise her kids. Perhaps what Rena didn’t expect at first was the direction that Quinn would take within a few months. The characters’ clinginess to her child is reminding viewers of the beloved Stephanie Forrester who was killed off last year. Quinn is filling a void that was left and Rena is absolutely loving the character.

According to an interview in the Jan. 20th print edition of ABC Soaps In Depth Rena admits that she has had a say in how her character appears onscreen. She has suggested different things to make Quinn edgier and the powers-that-be have really listened to the actress’ imput and have allowed her to help shape her onscreen counter part. As for being likened to a young Stephanie Forrester, well Rena wouldn’t necessarily mind if she was able to stick around for 25 years like that character did. Are you a B&B fan? Are you digging Rena’s portrayal of Quinn? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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